hello and welcome to the views club today I'm gonna present you with an amazing detox drink it is a cucumber hibiscus detox drink and if you guys have been drinking the cucumber drink that I showed you how to make you're probably already feeling a lot thinner and a lot lighter the reason I know is because I'm able to fit in some jeans that I haven't been able to fit in in three years just like that guy's no joke one of the great things about this recipe that I'm giving you guys is that you already know the great benefits of just having cucumber detox water now when you add the hibiscus you're gonna see that your weight loss your blood sugars go a little bit lower it's just a bundle of a PHA of wonderful things that happen to your body so long as you're eating appropriately for your day so if you're interested on how to make this recipe please keep watching so we're gonna do the same thing we did for our cucumber detox treat I'm gonna blend this for about three minutes once you blend it you're gonna have to strain it and that's gonna be optional for me I like to strain it cuz I'm eating enough veggies to keep my fibers pretty up and I don't wanna over fibre myself I know a lot of you went out to buy one of these ninja blenders while they were on sale for like forty nine dollars and what I'm gonna say to you don't forget to use it wake up early in the morning after you have your coffee and make your detox drinks for your day and you're gonna see how you're not eating a lot of the things that you normally eat it's definitely helping me out how'd you handle your your intake while you were out of town club for you being a nutty girl oh yeah one of the nights I had deep deep dish one of the days cuz I mean you should call though right why not I'll just go with it but I only had how is it I've never had a deep table delicious yeah it was only one and a half slices mm-hmm my dates the whole thing what what a champ no like he's a yeah he's a boy good for you a friend before anyone start saying anything and you say gelled if you don't pray you know no new new new boy bushes near the dam you got that when you get friends on that's like the most horrible thing to happen to a man you think I curved him their friends Dylan yep when you think friendzone I already know that it's curved though I'll take a look the reason why he was curved I'm not a judgmental person I want four people doing their thing but if you over consume alcohol there's a problem yeah you actually have bad age you should revert it clear on that because alcohol is not an upper you don't I mean so it brings out people's true nature uh-huh just like money does so alcohol so have the same effect as money when you drink alcohol you're the same person that you are when you're drinking but it highlights your true nature with money when you get sudden money you're still that same person but if you were a jerk before you're gonna be a bigger jerk but you guys are gonna be even nicer more generous with your with your money you know and yeah I guess I kind of don't know cuz like you and I are so giggly when we drink we are you know it's just a big party like there is no drama there's no water yeah that's what we get along cuz we're all pretty jolly when we drink but we all have a limited boundaries right yeah we generally stop we know what our limit is because like if you love yourself enough you should know what your limit is yeah do you know what I mean that way no it has to remind your way well it's like it's not like when you're trying to prove something cuz when you're hearing you're like chug chug I can drink more than you and you gotta do that thing and then like now for me it's like I'll have one cocktail like a good one and you'll be happy yeah so that's kind of a turn-off to me like when I could smell alcohol to someone's pores that's an immediate sign for me that I have to go yeah yeah I can do that I mind being friends with with him and other people you know I'm just such a nice lady alright friend so that's how I work for Klaus you have some deep dish but I'm getting Chicago you know what my sis came back and said that the people from Chicago are on so bless your guys's heart for being kind to my sister I love that what we're gonna be adding is the Hawaiian spirulina that I mentioned to you guys for our views Club Blues detox drink and we're gonna go ahead and add it and we're gonna mix it into our cucumber water I love spirulina so good me too before we say grace yourself has wheatgrass or spirulina you like then yeah wait well the wheatgrass I have to do in capsules just like my chlorella okay because what y'all understand with chlorella is that you can't your body can't break down the cell walls of spirulina or chlorella so that's why getting a powder or pill forms and it's kind of it's like kale people want to consume like kale like crazy you have to massage that kale for about 30 minutes before you eat it or it's gonna come straight through your system like there's no way your body can break that down so yep and before I see people are like I just made a quick salad be like you didn't watch it I'm like one of the the comments like you didn't do this that's kind of how I feel about that taste like a treat you could tell them somebody doesn't massage the kale it tastes like a piece of branch yeah my teeth were not built for that that kind of munching all right so what you're gonna find with what you're gonna find with the hibiscus is that it's very very tart okay so the cucumber in here is more of a tart drink but it definitely changes it up if you're just having the cucumber water which I can have that for like the rest of my life every day like it is and I'd be okay but I like to switch it up just so that I can stay motivated during this detox I I'm telling you guys I didn't even realize that I was on this health journey and slowly you guys got me here and I'm thankful to you guys for it because I don't plan on going back to just everyday eat whatever I want I definitely will like when I feel it like if it's three days and I'm eating healthy and one day I feel like I want something that I shouldn't be having I'm gonna taste it I'm gonna eat it like I'm not how do you I don't just want to be like do it this way because this is the only way you can consume it I'm trying to find a balance with so much delicious food that we have in the world like how am I gonna say no chicken wings and then we see chicken ways cuz I love chicken wings yeah great it's gonna be great I'm gonna keep this one to the side because I'm gonna be making my sister's thank you in just a moment actually let me let me wind it up girl a whole pitcher okay oopsie okay the cucumber really brought it together you're teasing me I am teasing you your sister I miss being in here with you do you I missed you too yeah hey I think the views club is able to see that just on my own I'm usually pretty mellow like in my own thoughts getting things done and I'm like Paul you know but with cloud I get to bring that dynamic of the of my 105 people think because I'm candid camera that I'm an introvert and I'm not I'm behind the camera because that's that's what I want to do do you know what I mean yeah um and you're in for the camera you're you're an introvert and then yeah hey there's not a group full of people yeah you know what I get a lot of people I'm gonna be the biggest I want to see you and I'm like okay but then in a month I'm gonna get really shy and I'm gonna say I can't because I'm so introverted and it takes me time to process specially right now that I'm going through a detox yeah like it's very complicated for me to commit to a lot of things because when you detox guys I don't know if you guys feel it on your end but past trauma start to arise and those are the things that we have to handle and I'm currently going through a really a really emotional one but I'm getting through it like I'm pretty strong I know I'm gonna push through and I just need to let it go and if I weren't so I think for you guys I that's a lot of things that they don't talk about when you're trying to lose weight or get healthy is that a lot of that weights not gonna come off if you have past traumas you got to embrace them acknowledge them and move it along just like I do or I'm trying to do all right friends that's how I'm making the cucumber hibiscus detox drinks for this week if you guys end up making this please let me know how it worked out for you I want to thank you guys so much for joining me and I'll see you guys on the next one bye