What is that? Dietetics…Couldn’t tell ya. I guess it kinda sounds like…. um… I guess the science of what you need to eat in order to be healthy? I don’t know. The chemicals behind what
you’re putting in your body, the ability to fuel and build your body. Are you up future nutritional scientist? Nutrition is more than eating, it’s
knowing your food and knowing your body. As a nutrition scientist, you’ll be
helping others to make the connection between diet and health. That means you’ll be learning about food, nutrients, metabolism, and its effects on the cause,
treatment, and prevention of disease. Students can find it hard to understand how nutrients and human metabolism work together. To help them, I employ some
unconventional methods. You guys are going to be enzymes, so you’re the enzyme and the substrate is going to be a piece of candy. Once the substrate
concentration is really high, you reach a maximum rate of velocity. I got to experience hands-on learning in
the classroom. I gained research experience. I got to attend a national conference. I got to work with community health. I got to analyze recipes for grocery store. With a foundation in nutritional sciences you’re preparing yourself for a job such as: a registered dietitian, working with public health and wellness programs, or preparing for a career in medicine.