There it is!!! Oh my god What’s up YouTube today we are going to be filling up balloons with diet coke and Mentos so if you don’t know What this Thing is What happens is if you stick a Hose Here pump It these will all Fill Automatically So What happens when you have that same scenario? But Instead of the hose You have diet coke and mentos also Big shoutouts to carl and Junior Family i saw you guys do this so i’m gonna try it too check them out they did it as well i’ll Put everything in the link in the description Below so we’re Just gonna start Really Simple you, have here a Regular Balloon What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna fill this Balloon with mentos Drop It in here we’re gonna see what happens Once You have some mentos Out What you want to do is Just slowly Put It inside the balloon Like This There we go. Once You have a Adequate Amount of Mentos Inside This Balloon Now for the messy part the part you Guys are probably most Excited about so what we’re gonna do here Here put it here nice Let’s Just stick some rubber Bands in Here Just to get some extra Security This is a Round One of the diet coke mentos Balloon experiment Woah! My Gosh.! YO! That Was Crazy YO! Wow that thing Kind of Just Expanded so fast look at That Look How much coke Transported into the Balloon Just Because the mentos went Inside of It that is crazy All This Carbon Wow So much Carbonation oh alright so we’re done with that the Next Step is this Thing This One’s a Little Bit Trickier Because we Can’t Just Put the mentos in the Balloon and Just Drop It the Way we did grab some Clear tape Or any Kind of tape Like This maybe You can Stack the mentos like This then Now we Just want to take The top like This I’m gonna have to move fast Here put it in here please don’t drop As fast as i can It’s coming yo That Is Great I Feel like we can Do a lot Better on that all right Well if you want a cool Way to serve diet coke To your guests Use this hey The Next method at I’m gonna Try out another method Cut open Here that Way it’ll Expose the entire mentos and then I’m Just gonna Drop The Whole container and then Try to screw in the coke as fast as i can Okay so this one i’m at I’m gonna have to move super fast okay three two one? Go ah? Doing something There You Go now it’s filling it up Round Number two Was a Little Less Anti-Climatic but It still fit the Job though Well That’s Just oozing oozing With diet coke and mentos right There oh i have an idea for the last One maybe This Will be the most Optimal and most Explosive One of all for Those last One i Kind of Double Sided tape The end of this i’m going to stick It right Here so When i drop it like That Forcefully it’S gonna Drop Down like a Nuclear missile and Then Just Drag three two One And came Out Of do It for sure There you have it Everybody oh My gosh that Was awesome all right Well lois boy iF you have the opportunity to try this at Home? Get One of These From Like Walmart or target Just Get diet coke Mentos Play With it it’s awesome if not use a Regular Balloon it’S quite fun i see you guys Next time stay Juicy Everybody Whaaa!!