the good thing about it intervals to doff aerobic capacity better than aerobic training so if you said to somebody I want to get in better it will be Chico and raise my vo2 matches that was important to you know what they'd say don't do studies they'd stuff to intervals interesting thought process right if you want to look better interval training if you want to get in better shape interval training the million dollar question why does anybody do a little bit training the 50 cent answer yeah that's a it's easy so it just said it's easy I don't know why though I mean the reality is no I don't I look anything no one should do it there is no legitimate purpose for 30 or 40 minutes of cardiovascular activity based on the goals that we get stated the only thing it's good for is it definitely gonna do if someone says okay I want to be able to run a 10k alright then we probably got to do some overtime we've probably got to get you ready to be able to do what it is you're going to do but if someone says to me I want to look better or I want to perform that it there is no evidence that conventional Orbitz train helps you know it helps beginners if they can't enter the Train so what's your other training good for nothing that's why I'll do it we don't we do not the people that we deal with the athletes that we deal with if people do it well the training they do it on their own they do it on their off days they do it because they want to do it we at no time ever with our athletes do aerobic base work I think the concept of aerobic case is a complete false foot I don't believe there's any need for an every other place I think there's just a need to get in better shape to build work that's it so let's talk about what capacity model when we talk about athletes versus in the world with base model but a little bit training is for somebody to get fit enough to do an aerobic training which means in mind in my world maybe three weeks maybe six weeks but beyond that it becomes a waste of time does this mean we've been lied to yes absolutely positively we have been lied to the one thing that you'll notice it's really it's interesting you don't be aerobic now we're realizing that okay 80% of the audience's personal trainings we have to but when we look at this just from an athletic standpoint enough power elated what must be done during the early years ages 13 to 17 to maintain genetically determined levels of white Apollo elated muscle fiber promote the shift or transition of intermediate five at a white-collar later muscle fiber this is Charlie Francis who's probably the greatest sprint coach in history he said that I think the book was written in 1984 and you know he was saying if you wanted to golf sprinters don't do any aerobic work you know why because he believed and he was right that you would genetically shift you could take somebody else say if you want your kid to stink at sports I know how to do it cross country it's amazing how many people will come to you I'm getting my kid in cross-country for the fall to get in shape and I'm like no please hear the kiss of death the gift of slowness the gift that keeps on giving you're gonna stink for the route of your life because you are going to shift that person particularly you've got a kid who's not you know it's one thing if you said hey you know my son's got a 40 inch vertical and he gets tired running from here to the other end of the room then he might need a little bit of aerobic work but if your kids get a 19 inch vertical jump and he's struggling to make the high school basketball team use I want to get him in shape by getting them doing cross country it's the dips of that sentence exactly we don't want so literally with our young athletes we've always thought we've got really run over a hundred yards with younger ones we might get yeah we get 250 by the end to get to 300 300 yards as far as we will ever run at one time pretty much really with anybody but definitely with younger kids endurance work must be carefully limited to light the light medium volumes to prevent the conversion of transitional fibre when I read this I read this in 1984 I believed that he was right because empirically he was developing to think about this black Canadian sprinters from Toronto what's the probability of that pretty low right that this guy could go to Toronto Canada and pull three Olympic medalists out of an area like Canada a small population base like Toronto it would really be akin to going to Mexico and developing Olympic hockey team really would mean if you think about the probabilities mean there's just not the population base does not support what this guy did he did something that was so far off the board and yet he did it at a real head of ice or drugs drugs they trust me everybody else is using drugs to in every country participating Olympic tonight 84 so what Mikey was the only guy he started to realize that this was true because on long run days then Johnson would hide he would go on to the stands and hide because then Johnson knew intuitively that that was not good for him that it made him worse and he said I started to understand this process I started to realize we stopped doing long runs because I read that my best athletes did not want to go on long lungs when I started playing hockey players see if they everyone said okay you got to get in better robic shape and I looked at and I said you know I don't understand all of my best players are in the worst aerobic condition they all have the highest vertical jumps they're all the strongest guys they're all the guys who do play on the Olympic team they're all the guys that are in the national program and they're also all the guys that are the worst performers in any aerobic test that we do my conclusion then was you know something I'm going to Train anybody to be like them instead of looking at them and saying what is their weakness fix it I looked at them and said their strength should be everybody else's strength so we started training everybody to get as strong as they possibly couldn't his fast they possibly and then worried about conditioning worried about capacity as a secondary by-product and we had much better results we had pretty good run during that time pretty we weren't the final four I think eight out of ten years in ice hockey and we had about I would say 15 guys go on and play in the NHL off of those teams in a ten year period and same thing with o2 Noah orbitrim we've been doing that for 20-something years in spite of all these people talking about vo2 max and how important is we've done next to none and never really worried about