hey Thomas tap here and have something really special to share with you this is one of my secret weapons for starting my day off this is a simple five exercise that we can do each morning so for me I don't drink coffee in the morning I do these five exercises and it starts my day off right now these are five exercises you can perform in a very short of time or a period of time five minutes and this is what I like to call leveraging yourself because you put in a small amount of effort you get a lot of gains so if you perform these five exercises each morning say for a month or a year you keep it consistent you're going to see some awesome games you're gonna have that flexibility to touch your toes if you're not there yet and imagine you're spending five minutes a day and then over the next few months you have the flexibility to perform cool acrobatic moves like the beat kick and things like this you also don't experience injuries due to tight hamstrings or tight muscles and you start your day super refreshed and you set the tone for the day so you're the rest of your days are gonna be very productive because you're starting off to the routine getting the right mindset and it's only five minutes so this is why I really like it now in this video I'll be breaking down the exercises but if you want to follow along session for this you can just watch this in the morning and fall along with me then click the link down in the description so you can download that completely for free so I just brought it inside still getting pretty loud out there so the first exercise is I'm waiting very much French roll out of bed just laying on the ground and we're gonna form above us now the whole time we're doing these exercises focus on the breath this is the most important part of these exercises is having good breath deep using the diaphragm inhale and then exhale nice and slowly I usually do about a count of five to ten inhale rest for hold for a second than exhale so what we're doing the breathing we're gonna do but lift so you lift up hands to your side Hills on the ground and we should lift up very slowly controlled and this exercise is great for getting those hip flexors and stretching these apps a lot of us will have tight hip flexors due to sitting all day and sitting in the car so this is a great exercise to work it out now when we lift it up on a focus on tackling the glutes so that way we're using the book of muscles help lift and then we're gonna create a straight line here from our shoulders to our knee have good alignment here okay so we're going to do that I go about 10 to 20 seconds on each of these so it's really short really quick really effective so we start off with me but list then we go into catch I'll put this up on my buddy stefanos he's a yoga teacher and this is just a great one to start your day off and then also get your breath going really good and I just love the way the stretch fills everyone it looks really good B though so you want to try that if you can and do some kind of a lot of people so if you have your knees on the ground your hands on the ground you have a good alignment your joints are stacked the Risser the shoulders here your spine is nice and straight heads loose and what we're going to do is inhale and we're going to arch SiC the butt up arch the head in the body and then on the exhale we're going to curl up and this is why the call to cat counts you're going cow position cat position so again do that for 10 to 20 seconds then immediately from that we're going to lift up and we're going to want to Hindu squats now I like to perform at my legs close together this is a little too much just go shoulder-width in focus on the breath we're gonna lower down slowly while putting our arms in front of our body it's a circular motion here go down as far as we can keeping the heels on the ground make sure need to go over our toes and keeping everything nice and relaxed on the upper body control down nice and slow control try to go down as far as you can if you can't you know usually when I'm pretty tired something like here if you can't try to go all the way keep that in your motion so form that for about 1020 seconds we move to the next exercise and this one's just fantastic for getting the hip flexors again strings and just the hamstrings I found really did it get stretching this now pick this up from our ballet instructor Kaitlin Gaga she uses a lot more 1ups and it's fantastic so you have the feet wider than shoulder width toes facing forward we're going to make sure to keep the back straight again we're going to focus on the breath and we're going to turn towards our right foot put the arms out go down try to have your chin or your chest rest down on your shins but some of that's not going to be that flexible so we go down smooth and then we complete the circle we wrap around to the middle go to the left side and raise up once we're here we go down and repeat to the other side so this is a great one you're going to fill in the hamstrings again repeat that for 10 to 20 seconds then the last exercise we're going to do is I just call these reaching to the sky so we're going to do is clasp our connects together we're gonna focus on really using our back keeping it straight lowering down as far as we can to touch our toes and then back up this is another great hamstring stretch then also good for the shoulders when they give up so when we go up we're going to take the arms palms facing up flip it it's where they're touching the sky and you want your shoulders and everything aligned by your head here and the arms up in the air so we're going to keep the breath going go down exhale inhale and there you go then we leave you with a bonus one because sometimes I feel this and I should love this one too really I feel like I'm charging out my energy for the morning and I took this one from FUBU start with the hands down by our side like you're getting out of a pool the palms are going to be straight up slap fingertips facing each other keep the shoulders down and relaxed hands by the hips we're going to slightly turn our upper body and swing the right arm in a circle around keeping the hand flat and then once you get here the other arm follows you up you really try to keep everything alive here and control once you reach Center we flip the palms go down and repeat again as we move up and just keep this circle going and keep that breath there we go alright so those are those five exercises to do each morning trust me if you do this just a little bit of five minutes a day it's great to see some awesome results also you can download the follow along on this morning session if you click the link in description you can download it there I'll see in the next video make sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos like this leave a comment below and follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook and as always train safe