Welcome to Cengage Learning’s Diet and
Wellness Plus: An Overview. This is an installment of the digital
course support self-training video series. Our agenda for this video is to
give you an overview of Diet and Wellness Plus. Diet and Wellness Plus helps you gain a better understanding of how nutrition relates to your personal
health goals. It is available on its own and it is also available as an app within MindTap. If you are starting on the MindTap home screen, click on the Diet
and Wellness Plus icon. That Apple icon in the application bar along the right
side of the screen. When you login to Diet and Wellness Plus for the first time you must create a profile. After you’ve created your profile you
will see the Diet and Wellness Plus homepage. The homepage is also known as your
dashboard. When you get to this homepage for the first time many areas of this
dashboard a blank. Once you start entering data into Diet and Wellness Plus,
these areas will become populated with charts, graphs, and other information. The
top navigational bar is how you navigate across the sections of Diet and Wellness Plus. The Track Diet tab is where you input the food items you have consumed for the day. Select the date and then enter the name
of the food in the search bar. Select the item and then input the amount serving
size and meal. If something is not included in the database, you can add
custom foods or even specific recipes. The Track Activity tab is where you add
activities. Select the date, enter the activity, and then select the duration of
the activity. Add the activity and it is added to your list. The Reports Tab, at
the top, includes reports that your instructor has assigned for you. A report
that has been assigned to you is referred as an assignment. The Track
Change tab helps you explore your own behaviors, identify potential areas for
improvement, create a plan for change, and then track your change. There are nine areas of wellness that
are tracked. You answer the questions to work your way through each. Thank you for taking the time to watch this self-training video and we hope you
found it helpful. Please make sure you check out the other training videos and
resource for more help with your Cengage
digital products.