welcome to fit mark Fitness does this workout work fit here today we're going to look at the insanity workout series now I don't know about you but I've heard a whole lot about this insanity and I hear a lot of bragging about it if you've ever met someone who has completed this program they get some t-shirt that says they sweated through this program you hear the big story house the hardest thing on the planet it's not for everybody only the most elite can finish it you gotta be the best of the best so I kind of got tired of hearing it so I'm ready to give it a shot see how it goes now taking a look at this thing so far and what I've seen is a series of workouts that are 45 minutes or so maybe an hour long they're all cardio all of them are variation of cardio and be honest I'm not sure what you can do different in a 45 minute cardio workout that I haven't already done in my 45 minute an hour-long cardio workouts so come with me we'll go check it out and see exactly what all the hype is you you you you all I gotta say is dang never has there been a more appropriately table workout in the history of mankind this thing truly is insane and you've got to be psychotic to want to do it it is Jason basically just a sheer hour of Terror the best way I can describe this program to you is just kind of walk you through one of the DVDs most their DVDs are about the same program they just emphasize different workouts but they're all about the same we're gonna look at plyometrics now he advertises this as a circuit training I quickly realized that Sean T has no clue what circuit training is circuit training is you work for a little bit just a quick branch to work little to quick break he doesn't get that concept he starts to run off by running in place so I start running in place and he's encouraging to go faster and faster next thing I know he says on the jumping jacks and I ran in place for 30 seconds that's more than I Germany like for a circuit but I think at the 10-second break after that he just said while running in place moved the jumping jacks and used slid stranded in the jumping jacks without a break well that's a little scary so well this goes on to another exercise another and another and another and after about five or six of these things and you honestly think you're at death's doorstep he says okay we're about to finish up with circuit one and you're thinking thank the Lord I need a break no break well he's doing the last exercise that says okay we're gonna repeat circuit one now twice as fast let's go twice as fast it wasn't fast enough to begin with no break dear Lord well I kept up I pushed it and pushed it one from exercise to exercise thinking I'll never make it through this circuit and when we get to the last exercise in that circuit he starts counting down I'm thinking Jack I can make it through this I can make it through this I'm in shape apparently I'm not in shape because he said okay let's do this circuit the third time now keep in mind he doesn't take a break to say that he says it while he's exercising so you slide straight into the third exercise and a third circuit oh by the way we're supposed to believe faster so at this time we're in full-speed sprint wide open full throttle as we're getting into this third circuit now where were seven eight minutes into this workout and we are going full-speed yeah that's what distance runners do full-speed for seven or eight minutes and they call it the two-mile run this was psychotic well as we're getting to the end he actually tells us we won't get a 30-second prank oh thank you God it's we need a break and he counts down the last few seconds I collapse on the ground and that SOB actually says all right we're through with the warmup that was a warm-up that's what he calls the warm-up you talk about a bad omen for things to come but the good news is we're going into the stretching section of this DVD okay good I can use five or seven minutes of stretching and let my heart come down some he doesn't understand the concept of stretch neither stretching is you know hold your arm out pull along it you know bend over stretch your hamstring no no he believes in yoga if anyone's ever done yoga you'll quickly learn Yoga is exhausting you're holding positions and poses so all of his stretching was more of all your muscles engaged flexing thinking you're gonna collapse so our break period was about seven to eight minutes of yoga heck all right now for the scary part I also think I'm near dead and we haven't started to work out and I have a pretty good idea what's getting ready to coming he did not disappoint more of what the warm-up was on but on steroids no brakes now I made a commitment to myself for doing this video that I would not only keep up with the trainers the whole time I wouldn't hit the pause button I would stay with the top dogs yup try that sometime the only good news is that all the trainers and super athletes and the background they had working out with them they were falling over like flies during this thing so I figure if those super fit models can't keep up I didn't feel so but for what it's worth I did keep it up and it's more the same just go go go go go for twenty minutes straight without a single break art well he had one 30-second break in there but it was brutal so I made it almost to the last circuit I got to the last circuit and be honest with you my body shut now I had three exercises to go and I quit and I collapsed on the floor I blacked out didn't come to we're not basically woke up and got up I realized I think I've done enough that's enough to self drop tried that particular workout okay in a nutshell this thing is hard hard hard hard it is not for beginners it's not for pretty much anyone else does this workout work that's a real good question because I honestly believe if you can do this workout you don't need it you're already in pretty good shape it may work out for an Olympic athlete who kind of wants to up his game but the average people this is a little bit over it about everybody's head so those folks that were that I sweated through this or I completed the insanity workout they deserve some bragging rights all you folks on the p90x I hate to tell you but you're the B team that ain't got nothing compared to this program anyhow that's what we've got to say about insanity and remember the best workout is the workout that you'll actually do