Not being exact on time while playing fast is the… …main problem of a lot drummers. And a lot of them don’t how to improve this. So these exercises are the best and healthy way to improve the speed… …while playing on time and tight. So we will jump into this step by step. And it’s exercise 1; And again it’s not important what you have played with your right hand. It can be 8 notes, quarter notes even sometimes 16th notes. The main thing here is to focus on feet and being on exact time. And getting the snare+kick shots together exactly at the same time. Try not to flam. For example when you are playing 5 hits… …your left hand and your right foot may flam like this. So try to focus on the snare, not the foot this time. And the rest will come. Do not increase the tempoe if you can’t play the previous exercise steady, on time. Just lower the tempo and try to make that exercise steady. Increase the tempo little by little,… …if you are stucked just be patient. By doing this exercises you will solve the
biggest problem of double bass drummers… …which is NOT being steady while playing fast. So see you in the next video which will be about ‘Types of Pedal Techniques’.