lemons increase the production of digestive juices that can help flush toxins to your colon the chemical makeup of lemon juice also helps cleanse the liver and gallbladder it can also help with upper respiratory issues and flushing toxins out of your pores these look like little tiny cabbages but actually they throw a potent punch their Brussels spouts and if you want to detoxify your body you couldn't do better than Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower help support the liver kidneys and colon which carry out toxins in your body these vegetables contain a lot of fiber which helps keep your colon working properly that means your liver has to do less work to eliminate toxins in your body if you think boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts are bitter try them roasted or grated raw in salads lentils there are another great detox food because there are a great sauce of vegetable protein the vegetable protein in lentils keeps you feeling full without the fat calories and toxins found in many meat sources lentils also help regulate your glycemic index which protects your body from fluctuating blood sugar levels artichokes are one of my favorite and they're the next to add to your shopping list they're a detoxifying powerhouse artichokes make your liver run more efficiently which results in more bile production more bio production means the foods you eat are broken down more efficiently and that improves nutrition absorption artichokes also have fiber which helps your colon function better