Do probiotics work? What do you need to
know to not waste your money? Let me explain. Hi I am doctor Ekberg with Wellness
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so that you don’t miss anything. There’s a lot to talk about probiotics and
yogurt and supplements and things like that for the for the bacterial culture
in your gut but there’s also a lot of confusion so I’m gonna explain some
basics so that if you take them that you don’t waste your money so first of all
what is a probiotic Pro is something that is for and bio is something that
has to do with life so these are things that support life and the life we’re
talking about is your biome the bacterial culture in your gut so you
have roughly 40 trillion cells in your body and you have roughly the same
number of bacteria in your gut according to some new calculations
probiotics are supposed to support the beneficial balance of your gut flora so
what makes them beneficial the first thing that they do is that they most of
them secrete lactic acid lactobacillus acidophilus it eats lactose and it
produces lactic acid and most of those beneficial bacteria they produce some
form of organic acid that lowers the pH because everything that happens in the
large intestine needs to be slightly acidic and the bad bacteria don’t like
it when it’s slightly acidic so that’s a huge component of maintaining balance
down there number two they support the barrier so if you’ve heard of leaky gut
that’s when the barrier loses its integrity when it gets leaky when it
gets little holes in it so the beneficial bacteria helps support the
integrity it strengthens that barrier to avoid leaky gut and allergies and so
forth third it helps with immune modulation you have the majority of your
immune system is in the gut and the presence of enough healthy bacteria
helps support and balance that immune system the expression of that immune
system for it outcompetes the bad bacteria so when we call them good and
bad bacteria that’s not even the whole truth because nothing is bad as long as
it’s in a certain balance so even the stuff that we call bad they have certain
beneficial functions they produce some good stuff they produce some vitamins
they help with some good things the time that they become bad is when they grow
out of proportion so one of the most important things that beneficial
bacteria do is they out-compete they compete for the food resources and they
compete for the physical space and as long as we have a vast majority of good
bacteria then the bad bacteria aren’t really bad at all so it’s all about
balance but where does it go wrong there’s something called dysbiosis and
that’s when the condition when the balance has gotten out of hand that
basically means unbalanced in that bacterial life system and there’s three
things that cause that problem above all others the first is antibiotics because
it indiscriminately kills off bacteria and then when we eat sugar starch and
processed foods we tend to feed the bad the opportunistic bacteria selectively
so first we kill off most of everything and then we feed the bad ones and now we
have chaos and a war zone down there and the third part is stress because when we
have stress we activate the sympathetic nervous system which you can check out
this video on sympathetic versus parasympathetic and when we activate
sympathetic we suppress the parasympathetic and everything to do
with gut health is governed by the parasympathetic nervous system so
everything from stomach acid to enzymes to peristalsis it’s all controlled by
the parasympathetic nervous system which is suppressed by stress so these three
things which the vast majority of people do on a regular basis is why dysbiosis
is almost the norm these days then people hear ok my gut is messed up let
me take some probiotics that’s a good thing right
well maybe maybe not the idea of probiotics is that they’re basically
seeds that you take seeds and you’re looking to seed your internal garden but
the question is do you have good soil in the garden or do you have something that
looks more like a paved over parking lot because there’s no amount of seed that
you throw in a parking lot that’s gonna result in any growth and that’s the
whole idea you’re throwing down the probiotic seeds and hoping that they’ll
take seed in the good soil and reproduce and maintain that culture because it’s
not about eating probiotics all the time to out-compete the bad guys
it’s about regrowing a healthy environment you can never eat enough
probiotics to out-compete anything it’s all about regrowing
that culture so this makes it a little bit of a catch-22 because if you’re
healthy already then you’re maintaining the balance and you don’t need
probiotics but if you’re unhealthy and you really need the probiotics then they
do you no good because then they’re not going to seed and they’re not going to
result in a healthy culture so the main thing to understand about these guys
they’re all good they can assist the body in regrowing but we really have to
focus much much more on developing that healthy environment by not taking
antibiotics by cutting out the sugar starch and the processed foods by
and then we start to develop the healthy lifestyle habits which is about
everything that we talked about in videos about health and it’s about
getting enough sleep it’s about meditating it’s about getting
exercise because all this manages and balances every aspect of your body more
specifically though what you can do for your gut is you want to start eating
whole food not processed foods you want to eat lots of vegetables vegetable
fiber not brand fiber not from grains vegetable raw vegetable fiber so make
smoothies and salads and things like that you also want to start trying to
introduce some fermented food like sauerkraut like yogurt like kombucha and
because anything that is fermented has those bacteria but they’re already in a
growth medium that that can support their growth so it’s a more dependable
way of restoring that flora and then is a good time to start checking and seeing
if you need some probiotics so it’s not a super easy thing you can try them and
you can see how you feel and if you got improves but a lot of people don’t
really know and what we do in our office we test for these things with muscle
testing so people bring in their probiotics and we have our own
probiotics that we sell because I’m all for them when it’s the right time but
very rarely when people really have a an upset system very rarely do they
actually test where we very rarely do they actually work so we’re not going to
be in a hurry to to sell people anything when we test and they don’t work then we
know we have to wait we have to do some other things first so most people don’t
test for them and then we have to start restoring the other functions we have to
get them some digestive enzymes we have to give them some breathing and
relaxation exercises we have to make sure that the liver and the gallbladder
are working we have to make sure that the pancreas is working we have to make
sure that they don’t have too much of a leaky gut so there’s all different ways
of supporting each and every one of those and then when they start working
better now we have cultivated the soil a little bit to where they might actually
test and benefit from these so they can be great assistance along the way but
very often they don’t work so well in the beginning so if you do take them
there is really no harm there are very few side effects the worst that could
happen is you take a bunch of them and you get some gas or some loading or some
constipation or diarrhea but there’s nothing really damaging about it if you
take them I would suggest you take them on an empty stomach because a lot of
them they’re they’re alive and if you eat a big steak and your stomach turns
into an acid VAT which it’s supposed to then it’s going to kill every one of
those bacteria there’s can be a rare bacteria a probiotic make it through
that acid whereas if you eat it up take him on an empty stomach then a larger
percentage is gonna make it through and you may waste your money it might do
some good or you might just be flushing your money down the toilet so what I
would suggest is find some qualified help to help you figure these things out
and maybe get tested we use what’s called nutrition response testing and if
you look that up there’s you could maybe find a nutrition response testing
practitioner in your area and that in my mind would be the best way to figure out
how to go about this so they can be very beneficial but a lot of times they are a
waste of money so I hope this information was helpful in understanding
some of this and maybe help you toward your next step and if you’re new to this
channel make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you
don’t miss anything. Thanks for listening.