hello everybody Danette may here I'm so excited to share my favorite detox smoothie is called Pina Colada detox movie and it is in my 30-day Nutella one of the smoothies of many as well as tons of real food this is actually what we do is a very beginning for three days as we detox the body priming it getting the metabolism all revved up so that when we eat up to six times a day real meals like seriously burgers yummy pita cookies all the yummy beans that our body systems that where you want we can enjoy life and we can eat win and so that we're full we're not walking around feeling deprived what I call it hangry hungry hungry and angry all the time that's no way to live and I want to share with you another way so I'm going to put all the details to the 30 days needed challenge below this video you do not want to hesitate me to put that link right away to make sure you're getting in your getting your meal plan to work out your shopping list so that you're ready to go with all of us women we're going to wrap you up in love it's going to be an amazing challenge for you you're going to see results everyone does everyone that follows no matter how many kids they had no matter what their ages their demographics they all see results let's make this you naquadah detox community right now and it tastes like sipping pina coladas on the beach it does it's amazing but it's ten times healthier first things first I got one cup of water now if you have a really fresh coconut water that's simply delicious but I do not and I don't like buying like the top of the feet coconut water so just do regular water or coconut water one cup we've got frozen pineapple here I have half a cup of frozen pineapple you can use fresh or frozen if you use fresh pineapple I recommend adding like three ice cubes because it tastes ten times better cold I'm not going to meet you because those are frozen I have 1/4 a cup of sliced cucumbers now below this video because I don't want to waste your time I want to ammonition air all the benefit of this of these ingredients and why we're combining them why it's super healthy for you why is he tosses the liver the in the colon but for today we're just going to make it and you can read all the love like why you're doing this so now I'm adding in a whole cup of spinach you can use kale or spinach I'm adding in a whole cup here and now the last two ingredients are the best ingredients I'm going to add in half a line you could add in a full line this is actually a pretty big line I love lines I could probably do a whole one but I'm going to do a half today but you could do a full line I think if your line lover do a whole one so we're squeezing that in there and then this is important reading of all and it is coconut oil now coconut oil is not only going to make you feel fuller longer but it acts as a carrier it takes all these nutrients from all these ingredients in here and bring the light into the cells don't be afraid of fat especially coconut oil is actually going to help you burn more fat believe it or not is the superfood super healing for the organ plus it's just going to carry all these amazing nutrients right to themselves so you're getting added benefit it keeps you feeling fuller longer I'm going to very abundant [Applause] all right beautiful is green I'm here to tell you you will not see the spinach those you have finicky ears in your home and they're like no thank you to the spinach they're not even going to know other than a cream instead of yellow but it tastes just like pineapple and line and the best part is adding it into a wine glass do yourself a favor you're doing your celebrating you're celebrating life you're celebrating health and that's what this is all about I hope you enjoyed this movie and don't hesitate to join the challenge it's just a net challenge calm and putting the link below this video I want to see you in there I want to workout with you I want to help transform your life and I know it will it's a one hundred percent money-back guarantee that's how we like to roll because we believe in it so much so when you sign up when you start in 30 days after that if you're still not satisfied to get your money back that's how it is no one really asked for it because everyone's these results they love it you're learning a new way to eat more to work out less to love yourself more I'm excited to do this with you cheers everybody you