hello everyone and welcome back to another video my channel so I'm back in Australia from traveling in Korea and I thought I would film a detox routine as Charlie in general just really stressful and on by myself to just rely on myself and just wanted to get back into routine and start feeling and refreshing myself again I thought there are just so many subsidies so yeah I hope you enjoyed here so the first thing I like to do in the morning is to have a lemon water this is my new obsession it's just one whole lemon juice put it in cold water with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of ground ginger powder and then I add a splash of apple cider vinegar usually around a tablespoon and then I just like to stir that all up with my metal straw this actually tastes a lot better than it looks and it just boost your metabolism gives you heaps of energy and just clears your skin your mind and give you strong healthy hair it's really really good next to breakfast I decided to have a green smoothie so this was just around two handfuls of fresh spinach and some coconut water it was around a quarter cup and then I just blended that together first as it makes it so you don't have chunks of spinach in your three of you once it's finished blended as and once that was well blended I added some frozen bananas you can just add as many as you like and then added some Bolly grass powder which is really good for alkalizing and balancing your body and it really deferred skin's health care health and nail health and I added around the teaspoon I then added some freshmen as it really refreshes your community and mint is also very good status between the body and make sure smoothie taste really then I just blended that all together to all walton line and then I poured it into a coconut ball which I actually have a discount code to and below through guys I just love eating out of coconut ball and with a wooden spoon and it's me feel more healthy in tropical and I just hooked it with some fresh strawberries some banana stars and refreshment now I really love doing yoga as it just really relaxes your one and body and my dog is in the way but I just do a simple flow that I kind of make up a bigger just stretching my muscles out and also at the same time strengthening my core and um you also just leave – so feeling so relaxed and refreshed and feel like you're a new person I love to just take deep breaths and do it outside in the Sun so it's also around nature and just surrounding myself in the positive vibes since I took my crystal while I was traveling I really needed to recharge them which I just like to do by running them under the salt water in the beach when you do this just make sure you hold on to them so they don't push away and I also love to wash my worries away with a swim it actually is the middle of the winter here in Australia but also blessed to have all my water now I really love using Frank body as it's just a coffee scrub which I'll link it down below but it just feel I could get through all the dead skin and all the dirt off my skin and leave my skin feeling sore moisturized and fresh and I'm really loving meditating at the moment I'm not very good at it so if you have any tips I'd be super helpful but I just like to take a few deep breath and just let the moment go and do it in the Sun also helps I've decided to make my own kind of detox class as the stuff that you get for detox buff is quite expensive so I thought I'd make it my own and when you make something from scratch it just feels a lot better so this was super easy and affordable it's just half a cup of bicarbonate soda which is really good for getting your minerals and for your body for bicarbonate soda and I just poured that into a recycled old fresh juice gel and then I added 1/2 a cup of epsom salts which is cool magnesium which is great for muscle recovery for your body and then added 1/2 a cup of pink Himalayan salt when you get this make sure you get as much ground as you can as it's not very good sitting on Himalayan salts not very comfortable in the bath and this so it's really good producer is cleansing yourself and then I added 11 do essential oil lemon is really good for just refreshing your mind and relaxing and soothing but it also smells amazing so I added around 76 finger and once that was all the ingredients of combined into a jar I just shook it until that all together very well and there you have it a really easy to make last detox face masks are another amazing way to detox your skin I've been loving this one's from vanity planet which I actually have a discount code – it's a charcoal based face mask and you just mix around and tablespoon of the powder in a bowl with a splash of water and mix that until it forms a paste this mix is quite strong on your skin but it makes you have a vibrant complexion getting rid of any impurities and bringing them to the surface of the skin and just getting rid of all the dirt or pollution as on your skin once you wash this off it really feels like you have a new layer of skin like you're fresh as a little bit and I just left this mask on for around five to ten minutes and wash stuff there's one more I then had my bath so I decided to let some candles that were just refreshes your mind and they smell very nice so I just filled my box with some warm water and then added the detox mix i pre-made earlier in the day and I added all of it in and just shook it around the bus until it was evenly spread and then I added some fresh lavender from my garden it was just very relaxing and made my muscles feel so much more free and flexible and while I'm in the bath I love reading in my book as I feel like just getting away from technology for around 20 minutes is just really good for your mind and your body and I love reading so it was really really nice and my day like this I also drink a cup of water while having this laughs as the salt can leave you quiet dehydrated so just make sure you stay hydrated that is very I hope you enjoyed this detox routine and if you did please comment below and let me know if you try anything or big things that I haven't mentioned and a really good tips to cleanse yourself and get new energy let me know and please forget to Like comment and subscribe thank you for watching