Let’s go to the phones at (617) 830-4750 starting
today with our caller from the one seven area code. Who’s calling today from nine one seven. Hey David, is this me? That is you indeed. Who is this a Milo? Milo? What’s going on? Just to be up. Yeah. Um, so my question is about Medicare for all. So I’m a really calm in a right wing and quite
frankly, you know, a talking point also from like a lot of centrist Democrats is that,
you know, uh, medicare for all really only works in countries with like smaller populations. Like when I bring up that it works in like
Sweden or Norway or Finland or other Nordic countries, they say like, oh, well, you know,
those countries have like relatively smaller populations, but in a country like America
with like 320 million plus people that can’t work. So I’m just wondering like, how do you rebut
that point? Well, first of all, with 90% of the people
who say that, you just say, why not? Why would more people make it not work? And usually so that’ll get rid of 90% 90%
won’t have an answer. The other 10% will have some answer. And then typically, you know, I mean the,
the best thing is not to rebut it with some concocted talking point, but just to tell
the truth, which is the way that insurance works, the larger the risk pool, the more
predictable the spending is going to be per person. And that actually having more people in the
risk pool makes the system more financially viable. That you have way more people who are paying
into the system and that it will actually make healthcare spending a significantly more
predictable. And that there is, there’s simply no reason
to say that it only works in smaller countries. I mean it’s is mathematically untrue and it’s
logically untrue. Right. Yeah. And also just like sort of one other quick
question, I had one of ’em and I think Kyle Kalinsky also brought up this point recently,
which is that one sort of I guess a solution to that worry or you know, another way we
could sort of do it in America is you sort of federally mandate that each individual
state implemented like on the state level. So that population is no longer a worry. I love that. I’ve actually mentioned this before. This is a really good point. If you, if you want to make a state’s rights,
sort of positive version of Medicare for all you actually have each state, you could argue
that states for geographical reasons or because some states have these like cancer alley factories
have higher rates of certain conditions. You can actually say that different states
may actually need slightly different financial, um, uh, characteristics, and that each state
could implement their own single payer system, partially subsidized by the federal government
through the sort of taxation that, uh, Bernie Sanders, for example, has proposed. That’s a fantastic idea. Right? All right, well, yeah, thanks for answering
my question, David. All right. I appreciate the call. Thank you. Very, very important stuff. Great to hear from you.