Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol *Sad Edgar* XD Lol Lol Lol Lol *Pewds laughing* s0Me sH11ty s0Undtrack Xd XD XD su3scr1B3 to p00ds Dont read plsss Pewds: Oh Edgar: Let’s do a couple chapters, just like the good old days. Edgar: What do you say Pewds? Let’s do it. Pewds: No There is no Way we could ever do this. Maya? Maya: I’ll go with you I Love Yoga. some shitty soundtrack again XD Poor Edgar. :3 Holy Shit Maya: I’ll do Yoga with you, I love Yoga! Maya: I do it with Marzia all the Time. Maya: Chapter one… Pewds: Up and down the Mountain, do you wanna’ try that Maya? You wanna’ do that one? You wanna’ go up and down the Mountain? Ok, we start with the Mountain-Pose, Then we stand forward, and then HEEEHEE then the tadasana, and then we go to the Utkatasana. and then the Uttanasana… …and then the Tadasana. (what the fvckk is that??) Pewds: Oh she love it! look at her. :3 Pewds: She’s so happy Maya: I’m fucking hate you>:O Pewds: the book say it’s ok Pewds: so this is not terrorizing your dog Pewds: the book say its ok so dont wory about it. (Are you sure poods?) *lets doga then* Maya:Put me down poods. Maya: Im dead inside. Edgar: lets run maya. Save yourself! :O some shitty soundtracjkkkkk agen As it what is this dog what really *fuck so tired of subtitiling8* Drug your dog?? :O In this one… you.. Basically, knee your dog in the.. *nuts? poor dog* Just real…really hard Mortal kombat finisher *I’m liu kAng!* *happy pewds* Pewds: Edgar, Its ur turn>:3 Edgar: OMG its my turn to prove myself for pewds Pewds! OmG! im fuking love u Edgar: Im fvcking love it Im fuking live for this sheet mate. *Stop shaking me pewds* Edgar: Pewds, finally.. XO *Help me God of Dogs* Pewds: i’ve never heard him do tht noise before *hes dying pewds* MORTAL KOMBAT FATALITY Edgar: Good thing I don’t have any balls. Bring your height through the front torso as lungin- I don’t care, OK. Basically you just rub your dog’s belly. I love dog yoga, do you like it Maya? Am I doing it right? We’re doing the alanasa, Maya. Yes. The alanasa. I think she likes it, I think she likes the alanasa How is this good for your dog? Stay! For fucks sake. Fucks sake. Was it cool? Was it cool? Alright do you wanna do this one, Edgar? The utitah treekonasana. So you start off, like this. Then you do the utita treekonasa. [Sad Music] This one is called, ‘Trusting Me’. Edgar: Hey, call dog security. I don’t trust in him. Ohh, that’s good. You trust in me. Ohh that’s good. Ohh, I feel a lot of trust being built here, Edgar how do you feel? Relax… relax [softly] That’s it. Trust me. Trust me. Good dog. Hey, we built some trust here today. It’s working. I never seen him this calm in my life. What the fuck is happening? Edgar: Now can we kill slippy? Not until you fight to the death. We had an agreement. Edgar: I’ll get that son of a bitch. Edgar: I’m ready for the advanced shit. Now, you gotta trust me. Look forward. Ohh, ohh that feels good poods I really enjoy th- [laughs]. Hey. Ohh I feel great. Oh I feel fantastic. [softly] what the fuck. Can you sit still? The surfer! We need at least 100% synchronisation to pull it off. Do you really think we can do it? [Dramatic Music] Get ready. Get set. [Beeping] You fucking idiot. You so stupid. [Dramatic Music and Beeping] NOOOOOO. NOOOO. Hey. You left me hanging. Why. Why did you do it? Why, Edgar? Edgar: This finger tastes fuckin’ great, man. This is what you wanted all along, my fingers! Edgar: Yes, I only did yoga- I tricked you, Edgar: so you could be too weak to defend yourself Edgar: Your fingers are mine poods. Edgar: They’re mine! Ahhhh!