(music) So, hi my name is Garabed Khachikian. I am a third year student here and I work at the Oasis Wellness Center as a student
wellness assistant. Nap Pods are technology that we
actually feature at the Oasis. We have six of them inside the facility and what
they are is they’re essentially sleep chambers they can go inside and you can
fill out rest there and you can take a naps there It’s help students rejuvenate get
more energy and just get right back on top of their feet so they can go and
study more and go to class. My name is Denisa Canas. I am a senior here at
California State University Northridge. I walked into the Oasis room and I noticed
that there was a room full of those devices so I went to the front desk and
asked about it. They told me about the Nap Pods I decided to give it
a try. (music) Students are eligible to use this it’s completely free (music) There’re three different ways they can make an
appointment for the nap pod One is you can come and talk to us in person at the
front desk. Number two is you can call us and you can tell us your ID number to
tell us your name and we’ll sign you up for a Nap Pods and number three is you
can download our app called mind body allow you to go through and reserve a Nap Pods through your phone through an iPad. It’s very easy it’s very on the go
and you can do wherever you are. Students don’t need to bring anything with them when
they come to the Oasis. all they need to know is your student ID number. So what you do is you type in your nine digit student ID and then you scan your hand
and you gain access to the entire facility for the entire duration of the
day. In the nap pods you can make reservations for up to 45 minutes. So, in the nap pods you’re essentially just there to sleep so there’s not much that
you are allowed to do other than sleep just as long as you’re doing something
that’s not disruptive and something that’s quiet you’ll be fine. You can not take any big bags inside the Nap Pods room with you and any food items. So big bags are we ask you to keep them inside the lockers which are near the front
desk. So there are some obvious benefits for the Nap Pods. They were set up
because students complained and told us and the school that they had sleep
deprivation. So sleep deprivation is a big issue for students. So we have Nap Pods, so the students can come in their sleep and rejuvenate themselves and just
not feel tired throughout the day the amount of students that come in using the Nap Pods. It honestly varies depending on the day and of course our facility is
there for people who are exhausted. I usually visit probably around finals
week just so I can revive my body After stressful exam. I like that they play
music in the beginning and then with time it kind of just fades away and I
also like the shape of it it really comfortable. I do talk about nap pods
that’s I think that’s one of the best features of the Oasis room I’d recommend, at least you try it out.