They put Danielle on a special kind of diet
No Roblox Otay. Just kidding. Good morning LANDing Crew. Today is Sunday so we are going to have just a chill day before our week starts. I have
to get a video ready for you guys. It’s Noah’s- not Noah wrong kid
it’s Liam’s signs of like autism, a little bit different. It’s kind of where
we show you guys like what the actual signs look like. I’m hoping that that
doesn’t take all day so I can kind of enjoy my Sunday with my kids. Daddy
getting you dressed for the day? Guys I’ve been working on this video for
hours and I just need a break, okay? So it looks like it might be raining today. Our
backyard is not as sunny as it usually is so we’ll see kind of what happens I gonna get you! [laughs] I gonna get you! Say mama. He isn’t saying mama anymore. It makes me sad, hopefully it comes back. Hi princess
she has two bottom teeth yep, they’re coming in. Oh don’t mess with brothers guitar Whatcha doing? Who? Troy? Well he sleeps and he has a job and stuff
hey so I have a question. Do you want to go to Legoland like next weekend or do you
want to wait until they have Halloween What will be shorter Halloween or next week. iI you
do it before Halloween, you will be able to go sooner. Halloween’s not until October so that’s next month. That’s why I am going to do it because it’s shorter Ok so whichever one gets you there sooner? Yeah
So Troy the one who always sends Noah a gift card, they’ve kind of become little
Roblox buddies, haven’t you? You can say that all right. We’re trying to plan our Legoland
cuz that’s kind of Noah’s gift for his birthday. Of course he’s gonna get other
stuff with it. I think we’re kind of due for a family vacay, like a short little vacay What is that? It’s Roblox. Can you sing the song?
so apparently one of the kids downloaded Roblox for Lex and created an account
for my 3 year old. I’m not cool with it because I’ve talked about this that
I’m okay with him being on devices as long as he’s learning something
educational robots educational we’re all likes he’s just him nothing and now he’s
like hooked he’s like addicted to roblox all right guys let’s find a cute outfit
for Penelope today come downstairs Lex you cannot watch
roblox you can go on ABC Mouse you want ABC Mouse that’s the only thing that you
can go on mommy’s phone Lonnie and I were very very adamant that
we did not want to have our younger three kids addicted to devices like her
older three are it’s been such a battle it’s totally our fault I mean we’re the
ones who parent them but it’s easier to nip it in the bud when they’re younger
but he does really good watching like educational YouTube channels ABC Mouse
all of those things are how he’s learned so much word party is awesome I love
word party let’s watch some word party no I’m not putting on Power Rangers
you went loud okay we’ll go sit down you like we’re party time to get you
dress princess Cameron what do you do so cute
you don’t cute yeah here we go look at her guys look at her you’re
doing so good you’re doing so good seize it this fun to watch I think she’s gonna
be a gymnast I just kidding I just kidding you try to crawl yeah are you
know you’re next what did you need me you yep so we have a toaster at our
other house in Jacksonville it was kind of older so when we move we threw it out
and we’re like oh we’ll buy another one we never bought another one but I forgot
that we didn’t buy another one so I got toaster strudels the other night because
gosh everyone loves them in this house and no toaster but evidently you can
bake them in the oven so that’s what we’ve been doing for him we’re trying to
eat all of our like leftover foods before we go for our big grocery trip
this week today is the 15th so today is merchandise shipping day oh that was a
picture that Luxur me earlier guys haha are you not happy about it being Sunday
night they put Danielle on a special kind of diet at least he didn’t put you
in a gluten-free diet but she cannot have dairy and she cannot have nuts now
she was already allergic to most nuts it would make her throat like go red and
itchy so she was avoiding them anyway he cannot have peanuts because she was
having peanuts so we’re gonna see if peanuts and dairy does the trick they’ll
do her biopsy again on an endoscopy in December and see if it’s gone better if
it if it’s gotten better that means that what is triggering it is the dairy and
the nuts she is also on an anti acid so we’ll see if that does the trick if she
goes back and it’s either the same or worse the EoE cells there’s a word for
them they’re like ISA pills I can’t think replace if that is the same or
worse than it means she can go back to eating peanuts and dairy hallelujah but
it means it might be something else like gluten
she doesn’t eat fish or anything like that but I just want to say thank you to
everyone that has shown support on my story about how I talked about my speech
impediment me stuttering I did that not because I was like oh let’s think of
some content I did it because I wanted to give other support I wanted to help
other parents out there my setting in the last couple months it’s gotten
really bad on live stream I know a lot of people are like oh I didn’t notice it
until you said something about it I had to learn as a child for specific reasons
we’re not going to I had to learn how to manage it I thought maybe me giving this
these tips of how I did it might help someone else out there as well I also
have a friend whose five year old just started stuttering out the balloon too
so it kind of brought me back to my childhood days and I thought I have this
platform why not use this platform and help other parents individuals kids
whatever out there I didn’t expect for people to be like or you don’t severe
enough because I know someone with severe stuttering
and they don’t have that the original title was like my severe stutter
I think it’s severe I mean it impacts every part of my life impacts calling on
the phone impacts talking to people it impacts speaking up for myself it
impacts confrontation it makes my social anxiety worse the only time I don’t
stutter it seems is when I am doing videos but I just want to say like even
if you have more of a mild set or maybe it’s just a couple of words for you I
never want to minimize what you’ve gone through if you’re stutters worse than
mine I don’t want to minimize that and that was never my intention
I think speech impediment is a speech impediment I was very raw and honest I
wasn’t expecting people to take apart something where I was I was being
burnable I’ve been trying to hide it for the three years I’ve been on YouTube to
Daddy make some tea I’m about to wake up dad for to figure out dinner it’s kind
of like when individuals with autism don’t have good eye contact but some
have learned that if they look at people’s nose and mouth it looks like
they don’t struggle with eye contact so they’re able to come across more typical
some don’t learn that coping skills some just don’t look at you and that’s that
and it’s obvious that doesn’t mean those people that aren’t giving you eye
contact but it appears that they’re giving you eye contact does it struggle
with it’s the same thing with me just because it appears to others on edited
videos and livestreams that I don’t struggle with cetera it doesn’t mean I
don’t I worked with coworkers and I evidently hit it really well for a long
time and then one day I was taking a lot of calls I wasn’t paying attention to
those around me it’s really really busy apparently my stuttering was just coming
out left and right and my friend Stephanie was like I didn’t know you
said heard when did you start stuttering and I was like uh at 7:00 she knew me
for two years at that point and she had no idea but I wanted to share that and I
wanted to just say thank you to everyone that is sharing their stories showing
support Milani is figuring out what we’re going to have for dinner tonight
Danielle and I thought you could make breakfast for dinner Lonnie was taking a
little nappy nappy guys Lonnie is making us some breakfast for dinner
so what really happened was we forgot to fall something out for dinner okay
bumping hummus I can tell when Liam’s getting frustrated because he starts
wanting to like chew on me and himself ought to get your little teeth over here
where’s that little red ski thing out honey the big brother can I help you eat
no just just down the port but it’s like you eat paint pancakes yes that is true
now don’t eat his food no I said to help him taste it you ready for your first
pancake buy in a year you’ll be kings and queens good job he’s eating it now
he’s gonna want more now I’m not you want more mommy went some all right guys
so tomorrow’s school day I think Noah is going to be ready to take his test my
good clothes yeah I got me baby got me hooked the girl but i got a night-time Mandy Lex has
trouble sleeping so he takes melatonin at night hey hi youtubers
hi guys are you gonna go bedtime or you are it’s bedtime no yes yeah yes no what
are you gonna do then what lay down mommy yes just kidding you’re going to
sleep flex beds over here mooning game noon game no roblox you talk with your
hands like I do but we don’t pick our nose on Iran
so did live stream and now I’m trying to figure out what we’re gonna have for
dinner tomorrow night Lonnie and I have been working really hard to have more
home-cooked meals not eat out as much how many times have I said that I have
some stuff to make some shake and bake chicken right I don’t think that’s gonna
be enough to feed us all so hopefully I have another one in here who I think if
you want I think they see when I think I see one I think there should be enough honey I found chicken it was buried
underneath there and there are two different packages but it’s gonna work
are you gonna curl you want a crowd don’t you are you stuck are you trying to talk will landing
curry the kids are in bed hopefully I have done the live stream I have edit
the video and I am ready to go relax at my bedroom and watch me watch me some
Discovery Channel because I’ve become that old that I just love watching you
the Discovery Channel so let’s not talk about that so I hope you guys enjoy
today’s video one question that gun is are you guys
going daily now and we are going daily but we’re not gonna be daily vlogging
probably at least right now at this point so you will have some sit downs
maybe some cleaning videos some lifestyle videos all of that the
holidays are approaching which is my favorite time on YouTube we will see you
guys tomorrow where you make me buddy it will always
be there there’s no doubt in my mind you will always be there