“Doctors Know Less Than
They Think About Nutrition” In failing in a test of basic knowledge
on diet and coronary heart disease, doctors are failing their patients. “The current study clearly shows that
there is an undeniable misalignment of health professionals’
actual and perceived lifestyle modification knowledge. Simply put, doctors say they are
knowledgeable but the majority of them are not. The range of knowledge demonstrated
in the study indicates that misinformation and misconceptions regarding
lifestyle modification are rife among health professionals. These results are particularly
disturbing since the study tested health professionals’ applied
knowledge of lifestyle modification, directly providing an indication of the
information that they dispense to their [chronic diseases of lifestyle] patients.” “These perceptions lead to misplaced
complacency among health professionals and explain why they do not view lack
of knowledge as a barrier to counselling. Even more disturbing is the fact
that they are confident in providing lifestyle modification counselling
to patients, which begs the question: are patients really benefiting from
the current counselling sessions?” When the doctors were asked why they
don’t counsel their patients more often on diet, exercise, and smoking cessation,
they denied their main problem was lack of knowledge, nor inadequate
counseling skills on their part, no. Lack of time was certainly identified
as a problem, but reason number one, they blame the patients.