Alright guys, exciting day! Starting the
Summer Sizzle 8-week program. We just had registration open for two weeks,
so if you’re watching this now, sorry, it’s too late. Better luck next time. But you can always follow along and hit some
of these workouts with us. I got myself, I got Jake, I got Brennan Fjord
all the way from Brazil, and we got Brody. I know he looks super Brazilian, but. So today, upper body day, and then we got
some conditioning afterwards. All these workouts are designed really to
get the most bang for your buck, so we’re coming in, today’s working tempo, and then
the conditioning stuff. Jake programmed the conditioning part, and
I’m gonna let you talk about that a little bit. Today’s gonna bit a HIIT workout. Today’s just gonna be an upper body lift,
and it’s more of a full upper body lift, so we’re gonna do chest, back, shoulders. Like you said, get the most bang for your
buck. The way that the training split is, the focus
is heavy on the conditioning stuff, and so we would be forever in the gym if we did our
traditional training split. So we’ve condensed stuff together, more supersets,
more getting your total upper body, and then we’re gonna do a HIIT circuit at the end. So the HIIT is just gonna be 20 yard sled
push, 60 yard shuttle and then 10 burpees. We’re gonna do 10 rounds of that. We’re gonna end up looking like this guy at
the end of the 8 weeks. Let’s get sizzled. Alright guys, the first superset we got today
is going to be a close grip bench, and today is gonna be a 3010 tempo, so what that means
is we’re going to control it for 3 seconds on the eccentric, no pause at the chest, one
second up, and then no pause at the next rep. So really controlling the eccentric today,
so it’s gonna be a lot of time under tension, and we’re gonna be supersetting that bench
press movement with a band pull apart, so just standing with a band and we’re gonna
pull it apart. So we’re gonna do, I think we have programmed
four sets there, then we’ll move onto the next thing. Alright guys, we just finished up the close
grip bench and the band pull aparts. So now we’re gonna be moving onto a dumbbell
row supersetted with a dumbbell military seated press. So we’re still gonna maintain the 3010 tempo
on both the lifts, and we’re gonna go 12, 10, 8 on both lifts. So we’ll go row, military press, rest for
90 seconds, and go through that 3 times. Alright guys, if you hear in the background,
that’s Steve explaining the same thing for
his YouTube channel. Oh, now he’s humping there. Don’t look. Alright, we just finished up the military
press with the dumbbell row, now we’re gonna do a giant set, so we’ve got 4 movements. We got incline machine press, the hammer strength,
then we’re gonna do a lat pulldown and a lateral raise, just standing dumbbell lateral raise,
we’re gonna finish doing triangle push ups to failure, just to round out that giant set. And then we’ll rest for 90 seconds. Giant set is just gonna be same as the superset. We’re just gonna go back to back to back,
4 different movements. So if you can’t do that in your gym, you can
just split it up and create two supersets, or just get through however is possible. A lot of our app members say “I can’t do a giant set,” it’s not a huge deal. The reason we’re doing a giant set, it’s the
Summer Sizzle, so we’re just trying to keep our heart rate up, and get the work done in
the gym as quick as possible because we do have a lot of conditioning at the end, and
so we’re trying to minimize our time in the gym. So we’re gonna go 12, 10, 8 on each thing.
We’re gonna do 3 rounds. Our conditioning today was 10 rounds. We did a 20 yard sled push, and a 60 yard
shuttle, so just 5 back, 10 back, 15 back, and then we finished the round with 10 burpees. And we rested 1 minute in between each set. So the goal was to go solid effort, I definitely
didn’t go all out on all of them, but go pretty hard on these, make it as hard as possible,
and then you have a nice minute to recover. If you went all out on every one of them you
wouldn’t be able to recover in a minute. So anyway, that’s what we got. Next. Alright guys, that sucked. It’s a good thing it sucked, because you guys
are paying to show up. Half of this program is just about accountability. How do you do that? You show up every single day. That’s all you gotta do. You show up, even if you can’t do everything
100%, if you are here showing up you will see results. And each day you will get better and better. Push yourself to the maximum, try to get into
that mindset. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t hit every single
one of my burpees. I probably averaged 7.8, I’m not gonna lie. So I got at least 10 right now, right? This is why you have friends. To keep you accountable. Friends named Thanos, because you’re always
afraid if he snaps his finger, you’re dead. If you liked this video, make sure you like
and subscribe. Thank you guys. We’ll catch you next time for
Sizzle workout part 2. It’s legs.