What I’ve done is I’ve created a plan, people like Brooke Burke, Steve Harvey are following this, Where I call it cruise control fasting. Where it’s a spin on intermittent fasting, so you never feel hungry during your fasting window, during the 16 hours. Cuz what we do is we cheat the fast, Rachael, with healthy fats. Like avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, heavy cream. In the mornings, I call them the bumper zones, before you have your first meal, or late at night, even chocolate mousse pudding made with all heavy fats. So we cheat the fast, so you get to not be deprived, and you’re never hungry. So I have three ways to do the plan, where if you’re an early riser, a midday person, most people have their lunch around 12 and then dinner maybe around five or six. And those are your two windows, and you think, that’s not a lot of food, but I’m gonna show you the macros, and I’m gonna show you a little something on insulin here, because insulin is really what drives weight. And if you wanna see this. cuz we’ve all been told it’s calories, calories, calories. But the truth is, this is glucose, guys, which is blood sugar.
This is glucose. And this is the key to weight loss in my opinion, and what a lot of the science says, it’s all insulin, not so much calories, but insulin. So when insulin is too high, guess what happens. You get too much energy, and then all this glucose, sugar, goes into the cells of your body and makes the worst kind of weight gain at all, which is belly fat. How many people have belly fat, right? No, and it’s actually quite dangerous. Yes, and it’s connected…
Belly fat is what is… Well Dr. Oz talks about it, it’s connected to heart disease, cancer, type two diabetes, it’s the worst kind. So this is where most of us are in America and it’s just carbs and proteins that usually do this. You wanna know about some vegetable fats, but the good oils, like avocado oil or olive oil. We’ll talk about that in a second. So that’s too much insulin, this is where the weight gain happens, you guys get that, right? So now, balanced insulin is better. So now, insulin is a little less. This is if where you eat maybe three meals and you really cut it off at say, six or seven. You have your breakfast, and you do what most people do. So you have some insulin coming over here, which is fine, and that’s not bad, and this is where most people plateau. They have like 10 or 20 pounds, they’re not like, severely overweight, but they’re feeling ah, whatever. But here’s the trick. And this is how you can lose, and we say this in the book, up to 28 pounds in 28 days. Now the trick is, though, during that 16 hours, to not have insulin go up at all. And if insulin doesn’t go up and it stays away from your body, if insulin is not in your body, guess what doesn’t come? Because the key pulls in the glucose. So if you don’t have insulin here, guess what happens? You use now energy from the healthy fats, stored belly fat as well, and now with no insulin, guess what happens to belly fat? You lose belly fat, you can lose up to a pound a day, 28 pounds in 28 days by doing that. Doesn’t that sound good?
(applause) Amazing.
So, I’ll show you some foods that I like. This, I did not have this today, but it looks good, right? So, my trick, though, is the healthy fats. So I love heavy cream, there’s butter, where’s my butter?
So this is what you put in your coffee.
Yeah, I’ll do heavy cream. A lot of people actually put butter in their coffee as well. Yeah, but not half and half, though. Half and half has sugar. Has to be heavy cream. If you go to a coffee shop, ask for it. It’s usually behind the counter, cuz they’ll put half and half and milk. Right, because they just put half and half and milk out.
Yeah, cuz it’s sweeter. But the trick is using healthy sugars. So these are the kind of fats I like. Coconut oil, that’s what you use to cheat the fast. This is what you can make the puddings with, I have this chocolate mousse pudding that you can do with the healthy fats and sugar-free type of stuff. Now, obviously that’s during your fasting window. Now, avocado oil is fine, but avocados are healthier during your eight-hour window, and you wanna do that during your window, because they do have carbs and proteins. So do nuts, so you avoid these during your fasting window, it’s more these. Oh, I’ve been not fasting and eating all of these nuts every time it went to commercial for the whole show. (laughs)
Well, but you’re in your eating window, right? In theory, right?
Right. Now, cheese is great, cheese you can actually have, it depends on the kinda cheese, you can have during your fasting window. Olives have carbs and proteins. But it’s more the straight oils, these are fine. Avocado oil you could actually do, or olive oil. What about olive oil?
=Olive oil, oh I love that. Because I use probably olive oil, yes. But it’s hard to use it in coffee, and it’s hard at night. Oh, no, I don’t want olive oil in coffee, no. (audience laughs) So when I eat, though, during the eight-hour window, guys, this is what we eat. We’ll eat- So during your eight-hour window, is this an example? Can you have bread, and-
Yes, yes, so here’s the ratios, the macros, guys, jot these down. 50% healthy fat, so we’re at 100% fat when we fast, right, guys? 50% of the fats now can come from these other fats like the nuts, the avocados, during your eating window, that’s okay. Olives are great too, olive oil is of course great, but the great thing is then you have 30% healthy carbs. Now that can even be a glass of wine at night, it can be bread, pasta… You know, I love spiralizing, Brooks loves spiralized noodles or fried rice made from cauliflower, cauliflower pizza-
Riced cauliflower. Yeah, so you can do all this, but any carbs will do, like traditional pasta and bread. So you can do that, but that’s only 30% of our diet during our eating window, and then the protein for the most part is lower than most, a lot of people do high protein, but we stick to 20%. Cuz protein, traditionally, if you eat too much of it, can be hard on your kidneys. Especially if we’re older, and I have a lot of clients who are going through peri-menopause, a lot of 40+ women, and it’s a lot of baby boomers, so the healthy fats, they’re actually anti-inflammatory, and they keep the skin good.
(audience cheers)