Do you know what wrestlers eat in breakfast. If you want to know please watch the video till the end. Ram Ram everybody i am your host and friend sanjeev joon. First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart for 100k subscribers. Keep loving and supporting us like this to grow the channel even more. Whatever I portray on my channel I keep in mind the goal to help as many people as possible and which things majority of wrestlers follow. The people who are complete beginners in the field of wrestling don’t know even the basics of wrestling like diet, workouts etc. Also there are almost no source of knowledge for these young wrestlers, which was the main reason putting some Content on our channel. Therefore let’s cover the basics first and then progress slowly to advance level wrestling. So today in this video I am gonna share a breakfast diet plan followed by majority of wrestlers. Watch the video till the end. Let’s start . The best food for wrestling in the morning is dalia(bulgar wheat). It has tons of benefits, contains sufficient amounts of protein, fibre, iron. Whenever you want to make dalia soak it in water 10-15 minutes prior to that so that it Cooks fast and is clean before consuming too. Wrestlers workout early in morning and it’s very hard workout Hence they need a food that is light, easily digestible, gives lot of energy and helps in recovery. Dalia provides high energy level, increases haemoglobin levels, helps in maintaining body temperature as well as body weight, strengthens the bones. Beside Dalia in breakfast you can also consume fruits like kiwi, apple they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Kiwi helps with asthma and removes blood thickening, , also improves immunity Also add FIG to it Fig known as fruit of heaven it helps in maintaining body weight Soaked anjir helps in curing acidity and gastric problems in stomach It contains vitamin b complex And for wrestlers it’s very vital Add oats or corn flakes for flavor and taste. Although it’s optional. You can add sugar, You can add honey, Raw Sugar etc. whatever you like. Keep the proportion of milk more in Dalia. some people add a lot of Dalia and less milk…. Hope you like the video. Don’t forget to leave a like , and do share and subscribe. Also comment below so for your reviews either you like the video or you didn’t we must have your review to better ourselves next time. Do Subscribe Our Channel Desi Is Best