We’re very fortunate to have a musician’s wellness program in the College of Music. And CU is one of the first schools of music in the nation to have a program like this, and others across the country are now developing. My sophomore year I took the introductory course of Alexander Technique and currently I’m in the advanced class. Both classes have completely changed my life. Of course just playing the flute but just when I’m walking around campus I’m thinking about all these concepts we’ve learned in class about how to hold yourself and freeing your neck and all these really crucial concepts to musicians and to people in general. Without the Alexander Technique, due to my non-musical injuries I don’t think I would be here right now – it was critical to my recovery. The Musicians Wellness Program has been such an excellent way in learning how to deal with playing 8 hours a day and playing in different settings, and not all aspects of practice have to be on the instrument. That’s another benefit of being part of the Musician’s Wellness Program is gaining that level of awareness of how to build a healthy routine and approach to playing many hours a day.