[Music] When we first started this project a huge
part of what we were thinking about and considering was what this was going to mean to our Wellness
Advocates and that we wanted to make it theirs. We wanted it to be something that they saw
has being very special to them and so it’s designed thorough out to be this global campus, this
global head quarters. [Music] It’s been a great process to see the development
of this campus. It started in 2011 when we really began the early planning phases. We
selected a fabulous architect, we selected some con-trackers, and people who would be able to help
us. The building processes started to come together and really come to life as people
have now come and joined in and together just brought the doTERRA culture to the campus
in a marvelous way. [Music] Even from the very beginning has we were meeting with the architect everything
we did was with our Wellness Advocates in mind. We wanted them to have a place where they
could bring people, where they could be educated, where they could gather together with their
teams, and each other, and strategize both amongst themselves and with us because we’re partners
with them. And I think the building turned out beautiful. It really is a place that we can
all come together. [Music] We had people that were working all over Utah, they were working all over different States. With the creation of this global campus we’ve been able to bring
all those people under one house. We have nearly 900 employees that are working here today
in this felicity that call this their home. It has created a synergy, it as created
a mind-share that we didn’t have before. And I think it’s going to move our business forward even faster. [Music]