What’s up, everyone? Welcome to day six of
30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And today, on day six, cue “Eye of the Tiger.”
We are going to do Six Pack Abs! Just kidding. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t
really prescribe or subscribe to that whole obsession. But I do want to work my core,
and I would like to feel my abs, my abdominals. It’s going to help me in my yoga practice.
It’s going to help my back, and it’s just a little something to spice up our life in
this 30-day challenge. So don’t panic. Take a deep breath in, and we’re going to begin. All right, my friends. So we’re going to come
flat on our backs today. If you have a block, you might grab it. It might be handy. If you
don’t have one, it’s okay. You can totally use your imagination, and we can do just as
good of a workout. So if you have one, grab it now. If not, it’s okay. You’re going to
do a little yoga for the imagination. So let’s meet in a flat back position here.
Hug the knees into the chest, and take a nice full breath in. I am so grateful, so happy
and humble to share this experience with you, to guide you, and to rediscover our bodies,
and get back to our finest, truest selves. Some of these moves may feel like, “Is this
yoga, Adriene?” And I’m like, “Yeah, everything to me counts as yoga if I’m connecting my
mind and body, my spirit and my breath.” So I encourage you to have a little fun. Try
not to take it too seriously. If you need to take breaks, take breaks. Okay? Everyone
just panicked. Just kidding. Okay. So we’re hugging our knees into the
chest here, just finding that sweet rounding of the spine. You might rock a little back
and forth, massaging the lower back. You might crawl your shoulder blades down a little bit
towards the base of your spine to create a little space between the ears and the shoulders,
and also the chin and the chest, lengthening through the back of the neck. Cool. Then we’re going to interlace the fingertips
and bring them behind the head, elbows nice and wide. Keep hugging the knees up towards
the chest. And you might even kick your toes up a couple of times. So just find that sweet
spine to earth connection, so really pressing the lower back down onto the mat. Elbows are going to come really wide here.
I’m going to draw my knees up so they’re stacked over my hip points, or maybe slightly further
in to just secure that stamping of the lower back on the mat. So really supportive in the
lower back today. Then I’ll hinge at the knees, and the shins can become parallel to the ceiling. Now, if you have a block… Again, if you
don’t, it’s no biggie. You can use your imagination, and you can still find the squeezing. But
if you have a block, you might bring it this way, or this way works, too, depending on
your body type. And just find the little squeeze in the legs. Now, already, I haven’t even really done anything
yet, and I’ve engaged that Uddiyana Bandha, drawing the navel in and up towards my heart.
I’m really stepping lower back to the earth. And then my elbows are flying up here because
I’m having too much to focus on, but I’m going to embrace the full body experience that is
yoga. And find it a little easier, maybe by closing my eyes, rotating my ankles. My thumbs
are extended. I’m even using my thumbs to give myself a little gentle massage on the
neck. I joked about “Oh, six pack abs” for this
video, but really we’re still working on a full body experience, sending breath, energy
to any sore-type places and engaging, connecting to my center. So we’re squeezing the inner thighs together.
We’re pressing the navel down towards the spine, scooping the tailbone up, elbows nice
and wide. Take a deep breath in. On an exhale, lift your head, your neck, your shoulders
up. Resist the urge to crunch here. Keep the elbows nice and wide. Imagine a big, juicy
piece of fruit or something between your chin and your chest. In fact, send your gaze up
here after you get the hang of it. Send your gaze up and back so you can keep it nice and
open. Now, engage to the belly. Make sure that lower
back is taken care of. Squeeze the block or imaging squeezing the block. Inhale in. Lift
up a little higher. Lift your chin up, your heart up. Send your gaze up and back and exhale
out. This time, inhale lower, rest. Nice, everyone. So we’re going to move in and out of that,
little yoga lifts really creating a full body experience. So use that block. Keep the elbows
wide. Here we go. Inhale, in. Exhale, lift up. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower.
Exhale, lift. Keep it soft and easy. So avoid this, guys. Take a look at the video
for a second. Avoid this. Oh! You’re just creating tension. Yes, I’m working my abdominals,
but I’m kind of doing the rest of my body a disservice. So let’s keep the integrity
of the full body experience going as we get those abs, okay? I can’t believe I just did
that. Having a little fun here on day six! Deep
breath in, and exhale. Here we go. Lifting up. Inhale. Keep the skin of the face soft.
Exhale, lift. Inhale, release. Exhale, lift and squeeze. And keep it going now in your
own rhythm. Using the thumbs to cradle the neck. Keep it going. Close your eyes and smile.
Keep the elbows wide. Getting some fresh blood, fresh oxygen into the system. Do two more.
Last one and we release. Awesome. Bring the soles of the feet together, knees
nice and wide. If you have a block, you can take it up overhead. Use it for a pillow.
If not, don’t worry. Now we’ll bring the hands to the belly for a little pat. Relax the weight
of legs down, and just notice how you feel. Notice what those deep breaths did, and just
observe. Awesome. So now we’re going to take the block
and bring it between the ankles. And if you don’t have a block, you’re just going to zip
the ankles together. So it might look like this, or it might look like this. And I’ll
do it without, just to be fair. I’m going to take my hands underneath my buttocks,
thumbs kind of kissed together here. And I send the legs up nice and tall. So I’m either
zipping together, or I’m squeezing my block together here, or even at the thighs, would
actually work. I don’t really feel like that feels good for my hips. So either here, my
friends, or we’re zipped together. It’s the same thing. We’re going to use our breath. We’re going
to inhale in, scoop the tailbone up towards the sky. Exhale. Use the duration of your
breath to lower down. Press into your knuckles. Let the heels hover here. Press in your heels,
and then use an inhale to draw the navel down and inhale back up. Resist the urge to speed it up. In fact, keep
it nice and slow. Synchronize the breath to the movement and the movement to the breath.
And that’s our yoga. Deep breath in, exhale. So you can close your eyes. Keep your neck
in a nice straight alignment here, and move at your own pace. Smile. No clinching in the
eyebrows, in the jaw. The heels might not go down as far as mine.
You might just come here before your lower back begins to come up, and that’s fine, too.
It might look like this for you. And then in time, we’ll be able to lower down more.
Stick with it. Take breaks when you need to. All right, my friends, we’re going to do two
more. Inhale. Exhale. Last one. Let me hear your breath. Oh, a bunch of birds just flew
by. Perfect timing. And then I rise back up and release. Release the arms, take the block
away, and we hug the knees into the chest. Find what feels good here, rocking gently
side to side, or maybe coming to peel the nose up towards the knees. We did it! Dit
it! Cool. Release the soles of the feet to the
mat. Interlace the fingertips behind the head once again. If you want to do a little yoga
for the brain, reverse the cross, opposite thumb on top, and we send them back once again
behind the head. Elbows nice and wide. Take a second to just windshield-wiper the legs
one way, breathing into the front body. Super nice here, so good. Right knee really
driving down and then taking it through center. A little booty massage as we come through
center, and take it to the right. Good, yes. Driving down through that left knee. Feeling
this awesome stretch through this all this and the abdominals. Yes. Elbows pressing down.
And then back up to center we go. All right! Here we go, my yogi friends, yogi bicycles.
Inhale in. Exhale. Lift the knees up once again. Find that sweet kiss of the lower back
to the earth. And then we’ll inhale in again, exhale. Let the head, the neck, the shoulders
lift up. Inhale. Exhale. Right elbow to left knee. Extend the right leg out long. Keep
the chest open, the heart open here. So we’re not really crunching but keeping this beautiful
piece of fruit between our chin and chest. Inhale in. Exhale. Back to center. Inhale
in again. And exhale, twist. Left elbow to right knee, and we extend. Find that sit bone
to heel connection. Inhale to center. And now we move more swiftly. Exhale, twist. Inhale
center. Exhale, twist. Inhale, center. Navel draws down. Exhale, twist. Inhale, center.
Exhale, twist. Now we’re going to move to double time. Smile.
Imagine your favorite song. Stay soft through the fingertips. You can even release them
here. We move, move, move. Find your breath. Let’s do ten more seconds here. And we release. Cross the right ankle over the left. Grab
the outer edges of the feet. Begin to rock a little front to back. Fun! Back and forth,
massaging the spine. And then we’ll rock all the way up to a nice cross-legged position,
where we’ll sit up nice and tall, and observe the breath. I love working these muscles, for obvious
reasons, but also for my yoga practice. I get to explore more. The more strength I build,
especially from my core and my center, the more I begin to fly in arm balances, the better
my back feels on a daily basis. Open your mind when it comes to these muscles. Stay
positive. It’s easy to get really down and feel like, “Ah, there’s no hope for me!” or
to get really obsessed. And so just stay present. Palms come to the knees. We’re going to inhale.
Smooth the heart forward. Exhale around the spine, chin to chest. Inhale, moving in a
circle. Exhale, chin to chest. Inhale, heart comes forward. And exhale, reverse your circles.
Really targeting the belly here. Imagine one of those old-fashioned coffee grinders moving
from your center. And then we’ll come back up to center. Bring
the soles of the feet out into the earth. Fingertips forward. We do this kind of zombie
move or this “Thriller” move as we slowly engage the abdominals. Why not have a little
fun? Let’s do “Thriller.” Some other people… Never mind. Slowly roll it down. Oh, yeah. Okay, last move and then we’re done! And you
can add on to the practice and continue, or you can settle in shavasana, one I do. But
we’re going to take that block, if we have it. If you don’t have the block, no worries.
We’re going to bring the knees back up over the hips. And this time, I’m going to send
the right leg out long. I’m going to bring the block underneath the left. And then I’m
going to switch, like we’re bobbing a basketball in between. To up the ante, I’m going to inhale, exhale,
lift my head, neck and shoulders. Passing through. You have variation one, variation
two. Keep it going. Variation three is to come into more navasana, lifting up through
the spine and working here. Now, if you’re like, “What the heck, Adriene?
I said I didn’t have a block!” you can do this with anything. Not your cell phone. Let’s
keep our cell phones out of it. But you can do this with anything or you can just work
on the scissors. If you don’t have a block, you can work on scissors. So we’re, again,
imagining that block going through. We’re going to work here for about 10 breaths
in your variation choice. So maybe you’re just scissoring the legs. Palms underneath
the buttocks. Maybe you have your block, and you’re passing it through at level one. A
little yoga for the brain. Sorry, this is level one. At level two, or a third variation,
this navasana variation. Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo! That’ll light a fire in your belly, all right!
Ooh, mama! Let’s take five more breaths, wherever you
are, block or no block. Take breaks when you need to. Four more breaths. And then I don’t
count or do 10 seconds, 30 seconds that often, but sometimes it’s nice to just have an ending
point. Let’s do one more breath. And halleloo! Put the block aside. Everyone release your
arms. Give yourself a big hug. You did an awesome job today. After this, you might head
into shavasana right now, or you might flip over and practice a crow pose now that you’ve
engaged the abdominals, or a side arm balance, or something like that for fun. So have a
great day, everyone. Namaste.