so do you want me to look at you or do you look at the camera so when I see somebody I usually find that their they have problems removing environmental garbage call it detox for short because one of our problems is we have all these pro-inflammatory things that are happening to us throughout of the day our cells are being exposed to things that are changing those over time and you've got to clean up those cells and make them healthy and then get rid of the bad cells the liver is in charge of detoxification that's its primary purpose usually when I'm trying to support the liver I'll ask patients to go and get some milk thistle and dandelion then I'll have people take chlorella spirulina both of those are blue-green algae to help people to remove garbage from their body then it want them on some extra concentrated nutrition like kale or other cruciferous vegetables and coir helped us to have all these things in there along with wheatgrass which is a superfood and aloe vera which is a herb that helps to soothe the digestive tract and then there's black cumin and cranberry seed which have hundreds of studies which show extraordinary benefits for the body most people don't understand that the seed is actually the most concentrated part of the plant their concern about the seed is is that it has a hole or husk around it so if you can take that seed grind it or pulverize it into flour you now release all the healthy oils and all the healthy fiber which then makes a product which if you can harness that that product is going to be as much as 25 to 30 times more concentrated the research has shown us that about 70 to 75% of the immune system actually lives in the digestive tract so when you nourish the digestive tract you're also helping to nourish and support the immune system now interestingly enough if you're talking about nerve cells half of the nerve cells live inside the head inside our skull half of the nerve cells also live in the digestive tract and so when you're also nourishing the immune system because you're nourishing that I just attract are also nourishing the brain and nervous system it's thought that about 90% of the happy hormone or serotonin is made in the digestive tract well if you nourish then cleanse the digestive tract you may also get mood changes and mood improvements by doing that I've never seen any product that has what this has I've looked at a lot of products and they all have pieces but none of them are as complete as core I go and look at green drinks all over the place and I'll take a green drink can compare it to one green drink to another green drink I get the powders I get the green drinks but when I compare them across the board with core I've never seen anything like this I've never seen anything as powerful in a one ounce packet