Hey, guys. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with
Adriene. I’m Adriene. And it is Day 16, tomorrow will be Day 17. Hop into something comfy and
let’s get started. Hi. Today we’re going to start at the front
edge of the mat. Feet-hip width apart, nice and comfy. Toes pointing forward. Inhale,
reach the arms up and overhead. Exhale, draw your shoulder blades in together and down
your back. Tuck your pelvis. Dial your pinkies forward so that your shoulders can really
drop in the socket here, and we can create a little bit of space. Now, breathe nice, long , smooth, deep breaths.
Here you can close your eyes, and maybe rock a little front to back on your feet, just
kind of testing your balance, and noticing where you’re carrying your weight today. See
if you can spread awareness through all four corners of the feet now. And take one more
deep breath as you spread the finger tips wide. Then exhale, release the fingertips.
Come to mountain pose. Notice your breath. And then interlace the fingertips behind the
tail bone. Keep soft knees here as we draw the knuckles down and away, opening up through
the chest. You might find a little movement in the head
and in the neck here. Then inhale. Lift your heart, full breath in. And exhale, release
back to your mountain pose. Take a second to draw a couple of circles with the nose.
And perhaps we begin to deepen the breath here. Then we’ll bring the head back to center
stillness. And here we go. Inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. Full body stretch here.
As you exhale, melting all the way down, forward full. Take a couple of breaths here. Find a little
movement. Maybe grabbing the elbows, rocking a little side to side. You know what to do.
Then inhale. :ift up halfway, find that beautiful flat back position. And exhale, lower down.
Walk the feet in towards each other, so now arches are kissing together. And we’re going
to slide the right toes back into our lunge. Lower the right knee. And take a couple breaths
here to just breath, keeping it really soft and easy today. Lifting the back knee when you’re ready. Again,
keeping it soft and easy breathing. Then plant the palms. Slide the left toes back. Take
a deep breath in. Lower the knees. As you exhale, lower all the way to the belly. Inhale,
lift up to cobra. And exhale, release. Crawl the toes under. We’re going to send it up
and back to downward facing dog. But I’m going to keep it soft and easy today. So playing
with different flavors of our practice. So I might press up to playing. I can send it
up to down dog, or I might play with this beautiful peeling up of the tailbone coming
from my knees. Part of what I try to bring to my mat is just
this idea of like really listening to the body rather than trying to master shapes,
which I know we hear all the time. It’s just a good reminder especially as we get into
the routine, and the grind of everyday practice. Take one more deep breath in here. And exhale
out. Then we’ll step the right leg, right foot all the way up, lower that left knee.
And same thing here, find the soft and easy moment of stretch and breath here in our lunge. Then we might lift that back knee up here.
We’ll take a deep breath in. And exhale. Rock that back foot up to meet the front, forward
full. Inhale, halfway lift. Deep breath. Exhale, bow. Inhale, reach it all the way up, fingertips
kiss up and overhead. And exhale back down to the heart. Driving in for more soft knees,
inhale, reach it out, open your heart. Exhale, enjoy this move as we flow it down. Inhale,
find length, halfway lift, and exhale. Soften and release. Plant the palms. This time, we’re going to
step it back to plank, full on plank, and we’re going to take three breaths here. After
your third breath, send it up and back, downward facing dog. Drop the left heel. Inhale, slide
the right leg high. On an exhale, step to your right for that. Really pivot on the back
foot and rise up into Vajrasana I, Warrior I. Take a deep breath in here. Smile. And
exhale, float it all down. Come back to your low lounge. Awesome. Plant the left palms in line with the arch
of the right foot and… Left palm, not palms. And inhale. Reach the right finger tips up
high. We can always lower this back knee here. Again, finding different flavours, keeping
it soft and easy. And then we exhale back down. Plant the palms and we go through a
vinyasa. So this can be a new flavor today perhaps. Staying open, staying present and
listening to the body. Crawl the toes under or come from all fours. Together we’ll meet,
downward facing dog. This time, dropping the right heel, we inhale.
Lift the left leg high. Exhale, stepping that left leg all the way up and into your lunge.
Pivot in the back foot. And inhale, rise up, Vajrasana 1. Smile, reach, keep breath in.
And exhale, we release. Right palm comes in line with the arch of the left foot, and we
inhale. Keep that up work of energy. So careful not to dump all your weight to the earth.
But stay in control as you open up and do your twist. Left finger tips reach up towards
the sky. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. We can always lower that back knee.
Find the full breath in here, we got it. And then exhale, we release. Awesome. Rock that back foot up to meet the front,
forward full. This time, we’re going to grab the big toes with the index finger, middle
finger and thumb. Bend the elbows, left to right, as you draw your knees and your nose
together. You can bend the knees as generously as you like. Deep breath in here and long
breath out. Then from here, keep your fingers where they
are, and inhale. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and inhale. Find that fallback
position. Rather, extend through the crown of the head. And exhale, bending the elbows
left to right, nose to knees. Again, inhale. Press into your heels, straighten the arms,
shoulders draw back, extension to the crown. And exhale, fold. We find this little pulsing,
kind of moving with the breath here, pulsing sensation as we continue. And we’ll do it
one more. And on an exhale, releasing the hand, planting the palms and stepping it back
to plank. Top of a push up here, just for three breaths.
You got it. Press away from here. If you’re tired today, you can lower the knees. And
after three breaths, we’ll send it back to downward facing dog. Drop the left heel and
inhale. Lift the right leg high. Bend the right knee. Bring it up and over to kiss the
right elbow. Deep breath in. Then send it up three- legged dog, then all the way through
to kiss the left elbow. Look forward. And then send it up, three-legged dog. And then
last time, through the center, carving a sweet line all the way up as we squeeze the right
knee up towards the heart. And then step it up in to our lunge. Pivot on the back foot. Again, we rise up, Warrior I. Full breath
here at the top, reaching up through the finger tips. And then exhale, floating everything
down. Coming into our twist. Left palm in line with the arch of the right foot, we inhale.
Open up through the right arm. Breathing deep. Then exhale, palms to the mat. Slide the right
toes back. And maybe you take a Vinyasa or maybe you just send it straight to downward
facing dog. Dropping the right heel, whole inhale, lift
the left leg up high. Bend the left knee. Bring it up and over to kiss the left elbow.
Strong core here as you look forward. Inhale, three-legged dog. And exhale, left knee to
right elbow. Mwah! And three-legged dog. And finally, through center, carving that line
all the way up and through. We squeeze the left knee up towards our heart. And then step
it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot. Rise up strong. Your Vajrasana I. Inhale.
Radiate energy through the finger tips. And exhale, we release. Right hand comes in line with the arch of
the left foot, and we inhale. Open up in towards and squeeze that left knee in towards the
midline. Full breath in here. And out. Then we release back to center. Awesome. Rock that
back foot up to meet the front, forward full. So this time, I’m going to walk my palms underneath
my feet, my toes are going to line up with the wrist crease here. And I’m going to allow
myself to just kind of relax the weight of the head over so I’m not creating unnecessary
tension to the neck and shoulders. Then I’m actually going to wiggle my toes
here and find my breath. Massaging the wrist creases here. One more breath. So calming,
so cooling. Stay in control of your breath. And then we’ll gently release. Awesome. Inhale,
halfway lift, long beautiful neck. Exhale, soften and bow. Take it all the way up, deep
breath in. Inhale, nice and slow. And exhale back down to your heart. Just notice how you
feel. Close your eyes for a second. Notice any frustrations, any resistance, or any openness,
any joy, any breakthroughs. Just notice it all. Just take a second here to observe. Then I’ll find soft knees again. And inhale.
On a full breath, reach the arms up and overhead. Exhale, diving forward. Inhale, halfway lift,
flat back position. And exhale, forward full. Plant the palms. Step it back to plank. Walk
the two big toes together. Bring your right palm to the center line. Then we’re going
to turn on to the edge of the right foot. Lift the hips up. As we come into a side plank,
reaching left finger tips up and over head, connect to your core. Keep it soft and easy
in the face, shoulders relaxing down away from the ears. Full body’s engage here. Deep breath in. And
then exhale back to center. And take it to the other side. Lifting up through the hips,
pressing into the feet, right finger tips reach up towards the sky. And make sure you
know what’s going on in your neck and shoulders. Take a deep breath in. Awesome, my friends.
And then exhale with control. With grace, release down. Bring the knees together, and
send the sit bones back. We take a rest here in child’s pose. Reach your finger tips all
the way towards the back edge of your mat. Relax your shoulders. And let go. Reconnect
with your breath. Find that Ujjayi breath, that soft restriction in the back of the throat
perhaps. That ocean breath. Awesome work today, everyone. You can stay
here in Balasana for a little bit longer, working on Pranayama, that ocean sound. Or
you can begin to unravel and make your way to Shavasana. Great work today, my friends.
Lots of love. Namaste.