this dancer is making a disturbing new allegation against Jeffrey Epstein he made it known that he was interested in dancers and models he let his team know that and then they did the work to figure out where to find those women Marlow fisken says she was 21 when she was approached by a total stranger with an intriguing offer she said you know I have a very wealthy friend who’s looking for a personal trainer let me connect you with him who was this person who asked you to work for him was this person a recruiter she was somebody that was I think functioning as a recruiter and bringing people to Jeffrey so they sent me to his house Marlo says she was awed by Epstein’s palatial mansion in Manhattan I’ve never seen a residence that looked like that before she was hired as his personal trainer at $100 an hour not just for Epstein but for two young women he called my girls I don’t know if they were under 18 maybe they were but they were both foreign and coming in as like high-fashion models very very slim Epstein apparently became obsessed with dancers and told his posse of recruiters to trawl dance studios in New York looking for fresh victims he likes them young and vulnerable and Flender Marlo says Epstein sent her to an accountants office here at the swanky Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue where she was handed over her $100 an hour fee for personal training services in cash now a dance instructor Marlo says her job with Epstein came to an end when the tycoon demanded more than just a vigorous workout in his gym I was guiding him into a position for a hamstring stretch and he specifies where and I said well I’m not willing to do that [Music] you [Music]