Do you have a training personality?
Vanessa M Kircher in 2019 wrote a really good article on this, and I’ve extracted
some this information just to share with you. It was about ‘what’s your
training personality?’ She looked at the different training styles: 1) Armchair
researcher 2) Old-school 3) Fancy-dancy 4) Flavour of the day 5) Authoritative dictator
6) Consultative coach. Mine was more related to number 2 and number 6 i.e. an
old-school and consultative coach, but i’m sure you could fit yourself in there
somewhere. I recognise some of these styles as well in my own sessions, but ask
yourself if you do? -as we go through them. So what happens when goals and needs
require addressing? for example; if injury occurs, or you stop progressing your
fitness -or any of your goals like weight loss? Similarly, preparing yourself and
getting ready for change for example. She looked at, keeping your training style in
an ideal state -by focusing on four key areas (when working with clients, but you
can adapt this to your own training regime if you like). 1) GOALS: Creating a
framework that fits your goals i.e. are they realistic?
are they achievable? what’s your CURRENT ability?
what’s your POTENTIAL capability. Likes and dislikes i.e. do you need to get out of
your comfort zone? Do you find it hard? 2) SAFETY: What things do you need to take
into consideration on your ability? 3) TRAINING IQ: Are you training
above your level? can you maintain your current level? are you in
status quo? Consistency -can you maintain it? how do you get out of your
comfort zone? 4) GENERAL SATISFACTION: what is going to keep you on track? is it self
belief? do you trust in your goals and aspirations? if you need any external
support reach out.