how do we compare a water only fast with with a fast that includes juices soups other other things we don't there's no comparison whatsoever okay first of all if you're consuming juices and soups let's be clear about something you are not fasting you can call it a fast you can do you can do a hamburger fast if you want okay but it's not a fast if you're consuming calories or nutrients your body is not in the fasting physiology your eating it's liquid food and you're not fasting and you can do it forever and the more active you are and the more you consume the less energy your body has to cleanse and heal you know if I had to estimate it I would say that a water only fast compared to a juice feast of an equivalent amount of time the water only fast is probably a thousand times more powerful I'm guessing I'm making that up I don't know the right number it's probably going to vary but it's a big difference case in point you're here because you didn't get the healing you wanted okay lots of you have already done juice fasts and didn't get what you wanted I did too you know the first time my last juice fast I worked up to it my longest juiced feast was four months 120 days I drank only juices now if you think that's amazing understand something juices contain calories and nutrients you can live on them forever if you drink enough it's not like there's nothing miraculous about it you're just consuming an unnatural kind of food and it is an unnatural kind of food it's overly concentrated it's largely oxidized it's imbalanced its fragmented it does not belong in the body it's not natural okay there is no comparison between the two now let me address one point because this is what confuses so many people but a guy healed himself from prostate prostate cancer from prostate cancer a guy healed his prostate cancer on this juice fast okay yeah guess what people heal all the time taking very toxic drugs not because of the drugs but in spite of them here's what you want to remember and never ever forget in every single moment of our lives in every moment our bodies are attempting to cleanse and heal themselves as soon as we improve anything we give the body a greater opportunity and ability to cleanse and heal itself for some people going from whatever diet they were eating to a diet of only juices and soups is enough to allow the body to cleanse and heal but for a lot of people the majority of people it's not enough okay it doesn't liberate enough energy and so most people aren't going to heal some people can heal in fact some of you I don't want you guys to have any any wrong ideas some of you may be thinking that I healed my conditions all those years ago by fasting or raw food that is not what happened let me set the record straight in case you misunderstood what I told you before okay I gave up processed foods and animal products and in six months I was a new man now I understood there was more available but I felt better than I felt at that moment after six months of not eating no animal products and no processed foods that I'd felt for many years it got a lot better with fasting and raw food it got a lot better but I eliminated irritable bowel syndrome chronic fatigue syndrome chronic candidiasis 57 allergies by giving up animal products and processed food I was still eating cooked food I was not a raw vegan I had not fasted yet that's how I heal a lot of people don't heal doing that this for me this was 28 years ago it was a different world okay I mean people my age now the age I was at 28 years ago have grown up in a much more toxic world being bombarded I mean how many people have their cell phone in their hand or next to their head all frigging day long I grew up in a time where there were no cell phones we weren't being constantly bombarded by microwave signal there was no Wi-Fi okay a lot of the garbage we didn't exist a lot of the poisons today didn't exist so my body was able to heal by simply giving up the most offensive substances I'd been consuming and becoming more temperate instead of gorging myself on garbage all the time that was enough for my body to heal itself not not to get to the highest level of health that only happens by getting the body clean and eating an optimal diet okay your friend who eliminated cancer first of all is the cancer really gone forever we don't know yet we'll only know in the final analysis if he goes back to eating the way he did after the juice fast he will probably have cancer come back because he didn't give his body the opportunity to do the work it needed to do to completely balance the system that doesn't happen in a juice fast of any length because it's not fasting is this clear to everybody okay you