Whatsupp guys my name is David and this is the beggining of my war diary. In these videos I will basically write my workouts and my diet in addition to some other things that come to mind. I will do this with the aim of creating a habit of discipline. My diet will consist of only clean foods and I will make 3 daily meals. I will train different things every day, including gymnastics, calisthenics, weightlifting, swimming, stretching, skills training and basketball. I will try to upload a daily video talking about everything I did to achieve my goal, this goal is to achieve a body with good muscle mass, low fat and a great physical condition. Currently I weigh 59 Kilos, my height is 172 centimeters and I have a body fat percentage of approximately 15%. I want to be like a fucking Greek God and I will work hard for it. See you tomorrow on day 1, I will try to fulfill the workouts that I propose and sleep 7 or 8 hours a day. See you tomorrow homies.