Hello everyone. I am Cindy Welcome to my channel! I introduced my diet plan on my last vlog. I heard diet can ruin my skin so I added extra skin care routines to my usual. I just finished my weight training and showered. I have 10 minutes until I get ready to head home So I am introducing a real quick skin care tip you can do while putting on body cream and drying your hair. Do you guys also check your body measure by your eyes after workout? I do. Because it is more reliable and real than inbody machine my trainer said,, Can’t show you front yet lol According to my inbody measure, I lost 500 grams (only) from 40 days of diet, but my visceral fat (belly) reduced by 30%!!! Well, lets start! I guess everybody knows about led light therapy. But this is a led light therapy patch that can be applied partially on your face Its especially convenient as it is powered by mobile phone. Then you press the button, the red light will turn on. It is programmed to work 8 minutes You can apply these patches while you are putting on body products and drying hair. You can apply these any part of your face where needed. So I will put them on now. I start with under eyes. Just remover the stickers on its surface. The patches are made of silicone, and attachable on your face. And push the button. For eight minutes, I will put on my body cream. So time saving and quuick. By the way, you should apply these patches on a dry face without any skin care products on it. So it can get too dry. So sometimes I put on serums on rest of the parts. Still working on my body cream By the way, about this product, I’ve known these patches a year ago, as my work is exporting Cosmetics etc… but I never thought about trying them. But one day I tried under my eyes and it becomes brighter. So I started using them since I started diet. I like golf, tanning, and travelling I have freckles and dark spots around eye areas I can see little improvement (brightening) on newly formed spots. Also these led red light is effective for pores. I have visible pores on my cheeks I am using ulike app for recording this video You may not be able to see them, but 8 min is quite long time, I put on so many stuffs putting on my hair treatment brushing my hair Also, some time for blow drying Now eight minutes up. See brightening undereye area? (probably not) Then I put on another 8 minutes on my cheek for my visible pores. I guess I want to look prettier than this Try again These patches are also flexible can be bend and fit to your face line Better? So for another 8 minutes I have my hair dried and get ready to go home At the end of my skincare routine, I always put on thie Paw Paw cream. It is ointment type I heard some friends said its good for dry skin so I use it. Never googled or never asked. I put on all over my face, but it doesn’t leave sticky feeling or cause any skin trouble, pimples etc… So it took me 16 minutes total Forgot to tell you that you can wash them and let them dry and put on stickers back to reuse. I totally forgot about taking those pictures for promotion purposes. When you are on diet, you don’t have much time You have to goto work, gym, and prepare your meals (me 4 meals a day) So in this video I wanted to show you how I can do my skincare with little time. Also, I would like to make a next video on what I do at lunch time As I do not go out for lunch anyways. Plus, a weekend skincare routine. Dieters,, I wish all of you a successful diet, also be pretty!!