okay so what we have set up here is
another water test for the bees this time we’re doing things a little
different and this is probably going to be my last water test of the year
it’s October 27th and we’re getting late in the season and my bees are not doing
a lot of foraging but when we have a warm day like today they are going out
and they are still looking for nectar energy and I do see a lot of pollen
still coming in so that’s interesting recently someone posted on one of my
drinking water reviews and asked if bees like something like vitamin C in their
water and I responded to that saying that first of all I don’t normally test
that type of thing I don’t do additives to their water what we’re looking at is
four containers that are two to one sugar water two parts sugar one part water we
know that they like that purified water and we know that they prefer 50/50 sugar
water but this late in the season we’re giving them two to one now what is in
these drinkers well you’ll notice that they are all labeled and although the
sugar water content is identical for all four two of them are marked one teaspoon
per quart these are one quart entry feeders and they have something called
honeybee healthy in them honey b healthy is supposed to be a feed
stimulant and it has essential oils in it it has sucrose water spearmint oil
lemongrass oil and lecithin and of course on the bottle it says that it’s
non-gmo lecithin well you can see in this timeline sequence that my bees jumped all over the two-two-one sugar water that did not have the
teaspoon of honey be healthy in it so and I juxtaposed the positioning of
these drinkers to make sure that they weren’t all coming to the closest one on
the end or taking care of variables like that
and as you can three see through this time-lapse sequence the bees really
consumed regular sugar water first and they save the honeybee healthy mix for
last now there are a lot of claims regarding what honey bee healthy is
supposed to do for your bees and your hive it’s supposed to stimulate them
some people are supposed to use it to spray the hive when they’re working on
the bees so that it calms them down there are a lot of claims about what
it’s supposed to do for them but I suppose if you put out a drinker or an
entry feeder and you have the tea spoon the recommended teaspoon of honey be
healthy in with your sugar water that the bees would appear to really go after
that well that’s because you’re not giving them any choices so by looking at
this board they obviously demonstrated here at
least my bees and these are northern bees they come from the Weaver family in
Texas and they’re a survivor line honeybee and they go after the
non-additive sugar water first and then they go after the honey bee health
healthy boosted water last and there was a difference in which one they went for
as you can see here the second one from the left was consumed first and
obviously the remaining honey bee healthy treated water is all the way to
your right and they use that last and the duration of what you’re watching
here took place from noon until 4:30 p.m. and they consumed it all now
normally this time of year I don’t even feed my bees I’m not feeding because
they need resources in their hives all of my hives are loaded right now they’re
full of capped honey they’re basically ready for winter now I will post in the
description of the video the website for honey bee healthy I’ll also link where I
purchased this on Amazon I bought it it wasn’t given to me I’m not when I review
something I buy it myself and I just wanted to share with you what
the results aren’t here and you can see it it’s pretty plain B’s go after sugar
water first and then the honey be healthy additive to the water last so I
hope you enjoy watching this there is one more thing I’d like to
mention about it though and that is that this honeybee healthy mixture really
does have an appealing smell and that is of course what is supposed to draw the
bees to it or initiate or stimulate them to feed on whatever nectar you’ve put
out as we’ve already seen here my bees will consume sugar water without any
pheromone additive to get them interested in it but there is a side
effect that I might be a little worried about and that is if they are feeding on
sugar water that has honey be healthy in it and that strong scent is with it I’m
just showing you the setup here that we use I’m a little worried that that scent
would be taken back to the hives and in those bees that are searching for sugar
water would get that scent and track it to a hive and smell it through the entry
board and of course challenge that bee hive a healthy hive of bees can of
course defend their hive but it’s not the same when you’re feeding just sugar
water sugar water has no odor to it and the bees would not track sugar water
pheromone through the air very far but this honey bee healthy stuff has a lot
of ingredients in it that would be very easy for bees to locate based on smell
so I’m just showing you the label of the bottle here this stuff goes for $29 on
Amazon a lot of the bee supply companies better bee, Dadant companies like that
do sell this stuff so you’re welcome to look into it on your own for me and my
bees I don’t think I’ll be using it so thank you for watching I hope you
learned something and enjoyed my last drinking experiment of the season Happy Bee Keeping!