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Dite Tips for Monsoon Monsoon makes everything beautiful
and pleasant. But the rainy season is often also brings
by varoius waterborn diseases. Like Jundice, typhoid, cholera and flu are
some of the commom diseases this season. apart from this the craving to have fried
food makes this situation worse and your immunisation takes a major dip, during this season. Nobody wants to fall sick and to ensure that
you enjoy this season to the fullest, there are a few things you be careful about. here are a few dite tips that can help keep
sailing this season. Diet Tips to keep yourself healthy in rainy
season Eat light and freshly prepared meals to keep
your digestive system in check this monsoon ,include
food prepared from barly,wheat and rice. You can also include lentils in your diet. Avoid spicy food as it may lead to indigestion,
hyperacidity and bloating. Use cow’s ghee, olive oil, and sunflower oil
to cook your food. These oils are light and are easily digested
by the body. Skip green leafy vegetables that grow close
to the ground. These veggies attract a lot of insect bites,dirt
and humidity and are difficult to clean duing the mansoon. Chew a small piece of ginger with rock salt
before every meal. This combination will help you to digest the
food easily. Drinking boiled water with a little honey
is recommended during rainy season. this drink helps remove impurities in the
water and increase immunity. Do not eat cold or stale food in this season. Have warm food and avoid uncooked food items
like salad. Take ample fluid intake in rainy season too
as it is essential to keep your metabolism strong. It is good to avoid food from local vendors
and restaurants, Pre-cut Fruit, fried food, junk food or any street food.They might contain germs, which can make
you sick. Have bitter tasting vegetables and herbs to
stay fit and healthy.so include bitter gourd, neem, fenugreek and turmeric to help to keep
infection at bay. Fruits like jamun, plum, peaches, papaya,
pear and pomegranate are some fruit in rainy season to improve immunity. Avoid watermelon and muskmelon. Hope this tips will help you to remain healthy. Do Subscribe this channel for more such exclusive
information Thank you