Welcome to Jewl Hinton & The Daily
Drop Society you may have thought to yourself cool I want some doTERRA oils
but how do I get them as cheap as possible this video is gonna show you
how now if you’ve been on my channel for a while you know that I absolutely love
doTERRA their oils their quality the mission of this company and what I like
even more is that they allow all of us anyone who wants to to get a wholesale
account now what this wholesale account is it
gets you 25% off all your essential oils these accounts are $35 for the entire
gear or they come free with a kit of oils now the kit of oils are my favorite
way to get started with doTERRA because then you don’t spend $35 getting an
account it just comes free and you can use that money towards your essential
oils and to me that is such a better bang for your buck when you do it that
way I’ll leave a link in the comments below
where you guys can look at different kits and what options are available to
you now the awesome part about getting a wholesale account with doTERRA is that
there are no strings attached you can buy as much or as little as you want to
you can just have a wholesale account because you love them so much in fact 85
percent of the people who have wholesale accounts in doTERRA have them just
because they want the oils at a discount because they love them so much now the
other kind of account you can have in doTERRA is a wellness advocate now
that’s someone like me that’s someone who’s an educator I go
out teach classes all over the place educate people online on how they can
take back their health with these beautiful natural solutions now that’s
something that’s kind of calling to you a little bit if that’s something that’s
speaking to your heart make sure you email me because what we’re gonna want
to do is make sure we set you up as a wellness advocate wellness
advocates are someone who actually get paid to share essential oils it’s like
you’re an affiliate or representative of doTERRA that you go out and spread the
word by having this account this means that doTERRA will actually
pay you Commission’s on that now with either of these accounts you actually
have the option to get essential oils even below wholesale
it’s what doTERRA calls the loyalty rewards program when you start making
over your lifestyle to have all natural products from toothpaste my shampoo and
conditioner I use vitamins full of essential oils an awesome thing happens
is that doTERRA actually gives you a percentage back in free point every
single month so you’re earning back free product all the way from 10 percent up
to 30 percent every single month don’t tell anyone
I save my point and I buy everyone Christmas gifts at the end of the year
because I usually have a few hundred dollars in points sitting there waiting
I love it but that’s an option only program you don’t have to be in it if
you don’t want to be really are truly wholesale accounts with no strings
attached so those are the two kinds of accounts that you can have in doTERRA
you can be a wholesale customer which just wants the products for cheap or you
can be a wellness advocate that someone like me who’s an educator in essential
oils which ever way that works for you I can’t wait to set you up with the
education the knowledge and the resources to be able to go out there and
live whichever life you want when it comes to essential oils thanks for being
here with me you guys I hope that helped explain the difference between the two
accounts that doTERRA has and how you can get your essential oils for as cheap
as possible thank you guys