Left unchecked, diabetes can lead to
serious complications like lower limb amputation, heart disease, stroke and blindness. That’s why if you
have diabetes or know someone else who’s living with it, whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2, it’s so important you know about the fantastic 15 healthcare essentials – 15 checks and services that people
living with diabetes should be receiving for free from the NHS on an ongoing
basis. Let’s say hello to number four. Did you know you’re entitled to eye screening checks? Well this isn’t an ordinary eye test. At least once a year a specialist should examine your eye and retina for any changes resulting from your diabetes. Number five is here to make sure your feet are thoroughly looked over every year. You’ll need to whip your shoes and socks off
and a doctor or nurse should check the skin, nerves and circulation in your feet and if necessary you should be referred to a podiatrist or foot specialist. Now here’s number nine. You’re entitled to have a say in every aspect of the care you get and be directly involved in regular
planning sessions with your diabetes healthcare team. Finally, meet number 15 here to make
sure you get the emotional support you need. Talking to professionals about any
issues or concerns you have whatever they may be, can have a really
positive impact on your health and well being if you don’t think you’re getting all
the checks and services that apply to you then speak to your healthcare team. Make sure you and your loved ones don’t miss out. Find out more today at diabetes.org.uk forward slash essentials.