– What’s up party people?
Welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 19 and what’s that? Benji, did you hear that? It’s time to listen. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okay, my darling friends,
let’s begin lying down on the ground. Yes! Take your time
getting down to the earth. And when you get there, bring your feet as wide as your yoga mat and allow
your knees to fall together so that you can relax
the lower half of your body. Then bring your hands to
your ribcage or your belly, whatever feels good
and relax your shoulders. Alright, starting position. Close your eyes and imagine
Benji and I just rolling up to you with a beautiful bright smile and imagine us rolling out a very luscious
red carpet for you, as an invitation to listen
to the sound or your breath. And not just because
that’s what we do in yoga, but because what if
the sound of your breath was, not represented, but was your spirit, your soul,
the wisdom of your heart, your heart’s song. What if we were to
look at it through that lens rather than all
this kind of arduous task of conscious
Pranayama technique. We’re not throwing the
technique out the door. In fact, we’re getting
closer to a place where we can really dig into
learning more Pranayama technique by simply reframing the way we look at it. So hopefully by now
you’re settled in. (giggles) And, essentially, to summarize, there’s a beautiful red
carpet that’s been rolled out for you to listen to your heart’s song. And deep down I know you
know what I’m talking about. You know? Have you ever just like had
a feeling about something, but you didn’t
really listen to it, or you didn’t really speak up? So you already know to listen
to your body on the mat, I’m not gonna share that today.
You know that. Your body intelligence
is already kickin’, Day 19. Now I’ll invite you to
bring the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. And take a deep breath
in through your nose. Try to create a soft restriction
in the back of the throat so you can hear it. And I don’t wanna make light
of this awesome Pranayama, but a great is image is
like that Darth Vader sound, that (breathing out heavily). So give it a couple tries. And then once you
feel like you’re finding a little audible breath on
that inhale soft restriction, just exhale a-huh sound out
through the mouth, like this. (breathing out noisily) As if you were
fogging up a little window. And you’re gonna fog it up and
you’re gonna write your name. Alright, now let’s
combine the two. So, tip of the tongue
on the roof of the mouth as you breathe in. Ha sound as you breathe out. Inhale. Exhale. Once more like this. And then we’re
gonna keep this going, but the only difference
is we’re gonna seal the lips on the exhale.
See what happens. Remember, we’re just
here to learn, to explore. Give it your best shot. Inhaling, soft restriction
in the back of the throat. Exhaling. Soft restriction in
the back of the throat. And ultimately you’re creating
this soft hissing sound that, once you get
in a little groove, sounds like the ocean. We call this Ujjayi breath,
or the victorious breath. Use it to anchor
your mind here as we move throughout our practice. And we’ll take this
Pranayama with us into the rest of our days here
together as well. So baby steps, nice and easy. Okay. Press into the toes,
lift the heels, hug the knees up to the chest. You can turn to
one side or right away begin to rock and roll up and
down the length of your spine. Beautiful. When you rock up,
draw one heel in, any heel. Sit one foot in
front of the other. Take the arms all
the way up and overhead, and then exhale,
send it forward, starting to open
up through the hips. See if you can
keep this connection to your Ujjayi Pranayama. Work to keep the sit
bones reaching towards the mat, rather than rolling up. Starting to wake up the hips,
you can find soft, easy movement, maybe
swaying gently side to side. If you wanna go a little
deeper, you can tent the palms, just meaning to put a
little pole in the center of your palm,
press into the fingertips and bow the head. But definitely using
this to stay connected and evolve that Ujjayi breath,
that ocean sound. Listen. All right, now slowly
follow that ocean breath all the way back up. Keep the legs where they are. You’re gonna swim
your fingertips around. Place the hands behind you, fingertips facing
toward the body. Option to stay on
the fingertips here or, if it’s available,
maybe palms to the earth. Now in this next move, you’re gonna
follow that ocean breath, so really listen to
the sound of your breath as you think about
sending your hip points forward, not up, but forward towards
the frontage of your mat. So here we go. We’re gonna draw the shoulder
blades together to start. Lift the chest. Imagine pinching that pencil
between your shoulder blades so there really is like active,
upper back body here. Then with fingertips on the
earth or palms on the mat, we’ll inhale with
that ocean breath. Exhale, protect the lower
back by drawing your navel in, lift the hips forward towards
the front edge of your mat. Beautiful. If this is too much,
you’ll keep the hips on the ground and
just lift the chest. Thinking maybe
Upward Facing Dog or Cobra. Breathe here, opening
through the front body. Lengthening through the neck,
lots of integrity. Take one more breath here,
and exhale to release. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis, let’s counter this in the
wrist by finding Thriller Arms. Inhale in, nice audible breath. Exhale to pull the
shoulders back into socket. Sweet. Reverse, let’s take
the opposite foot in, opposite foot out. Inhale, reach for the sky,
find that ocean breath. Exhale, Forward Fold, breathing,
listening to the sound of your breath here as
you open up through the hips, finding soft, easy
movement if it feels good. And if you’re new
to this audible breath, simply do your best. Keep an open mind and
there is a foundations of Ujjayi Pranayama breath on the Yoga
with Adriene channel so you take some time,
carve a little extra time to practice that
foundations video and go a little deeper if
you want the full tutorial. Sits bones, so your
bones actively reaching towards the ground here. Little bit of energy
in the feet and the toes to protect the knees. Take one more cycle of
breath here wherever you are. Oh, yeah, so good for the body. Slowly roll it up,
follow the sound of your breath. Swim the fingertips behind and we’ll do
the same little ditty. Checking in with the upper
back body, lifting the chest, creating a
full body experience, right, integrating the whole package. Total wellness. Okay. Fingertips on the earth
or palms on the mat. We’ll inhale,
lift the chest, the heart. You might stay here,
or lift the hips all the way up. Hip points reaching towards
the front edge of your mat. Think Cow Pose, think Upward Facing Dog, think Cobra. Take one more breath,
lots of awareness in the neck. Yes, and then slowly release. Awesome. Quick counter,
Thriller Arms, inhale in. Exhale, drawing the shoulders
back underneath the ears. Maybe nod the head,
a little yes, a little no, check in with the neck. Sweet, then continue this
motion all the way forward. Tabletop Position. Great. Quick little
circle with the hips, so you’re gonna kick the
right foot up towards the sky and just draw a big circle
with your right knee one way couple times. And then the other way,
reverse it. Press into both palms
evenly as you do this. Find that ocean breath. Good, then switch. Kick the left foot
up towards the sky. Soft bend in the elbows, particularly if
you hyperextend here. Remember, soft bend, be loving. And carving a line,
connecting to the core, pressing into both palms
evenly, keeping a softness, a grace in your face,
keeping the jaw nice and soft. Reversing your direction. Alright, then slowly release. Walk the palms forward,
curl the toes under, send the hips up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in here. And a long breath out. And a deep breath in. And close your eyes and
find stillness here, listen. Long breath out. You’re doing great. One more cycle of breath. Fabulous. Slow descend of the
knees down to the earth. Quick hair toss for me. Okay. Walk the right hand
over to meet the left. Press into the top of
your back foot for stability as you slowly draw a big circle,
peek at me if you need to, with the right knee
all the way up and around and then we’ll plant
the right foot up towards the front edge of your mat. If the right foot doesn’t
make it, take your right hand to your ankle and
help guide your way there. So now we’re here in a
little Lizard variation. We’re gonna curl
the back toes under. Now, walk the back
knee back towards the earth, option to lift it if it
feels good in your body. Breath deep, pull the
right hip crease back. Find that Ujjayi breath,
that ocean sound. Now listen carefully. From here, we’re gonna walk
the hands off the yoga mat, over towards the front
left corner of the mat. Think about your hands
being in Downward Facing Dog. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, bow the head,
chin to chest. Back knee lowered or lifted,
front knee over front ankle. Big stretch requiring you to
listen to your heart’s song. Ujjayi breath,
nice audible breath. Good. Inhale,
lift the back knee. If it’s lifted,
lift it even more. And then slowly release,
come back to center. You’re just gonna rewind. So you’re gonna
press into the top of the back foot for stability. You should feel your low belly, your lower abdominals
engage here. And then we’re just gonna
rewind, engage, engage, engage. Turn on the obliques,
come back all the way to Tabletop Position. Wag your tail. Shake it out. Alright. Now, walking the hands
towards the top right corner of the mat, pressing into
the top of your right foot for stability, cannot
emphasize this enough. Really press into the
top of your right foot. Then engage your core. Careful not to collapse
in your shoulders here. So use the training,
use all your tools. And here we go. Big circle with the left knee,
all the way up, up, up, up up, up, up, up. Keep going,
lift, lift, lift all the way ’til you can get your
left foot on the ground. Doesn’t make it, no prob,
use your hand to guide it towards the
frontage of your mat. Okay, so listen,
listen to the left and the right side of the body. Ultimately we’re using
our yoga asana to balance the left and the
right side of the brain, the left and the
right side of the body. And they are different. Wildly different! So let’s pay attention. Notice how this
side feels different. What’s up, buddy? Breathe deep. Option to walk
the knee back a bit or lift the knee all the way. Now, once you’ve
found your Ujjayi breath, that ocean breath, you’ll
walk the hands off the mat. Think Downward Dog, so strong
connection through the hands. Inhale in and then exhale,
bow the head. Lot of awareness
in the shoulders. Once again, working to
create a full-body experience, breathing deep. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale slowly,
make your way back. Take your time, take your time. Walk the hands back first. Then lower the right
knee if it is not already. And you’re gonna just do a
rewind, but you’re gonna need to connect to the full abdominal
wall here, so inhale in. You got this. Exhale, press into the top of
your back foot for stability. Lift the left knee,
light a fire in those obliques, bring it all the way
back, back, back. Awesome. Walk the knees together,
really together, arch to arch. Send the hips back. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, Balasana, you
can tent the palms here or drag the hands back,
whatever feels good. Ujjayi breath. So ride the wave
of the ocean here. Feel that crest and fall as you
breathe into your back body. And remember, we
are constantly changing. The only constant is change. You’ve heard it before. So showing up on our mat with a willingness
to really listen to the sound of the breath,
listen to the body. Listen to the practice and
whatever is revealing itself. This helps equip us with
the tools we need to move in a meaningful way off
the mat, but also in a way that goes with the flow, man. Riding the wave. Take one more moment
here to just surrender again to that which
you cannot control. And then take a moment to give
thanks for this little ditty, this practice, this opportunity
to check in with your breath and listen to your heart. So awesome. If you’re in the zone,
you can stay here and just bring the palms
together up behind your head. If you’re ready to rock
and roll and get a move on, then let’s roll up
together nice and slow. Lots of hair tosses today. for Lizzo. Come to a nice comfortable seat. Bring your palms together. Let’s seal this
with a kiss of the palms. Incredible. You’re amazing.
Do you know that? Awesome work, thanks
for showing up today. Way to listen, way to lean in. I’ll see you tomorrow,
but ’til then let’s take a deep breath in. Connecting our best
and most beautiful self to everyone
practicing around the world, acknowledging the same in them. The highest in me
bows to the highest in you. Thanks everyone. Namaste. (bright music)