Well, there are doctors, but if you have the public insurance which is the one that they give us poor people when you ask for a consultation they give you an appointment for a month from now. Well, the disease does not wait. I can’t get any work, because of the two
heart attacks I’ve had, Yes, I need a lot but there are other people who are even more needy Despite universal healthcare,
600,000 people in the state of Nuevo León
lack access to medical services. We identified that there are medical
needs, and this was the reason we helped bring medical squads from Cáritas for the healthy development of the community in the area of Zaragoza. We are six hours away from Monterrey. We have six mobile clinics and assist 100-120
people daily. The people are poor, vulnerable and have health problems. Rotary teaches us to give of ourselves, before
thinking of ourselves; helps us understand the needs of the community, and how we can
join forces or structure projects, so that the needs of the community are met. For my part, I’m glad you are not abandoning
us. I hope that we can always have these services,
because many times we, the underprivileged and humble, lack the means to go where the
service is provided. I did the hearing test. Everything looks good. It’s wonderful that there are still humanitarians
who care for others. I like it a lot.