“Doctors’ Nutritional Ignorance” The World Health Organization
blames literally millions of deaths every year on inadequate
fruit and vegetable intake. Almost as deadly as smoking. So if we care enough about
ourselves and our families to not want to die
a horrific death from smoking, we should put the same effort
into eating more fruits and vegetables. We should eat fruits and vegetables
as if our lives depended on it, because in a way they do. Why haven’t many
of us heard of this change from
5 A Day to 9 A Day? Well, the Federal Government
spends about $10 million a year to educate people
about healthy eating. Candy corporations spend
about twice that amount just launching
a new candy bar. Okay, but why don’t most doctors
pass this information along? Because, odds are, your doctor
never learned any of this. Less than a quarter
of medical schools have even a single
dedicated course on nutrition, and less than six percent
of graduating physicians may have received
any formal nutrition training. Out of thousands of hours
of pre-clinical instruction, your doctor may have gotten an average
of three hours of nutrition training. There was even
a study published in The American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition that pitted doctors versus patients
in a head-to-head test of basic nutrition knowledge—
simple true or false questions. Guess who won?
The patients. People off the street knew more
about nutrition than their doctors, yet people still ask their doctors
for nutrition advice. What doctors may be telling their
patients to eat may be killing them. It wasn’t too long ago
that doctors were advising pregnant women to smoke cigarettes
to help with morning sickness. Until doctors are taught
more about nutrition, their advising us about diet
may be physician-assisted suicide. There is one doctor though,
everyone trusts. Perhaps the most famous
physician of all time: Dr. Benjamin Spock. Always on the forefront
of important social issues. And in the final edition of his book,
the bestselling book in American history (second only to the Bible), he recommended that all children be
raised on meat- and dairy-free diets to prevent diseases like cancer.