I chose the health field because I love to help people I chose Samford University because of its outstanding reputation. I’ve always wanted to go to Samford and to be able to say that I get to graduate from Samford University is an honor. I chose Samford because the focus of this internship is on public health and so we start at a community level and see how we can help the public through nutrition intervention and how we can help the community so we start small and make a large impact. Samford has really gone all out to help me get to where I want to be in that area and really specialize in my skill set. It is so important to get real world experience while you’re in the program. You get to see everything a dietician can do in one year, so I’ve been able to go into the community I’ve been in a hospital outpatient settings I thought that I knew a lot about nutrition and dietetics but when you’re out in the field and getting hands-on experience there is nothing that can teach you more. My specialized rotation at the very end of the internship gets to be at a healthy catering company. It’s going to be my entry job into the dietetics field. The internship does emphasize being in the community and leadership as well The faculty here and the Nutrition and Dietetics department are all recognized at a national level and we continue to stay active in our state and local issues. My professors are awesome they’re so easy to talk to there are some of the best dieticians in the field and I’ve learned so much already. They really care they’re very intuitive very empathetic and I just love that about the faculty Samford has a really personal aspect to it from the moment that I walked in to orientation I felt so comfortable and so loved. It’s just very helpful, I mean I feel like back where I’m from like up north like they don’t really take the time to always get to know you always and I feel like the staff really cares about you here. I would tell you to choose the internship at Samford University because it is a tight-knit group of people. You’ll meet so many new friends and new connections. I would tell you that it’s going to be a tough year but it will be worth it and you will love it. I would say to just go for it don’t be scared. You’re going to have lots of experiences you’re going to meet lots of new people make new friends and it’ll be a great year