Hey guys, welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with
Adriene. I’m Adriene and it’s Day 21. Yay! Congratulations! I hope you’re feeling good today and if you’re
not, if you’re feeling tired, we have a nice, revitalizing practice for you, so let’s get
started! All right, today we’re going to begin in a
cross-legged position, with the palms together at the heart. Take a second to just wiggle
it out, settle in, and then see if you can come to a stillness actually, today, as we
begin to focus on the breath. We might close the eyes here and just tuck the chin into
the chest lightly, and use this attention on the breath to kind of soften out any places
in the body that might be clenched, the shoulders, the buttocks, the hips, even through the fingertips,
soften and use the breath to just spread awareness throughout the body. Use the exhalation to
relax any place that you might be holding. You might take this moment to remember your
intention, why you committed to this 30 Days of Yoga. And why you show up on your mat each
day to do the work, to explore, and find that sense of wonder, curiosity in your practice.
Keep breathing deep. And you don’t need to look at the video here, just slowly draw your
chin to your chest, bow your head to your heart or your hands, here in prayer, and breathe
into the back of the neck. Shoulders are relaxing down. Again with every exhale we have an opportunity
to just soften and release into the moment. Take a couple more nice, full breaths here
on your own. Now we’ll slowly bat the eyelashes open, and
lift the head up, lengthening through the crown of the head. Nothing fancy here, we’re
just going to release the fingertips and reach them all the way up, breathing into the armpit,
chest here, opening the heart, drawing down through the shoulders and the tops of the
thighs. Inhale in and exhale. Dial your heart towards the left. Just a nice seated twist
here, right palm to the left knee, we keep sitting up nice and tall, so if you feel like
you’re rounding through the spine you might lift the hips up tall here and we breathe,
connecting to the breath. We’re on day 21, we also are going a little
bit deeper, and you can use your breath to explore what that means for you. So if you’re
getting bored or you’re not sure you can fit in the duration of this video today, you’re
here now. So just trust, make the most of it. Breathe deep, lift your heart. Woo, just
got brighter in here and the sun is shining. See? Yoga works! Just kidding. And then we’ll slowly release to center and
once again inhale. Reach it up, press down through the sit bones, calming to a nice presence
here, full body awareness and then we’ll move to the other side. Find your breath, relax
your shoulders, keep your heart lifted and then dial the heart back to center. Awesome. Take a look at your hands, maybe
rub them together if you’re feeling chilly in your house or wherever you are, maybe take
a couple of wrist rotations. Then we’ll take the hands behind, lift the legs up and just
do the same thing with the feet, just rotating the ankles, wiggling the toes. If you want
to bring this into your core, you can do this by grabbing your ankles and doing it like
this. Wearing my crazy pants today! Actually thought “Okay, it’s day 21 and 21, your drinking
age in U.S. and these kind of like….” My brain is wild and I was always a very imaginative
child, so… deal with it! Just kidding. Okay. Then we’ll cross the ankles and with
this awareness of the feet and the hands, I’m going to dive forward onto all fours,
take the knees nice and wide, big toes kiss together here, and I’ll walk the palms out.
Send it back, extended child’s pose. Active arms though here, really melting the heart.
Forehead kisses the mat and I’m going to start to sway a little left to right. Woo, find
your breath. If you feel any pinch in the shoulders at
all, take responsibility for your happiness, your body. Find what feels good, so make adjustments
when you feel pinches or when you feel anything that doesn’t feel good. Empower yourself to
make those self adjustments. So it might be bringing the palms a little bit wider so the
shoulders have more space, maybe not lowering the head just yet. So just notice where you
are today and then when you have your groove going, commit to your breath. We’re going
to inhale, take the shoulder girdle to the left and come forward all the way, pressing
up out of the hands. Find this extension from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone
and then keep it moving, press into the tops of the feet, and we come around the right
side and back to center. Then reverse it, to the right we go, inhale come forward, find
your breath, and exhale around and back. Now we’re going to keep this going but I encourage
you to keep this articulation that we do in cat-cow, this sort of articulation through
the spine. See if you can find that here as we move in circles for what I like to call
a little drunk cat-cow. So what are you drunk on today? And don’t say “whiskey.” What are
you drunk on? Drunk on love, wonder, curiosity? What’s your practice going to indulge in today?
Length? Ease? Trust? Love? Just determination, sticking with it? So, you might close your
eyes now. We’re going to move in circles here, lingering in the places that feel like they
need a little extra love. You find a catch, you might rock through that catch, breathing
into the shoulders, the hips, the buttocks. If you find that it just feels best to be
in this extended child’s pose here, maybe just finding subtle body movement, then there
you are. So a little bit of play time here. Again ask yourself what are you going to imbibe
on? Imbibe? All right, let’s take two more breaths here, wherever you are, and then we’ll
make our way back to all fours, walking the knees underneath the hips, specifically, and
the wrists underneath the shoulders. Curl the toes under. We’re going to walk the finger
tips back just for a quick yoga for the feet moment. Deep breath in and long breath out.
Maybe taking a couple neck circles. I just noticed that I really need that personally.
And then I’m going to come off the toes and come back to all fours, taking a second to
check in with my core in hovering cat or this hovering tabletop position. So inhale in,
exhale press away from the earth, and we lift the knees. So just notice how this grows with practice.
When I first started this I was like “Ugh!” So now I can find an ease here that is quite
miraculous, actually, to tell you the truth. So just be in the moment, take one more breath
wherever you are, remember your neck is an extension of the spine, so gaze is straight
down. Shoulders draw back and then we release. Awesome. Curl the toes under once again. This
time walk the fingertips, the palms forward and we’ll send her up, downward-facing dog.
Keep the knees bent generously here today. We’ll straighten them out in just a bit. So
really breathing, stretching into the side body here, staying nice and aware in the shoulders.
Again, make those self-adjustments working to either draw the wrists in line with the
shoulders or maybe giving yourself a little bit of space, rotating the biceps towards
the front edge of your mat. So a little play time here, breathe deep, and we’ll keep this
generous bend in the knees and slowly walk forward, so keep the knees bent. We’ll come
up to a forward fold, nice generous bend in the knees, really stretching into the back
body, and relaxing the weight of the head over. Keep the knees bent. Bring the right fingertips
to the center line and inhale. Let’s open up through the left wing. So I’m going to
draw my shoulders away from my ears here. So create space between the earlobes and the
tops of the shoulders as you inhale, left arm up. Then nice and easy, straighten through
the left leg. Maybe you keep both knees bent here, that’s okay, or maybe you straighten.
And we’ll slowly soften both knees, come back to center, and take it to the other side,
keep both knees bent at first, we open up through the right wing, heart spiraling towards
the right side of your room. Shoulder blades sliding down towards the base of the spine.
Then maybe I keep my knees bent here or maybe I straighten my right leg, just go a little
deeper, maybe taking the gaze up or keeping it wherever feels most supportive in the neck.
So working at all different levels here, trying to make sure we’re all taking good care of
ourselves. Take a deep breath in and exhale, release. Awesome. Inhale. Lift to your flat-back position.
No need to rush. Keep it nice and slow here as we ease into our practice, pull the elbows
back, find extension through the spine. Crown of the head reaches towards the front, tailbone
reaches towards the back. Deep breath in. And on your exhale stay true to your breath,
slide it down. So I try to leave you a lot or a little, a little or a lot of wiggle room
in these videos to really stay true to your breath, so in our last leg of our 30 days
really pay attention to your breath. Here we go, slowly rolling up, tuck your chin into
your chest. Enjoy this move. Close your eyes. Visualize what’s going on in your body and
your spine. We’ll come into mountain pose, drawing the palms together at the heart once
again. Inhale in, press into your feet, and exhale, bow your head to your hands, breathe
into the back of your neck. Again, with every inhale, fill the body with air, make space,
fill it up, and then with every exhale, find places where you can maybe ground down, soften,
release. Whether it’s shifting the weight back onto
your heels, spreading awareness of the soles of your feet, maybe you connect to that inner
spiral, the tops of the thighs spiraling in and out towards the back edge of your mat.
Tucking the pelvis. So, little, subtle body exploration here. Don’t forget about your
breath. I’m going to be on you about that deep breath, because I really want you to
drop in to the Pranayama here in our last leg of our experience supporting our bodies
with this beautiful tool of the breath, this life force, something that we all share, that
we all have in common, no matter where we live. It’s so cool. This pulse. So just take
a couple of more moments here on your own to breathe and to connect. Awesome, then we’ll find a soft bend in the
knee joints, and with a lot of love we’ll inhale. Reach the fingertips all the way up.
Full body stretch here. Take your right hand and grab your left wrist and we are just going
to stretch on over towards the right, really breathing in to the left side body here. Toes
are pointing forward. Draw your right shoulder underneath, so you can lift your heart. So
we kind of come to this collapsed pose here because we’re trying to come into this shape,
but stick with the sensation over the shape so you might not even go as far. And then
we’ll switch. Reach up and take it to the opposite side. Again, this time left shoulder
draws underneath, we press into both feet, maybe smile. Inhale in and exhale. We’ll come
back to center, and take it on down forward fold. Great. Take your feet a little bit wider than
hip-width apart here, toes pointing forward. Then I’m going to walk my fingertips towards
the left. I can bend the knees generously or I can keep them straight, working on creating
space in the backs of the legs here. So again, working at all different levels. If your fingertips
don’t reach the floor, I’ll use gravity here to breathe into that right side body. Hang
here, also a little connect on the leg is fine. Just careful not to, this is a great
note in the whole practice is, we never need to be putting any extra pressure on our delicate
knee joints. So that goes for triangle and just a couple other balancing postures. Release through center, take it to the right,
working on all different levels here. Look, even if you had a chair here like I have this
bench here, great. I can really breathe into the left side body, press into both feet evenly.
One more breath and use your exhale to come back to center. Awesome. Inhale. Halfway lift.
Feet can stay nice and wide here. Let the sit bones spread here. Shine your heart forward.
Find that extension and then you might even drop the fingertips down to come up here.
Breathing deep, knees can be bent. So I’m trying to draw my ribcage in, my navel up,
and create one line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. Full body
strength here, pressing your feet. One more breath. Woo! And then exhale release. Awesome. Shake the head “yes” and “no.” And
then we’ll walk the feet back to hip width apart or flush together. Cool. Fingertips
come to the mat, I’m going to slide the right toes back, come to my low lunge. Right knee
comes down to the earth and I inhale. Reach the fingertips up high. Exhale, floating the
fingertips down to the waistline and just take a second here to check in with the legs
and find balance and stability. You can come on to the top of that back foot if it feels
good. If you’re craving more hips today you might find a couple of gentle pulses, just
make sure that this front knee’s not going beyond those toes. Stay nice and mindful.
Again, focus on the sensation over the shape and all will be well. All right, one more
time wherever you are we find integrity connect to your foundation and inhale. Reach the arms
up, deep breath in. And exhale. Release. Plant the palms, curl the back toes under. Step
the left toes back to plank. Find a little movement here, press away from the earth,
so if the shoulder blades and the hips are collapsed, we need to press away from the
earth, find that resistance, that yielding energy as we lift up. Then we can lower the
knees here or keep them lifted. I’m going to go knees, then bend the elbows, come to
my chest and then my chin. You can also slide all the way down to your belly or you can
practice Chaturanga to up dog right away, as we inhale, finding a gentle back bend here.
And exhale to downward facing dog. Beautiful. Step the right leg up all the way,
come to your low lunge, left knee comes down. And we explore a little bit here, finding
our footing and then when you’re ready, inhale, fingertips all the way up. Deep breath in
here and exhale, hands to the waist line. Take a second to just really connect, right?
Hugging the inner thighs to the midline, making sure I am maybe finding a little awareness
in the torso, not just spilling my guts literally out but coming into awareness here. I can
press into the top of that back foot. Pull the right hip crease back. And then let’s
inhale, reach the fingertips up. Take a deep breath in, and exhale, release. Great. I’m
going to once again curl the back toes under, slide it back to plank, and again find a little
Vinyasa here. So we can do knees, chest, and chin. We can do lower all the way down to
the belly, lift up Bhujangasana or Chaturanga to updog. On an exhale, take it to your downdog. Deep
breath in and long breath out. Bend the knees, hop it up towards the front edge of your mat
or go for a nice slow walk. Feet together this time as we inhale, lift up halfway. Exhale,
soften and release back down. Bend the knees generously, sit bones back towards, excuse
me down towards your mat and we reach the fingertips forward up and back. Engage torso,
Utkatasana here for one full breath cycle in and out. Press into the feet, inhale, rise
all the way up. Exhale, hands to your heart. Awesome job, my friends. Got excited. It’s
like I look someone in the eye by looking into the camera. Hey. Great job. Take a second
here to just smile and take a load off. Notice how you feel. Notice if you’re just kind of
waiting for the end of the video or like “I have so much stuff to do!” Just so you can
drop in, give yourself this time. You absolutely deserve it and it’s going to benefit whatever
else you have on your plate today. Right? It’s going to make it softer, smoother, more
light, I think. Let’s go diving in for a little more exploration,
finding that curiosity and wonder within our practice. Here we go. Inhale, reach it up.
Take up space. Exhale diving forward, soft knees. Inhale lift and lengthen. Exhale, fold.
Plant the palms. This time step or hop it back to plank. And we pedal it out. Slowly
lower down your version inhale to a gentle back bend, cobra or updog, and exhale, downward
facing dog. Beautiful, my friends. Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Great. Drop the left heel, slide the right
leg up, then we’re going to step the right foot all the way up and into our lunge. Once
again, low lunge. Inhale, reaching it up, and this time we’re going to kind of pulse.
So maybe you did this before on one side and then the other. Now we’re going to do it together,
really pressing in and out of crescent. So I’m using the top of my back foot for stability
here. I can do this with hands on the waist. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then when my
hips shift forward, this time I’m going to tilt my torso, plant my left palm next to
the arch of my right foot and inhale, open up through the right wing. As I open up through
my right arm, I’m going to squeeze my left knee in towards center. Breathe here. To take
it to the next level, I might curl the toes under and lift that leg. I can also take a
bind or something else here. Find your breath, wherever you are. Breathe into your lower
belly as you twist it out. Awesome. Release back to center. Plant the
palms and take a Vinyasa or a rest in child’s pose. So the point is, we’re coming together
for 30 days of yoga, so stick to your sensations, listen to your body. It is possible, I think,
for us all to be empowered and happy. Together we’ll meet in downward facing dog. Take your
time getting there, no rush. When you arrive, drop the right heel, slide the left leg up
and we’ll step it up and into our lunge. Take it low. Right knee comes to the earth, and
again we pulse here. In and out. Fingertips can reach up towards the sky or we can keep
them on the waistline. Notice as you move how the legs kind of want to give up on you,
so find the integrity of hugging into the mid line, maybe slowing it down a little bit.
And that’s really where the transformation occurred, I think, is just kind of slowing
it down and taking the full body spirit along for the ride. Cool. On your next sinking in, we’ll release
the right hand to the mat and you’ll find your twist on the other side. So, again, we
can keep that back knee on the ground as you open up through the left wing, hug in with
the left knee. And find your twist. Beautiful, beautiful. If you want to curl the back toes
under and lift that back leg, do so now. Strong legs, strong body, lots of integrity. And
really nice attention to detail here as you breathe, pulling the left hip crease back.
One more breath here, long beautiful neck, and then we release back down. Awesome. Take your Vinyasa, or your rest.
Plant the palms, slide the toes back, and we breathe. Together we’ll meet in downward
facing dog. Bend the knees generously and hop up towards the front edge of your mat
or go for a nice little walk. Together we’ll meet forward fold, feet together, give yourself
a little bit of space between the heels, just about a thumbprint’s worth of space. We’ll
bend the knees generously and one more time, inhale, drop the sit bones down low, reach
the fingertips forward, Utkatasana. Again, if you feel a pinch in the shoulders, give
yourself more space. Dial the pinkies down, biceps up towards the sky. Maybe sink down
a little lower if you want to deepen your practice. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Send
the sit bones back, you might lift the toes to check in with your weight distribution.
One more breath here and then press into the feet and reach it up tall. Exhale, hands to
your heart. Take a load off. Notice how you feel. Definitely feel like I just stirred
the pot in my body. And last time through. We bend the knees.
Inhale. Reach it up. Exhale, diving forward. Inhale, halfway lift and on an exhale, slide
it down. Fingertips come to the mat. I’m going to slide my left toes back, pivot on the back
foot this time, bend that front knee, and I’m going to open up into a Warrior II. So
I’m just going to play in Warrior II a little bit here tomorrow. We’re going to flow in
Warrior II, so I want us to kind of come here, especially for those who are new to the practice
and really reconnect to the foundations of Warrior II. So my front toes are pointing
forward, left toes are pointing towards the front left corner of the mat or the room.
And I want you to take just a couple of organic moments here to stretch, maybe pull in and
out of that front leg. Notice where the pelvis is, whether it’s sticking out or if we’re
able to connect through the legs and lengthen the tailbone down, tucking the pelvis. Maybe
you’re here and you’re working on your breath. Shoulders, energy radiating out through the
fingertips, charge your left inner thigh. Let’s take a couple more breaths here. Pulling
the right hip crease back, so the legs are strong, strong, strong. Keep the heart lifted,
then we’re going to press into the right foot, turn the right toes in, so it takes a little
bit of finagling with the right toes. Hands come to the waist line here, let’s give our
arms a break as we transition to the other side. So left toes out, right toes are turned towards
the front right corner of the room or the right corner of your mat and I begin to sink
in a little deep. So, front arch is possibly in line with the, excuse me, front heel is
possibly in line with the back arch. Or maybe not, maybe you’re a little bit wider. So check
it out. Full awareness. We’ll start at the feet, travel up, working on bending this front
knee, eventually getting this front knee parallel to the earth. Another day. Paying attention
to this hugging, this squeezing, but also this lengthening down through the tailbone.
To go a step further before tomorrow’s practice you can check out the foundations of yoga
on Warrior II. Otherwise, it’s not really necessary homework because we’re doing it
right now, checking in. And then we’re going to spend a couple of breaths here. So we’re
not holding, we’re working within the posture, going through our checklist. Once you feel
like you got it, you might take your focus off the video and take it way out beyond your
left fingertips. Nice strong Drishti coming into a deep audible breath, maybe an Ujjayi
breath. Relax your shoulders, and then we’ll press into that left foot to come back. Turn
the left toes in. Hands can come down as we shimmy the feet just a little bit in. So just
a little bit wider than the shoulders. Great. Two big toes turned together. I’m going to
inhale in, hands come to the waistline, and exhale forward fold. Nice wide legged forward
fold, standing wide legged forward fold. You might adjust your stance here, you might release
fingertips or palms to the mat. You might walk your palms in line with the arches of
your feet if you’re looking to deepen the practice. And even further, we’ll hug the
elbows in, square them off, and bring the crown of the head to the earth. I’m just giving
you something to look forward to, so if you can’t do that, don’t worry about it. You can
stay up on a block here or the fingertips. Breathe into the legs. Enjoy your practice.
We are almost done. Really nice, strong practice today. This is a good head stand prep for
those who are interested and there’s also a video on that, of course. Breathing deep.
Standing wide legged forward fold video’s one of my faves. So good. And so many therapeutic
benefits. To come out, I’m going to slowly unravel,
coming to my fingertips. And I’m actually going to soften through the knees and heel-toe
heel-toe my feet all the way underneath me. Great, then toes are going to turn out, I’m
going to slowly come into Malasana, or a variation, actually, of garland pose. So your heels might
be up here, no prob. You might find a little movement, more like a froggy position here.
If you can settle in, you might come to a blanket or block, or you can put blanket underneath
the heels and bring the palms together. Squeeze the legs in towards the arms, press the elbows
in towards the legs. Everyone, last time, wherever you are, bow your head to your hands,
to your heart, mind intelligence, bowing to the body intelligence, and the heart. Breathe
into the back of the neck and then we’ll slowly release, coming to seated. Bring the hands behind the thighs and slowly
connect to your core as you roll it down. At this point, if you wanted to add a little
boat practice, or Navasana, or maybe some yogi bicycles, this would be a good time to
add this to your practice today. But if you’re ready to roll it all the way back down to
a restorative place, join me. We’ll come to flat back and hug the knees in towards the
heart. So again, if you’re adding a little abs right now, do it. This is what this is
about, again inspiring you to maintain a home practice. So do your thing. Otherwise, we’ll
come here and give ourselves a nice big hug. Send the fingertips left to right, find a
gentle reclined twist, left to right, left to right. And then we’ll slowly slide the
legs out, take a deep breath in as you reach the arms up. Full body stretch and exhale,
arms resting gently at your sides. So we come into our final posture. If you’re doing abdominals,
you might start to wind it down here. And, if time allows, stay here, breathing,
letting the body rest completely and fully into the mat. Rock on, my friends. Beautiful
work. I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste.