hello everybody and welcome to my bo2 h critical damage stamina Nightblade build this is well a pretty beasty build it has got absolutely incredible sustain a whopping 128 percent times critical damage bonus 70% crit rate and over 3.5 K health recovery this is an absolutely incredible build you can literally perma cloak on a stamina night blade hit people like a truck and easily get the heck out of there if things are not looking in your favor this is probably the strongest stamina night play build that I have ever played in my time playing this game so I really hope you guys like this build this is my favorite way to play the stamina Nightblade so I really hope that you guys enjoy trying it out as well if you guys like the build hit that like button if you guys are new here hit that subscribe button I create regular ESO content so look forward to more not only builds from me but builds from the community and the top 5 battles and my own commentaries so without further ado let's take a look at that bill guys so to begin we are a Khajiit on this night blade I think for a critical damage build Khajiit is the best race bet for sure now because this is also a speed based build and a regen base build would elf is not a bad option to what elf gets the bonus movement speed on rule dodge and they get the penetration so damage wise they're gonna be a little bit behind Khajiit but they'll be a little bit faster work is a is not a bad choice and Redguard are not bad choices but both of them paled to the Khajiit or wood elf picks but Khajiit of course getting that 10% critical damage and critical healing bonus we have got 70% weapon crit when we fully buff on this build yeah it is definitely the best race choice for this build now taking a look at the stat page guys so the first thing we've got is the 12 k max Meg we've got 20-point 5k health just kind of floating around there different values when we switch between bars and then our stamina is sitting at twenty-eight point five K on this build so we don't have crazy amounts of max that but we've got just enough to work with the max health I know is definitely on the low side and if you guys don't want to run this low HP you can switch out the food that we're to give you a little bit more hitpoints actually quite a bit more you'll sitting around 23 24 K HP with a food switch but you'll lose a bit of region so it's up to the user how you want to do this but I actually think this is pretty decent for the Mac stats they aren't super high but they're exactly what we need to make this build function now taking a look at the regen side of things this is where the build starts to get out of whack well we've got 1500 1600 magichead recovery on the back bar and then on our back bar our stamina recovery is at 20 point 1 ko and then we've got 1300 health recovery on both sides now the health recovery on this build is of course increased by the troll king set so we get around 3500 health recovery fully buffed on this build a lot of health recovery going into this spec and that's gonna be a big reason why we can get away with just running rally as our heal if we didn't have all this health recovery we would probably need more healing power to supplement that but yeah all the health recovery plus troll King makes a huge difference on this build now taking a look at the weapon damage and the weapon crit we buff up our weapon damage to 3066 on 64.5% crit now when we go into stealth we go up to around 3300 and finally we have the infused back bow so we're sitting at just shy of 4 K weapon damage on this build and when we buff up with our with our attacks as well we get the minor critical damage bonus and we're gonna be sitting at 70% crit on this build fully buffed so I know the max dam and the weapon damage does not seem too crazy strong at first glance but keep in mind we are playing a critical damage build and we get huge damage when we land those crits that's where a lot of this builds out going damage is gonna come from so yeah because we're running things like the shadow precise weapon we don't have the highest weapon damage value now something I do want to note is that really high crit rate is really nice for our healing power as well we will ensure a majority of crits on our rally burst heal as well as our heal over time from the rally and our siphoning strikes etc now taking a look at the resist on this build guys we are not super bulky 19 K spell resist 18.8 KN 2660 crit resist yeah it's just appropriate for medium armor kite bill I think we're not crazy bulky at all but we really don't need to be we just need to be tough enough that we can take a few hits get back into rolling healing ourselves purging off those effects stealth away as well and we're good to go so we don't need to have a huge amount of bulk on this build this is more than fine I think now taking a look at the Mundus on this back we have got the shadow mundus for a 13% critical damage bonus this is massive because we have a 70% crit rate this is an 8 or 9% outgoing damage bonus such a huge deal for this build this does not affect our critical healing I wish that it did I did think that in the past but unfortunately it does not now we are also a werewolf on this build and we're actually a werewolf for good reason it gives us the extra sustain we need on our back bar you see when we swap bars we have much higher sustain on the bow bar when you're not actively bursting something you're gonna be spending a majority of your time on the bow bar setting your combos healing yourself etc so I think that having having the better sustain on the bow bar is really worthwhile for this build now let's take a look at the food we're running on this spec so the food that I've chosen for the crit blade is the same as the last patch we've gone with the health recovery the Magica and the stamina recovery for two hours this is probably your all-around best bet to go with for food on this build if you want to have more hit points or if you want to play this build in the no CP campaign I would highly recommend giving the ORS orgas smoked bear haunch a shot you only lose out on a little bit of regen around 50 regen across the board but you gain a lot of additional hit points and on top of it if you go to the ores or gas smoke bear hunt route you won't be running five one one you'll want to run seven medium instead and this just kind of opens up the build for no CP as well as people who don't have their undaunted passives this is a great way to run the sustain you need now at the end of the day I honestly think that the purple food is probably better because the regen is so valuable on this build but it's really up to the user I think the max HP can definitely help especially if you're learning to defend yourself on a knight blade like this and then the potion we use on this build is of course the essence of health restore health stamina & magicka giving us the 20 percent recovery bonus to all of our stats as well very important for a high regen build like this we just want to have as much incoming stat recovery as we possibly can and this is going to just well help us do that not to mention the flat resource it gives a huge part of our sustain as well so let's take a look at the armor sets were running on this build so the first set that we have is of course the troll King set no changes actually to the gear from the previous setup of this build troll King of course such a fantastic set for the stamina Knight blade we get a bonus in our passives to health recovery we have the major recovery bonus as well for health yeah troll King is just gonna be a fantastic source of healing when our health begins to drop it pretty much supplements us not running vigor and that's why we've got it here now taking a look at the next set we have got the Griffins Jack this is the best set in the game for a speed crit build Griffins is just such a good all-around set we get weapon crit weapon crit weapon damage we hit the minor force and minor expedition off the five piece when we deal damage no cooldown on this so as long as we're actively in combat we will keep these buffs up this is really really good for this style of build it just gives us everything we need it allows us not to have to run race against time as well so we can slot the fighters guild skill open up as potion slot for more sustain as well get a little bit more weapon damage really nice stuff all around for this style of build I would highly recommend and on top of it this set is really easy to get you can buy it from vendors or go farm it in Somerset Overland yourself so there you go the next set that we've got is the archers mindset and this is well an absolutely incredible set this is be is stealth stamina gank set you get so much damage out of the five piece on here we get the max dam weapon create weapon critty ette again fantastic for our crit build and our critical damage is increased by 5% and an additional 10% when we attack from sneak or invisibility absolutely massive for this build guys so much damage this is literally 15% damage when we crit there is no other set in the game that's gonna give us that increase going out going burst on our front bar here at all times so yeah definitely be is the archers mind can be a little bit trickier to get your hands on it's probably better to get the archers mind into gear here the Griffins jewelry is very cheap and you have to the greatsword unfortunately this is the only expensive piece of this build now the last set that we have is actually the sensei bow on the back bar now I know that you guys are gonna say why don't you run the master bow here there's two big reasons why we don't run the master bow the first big reason is that this is a kind of solo PvP build you're gonna do a lot of target switching and more often than not when you're landing the burst on this build you don't have the poison injection on the target anyway you only poison inject when the targets bulkier and you need to have that extra pepper on them so for the most part we're not whipping out a lot of poison injections so we won't get a huge amount of use on the master bow in that kind of way and then the second big reason is that we're a werewolf as well so the extra regen on our back bar gets pushed even further by slotting the werewolf ultimate on our back bar so that's why we have like 400 more recovery on the back bar it makes a massive difference and the sustain on this build would be nowhere near as good as it is if we didn't have this sustain on the back bar swap so I think that the sanjay bow is definitely the way to go here it doesn't have to be a sensei bow just any bow that gives stamina recovery as the two-piece now for the traits on this build for our weapons we've got infused on the bow with the weapons spell damage enchant you're going to lead a majority if not all of your combos with a bow partial charged light attack or heavy attacks so you definitely want to have that infused enchant it's just gonna lead you more damage into the rest of your combo and then on the front bar we have gone with precise and the diseased enchant precise again because we're playing a crit build an absolutely fantastic choice to up our outgoing critical damage on this spec it's just gonna give us more consistent critical lands more consistent critical heals as well and yeah because we have so much invested into crit damage precise is gonna outperform nirn honed here simply because we'll be landing the crits more often and then for the enchant we've gone with a disease in chant and I picked the disease enchants simply because well it can apply the major defile which is really nice and on top of it the burst from the enchant can crit as well so we have a really high crit rate on the enchant so we can effectively land a bigger combo when we get the disease enchant to proc as well just an additional three point four K on the tooltip can go a long way in the burst game now taking a look at the jewelry I've actually gone with full robust on the arch mind and the weapon damage enchants now on the previous iteration of this build I did run infused in the jewelry here I actually just want to say probably robust is the better choice having the bigger stand pooled really helps because we have a very small stand pool if you really want to push the damage on this build as far as you possibly can go for the gold infused otherwise robust is perfectly fine if you're gonna play this in no CP you definitely want to go robust here and the enchants on these bad boys are all weapon damage the weapon damage of course just amplifying our outgoing damage and healing now for the gear guys I actually have a mix of well fitted and impenetrable I've got five in pen and two well fitted that is pretty ideal for a build like this I think that's right on the money of where you want to be and then for the enchants guys we've got all maximum stamina and chance except for the troll king here now I would recommend if you're not going for the the ores orgas smoked bear hunch that you have a couple try stat hockey Joe's on your equipment here so you have at least that 20 21 K HP if you're gonna go for the smoked bear hunch I would say then just go for max stamina across the board the bear hunch we'll give you the 23 K HP that you're looking for and of course if you're gonna go for the bear hunch I would also recommend going for a full five medium on the gear instead of five one one to amplify the max that like we have here it's just a different way to kind of build this spec it's totally up to the user both are going to function very similarly I think for the higher end of things going for the the route that I have here is better for a more experienced player but if you're a newer player the bear haunch plus the 7 medium with all stamin chance is probably going to be the better way to go alright so let's take a look at the weapon skills we're running on this build we're gonna start off on the front bar here and we're gonna talk a little bit about the skills because there are quite a few changes to Knight blade with the elsewhere patch and the skill set that we're running is actually remaining the same as last patch however there are a few changes to it so we're gonna note a few of those and we're gonna talk about how that impacts the build so the first big one we have here is of course surprise attack fully buffed we have a pretty decent surprise attack tooltip no longer having that minor berserk we still have the 9k physical damage on the opponent and if we flank the enemy we shred through their armor reducing their physical resists by five percent for ten seconds this of course is also a stun out of stealth as well this is the only stun we have on the build now so you have to land the surprise attack to get this done but that's totally fine it fits with our single target kit and it sets them off balance which is really important too because we get that bonus damage to an off-balance target now this will not reduce the armor as much as it used to prior to the elsewhere patch before the elsewhere patch this would reduce to the opponent's armor by 5k this is more likely going to reduce your opponent's armor by two to three K depending on how tanky they are now so it's not gonna deal as much damage upfront as it used to but there are some changes to our other skills that can actually allow us to have a stronger surprise attack than before and we'll get into that as we check out the rest of the bill so the next skill that we've got is ambush and ambush also got some changes this patch as well it's gonna have the flat upfront physical damage this is of course your primary gap closer for the build it gives you the empower allowing your next light attack to hit 40% additional damage really really nice for just stacking up that big burst at the end of our ambush and it applies the minor vulnerability now the minor vulnerability is actually a really strong debuff eight seconds on it is quite a long period of time so you definitely want to incorporate ambush into your combo simply because it's a great combination move the bow heavy attack into ambush into the light attack surprise attack bash is a very clean cancel this patch so I think that I think that this is a really nice change especially that we get that 8% kind of damage bonus that we lost from the berserk and we get it put into one of the skills that we're using in our rotation anyway now taking a look at the next skill we have got camouflage hunter and this is the only skill that I've changed from the previous patch and well I actually changed a camo hunter because it gives you that minor berserk from stealth when you attack an opponent from sneak not cloaks so you have to be in Crouch in order to get this bonus so most of the time in like heated combat and stuff you will not get this minor berserk combo but when you want to hit someone really hard with a powerful stealth gank you have that option to add the 8% additional damage this eight percent additional damage more than makes up for the loss of the armor penetration we get from surprise attack not to mention we don't have to land a surprise attack to have that bonus damage now so just our entire combo coming out of stealth is gonna be a little bit stronger and yeah honestly guys this is why this build has more potential maximum damage than it did last patch the addition of the shadow mundus plus the change to the miner berserk here we're actually hitting quite a bit harder out of stealth and we used to and just great synergy with this build now camo hunter of course is also gonna give us the minor savagery buff for the 10% weapon critical which is really important and we're gonna get three percent additional weapon damage on our front bar for slotting this here and we get that stealth detect now the stealth detect is so useful especially when you're fighting other night blades it gives you an edge in the night blade one-on-one so having it on your kit for world PvP is incredibly valuable now taking a look at the next skill we have got rally here rally is going to be a mix of things for this build it is our heal over time to proc the troll king whenever we take that big damage it's going to be major brutality for that weapon damage buff very important to have that on this spec and finally it is also going to be the burst heal of this build now our rally tooltip isn't too terribly insanely high however we have that really high crit rate and 3.5 K health recovery so this burst healed really goes a long way on the stamina knight blade it just the combination of this with our health recovery is more than enough healing power to survive get back into stealth or kite your way out of the problem and re-engage with your opponent now the next skill that we have is relentless focus and I stuck with relentless focus because of that big burst it gives us with the spectral bow if you look at the tool tip on the spectral bow it's actually higher than incapacitating strikes so it's the most powerful attack that we have on this build and I definitely wanted to keep it for that they changed at this patch so that the spectral bow will kill you for 33% of the damage dealt if you're within 7 meters from the opponent we're gonna be within melee range for the most part when we're going for those kill moves so we will likely get that heal when we use this and then finally while using this ability for 30 seconds we reduce the damage taken by 3% with every light and heavy attack we land up to 5 times so this actually gives us a 15% damage mitigation when we have it fully stacked on this build and that makes quite a difference to the knight blade I think so not only is our maximum burst better this patch but our bulk is actually better too and it's it's kind of weird because coming in to elsewhere people are like Stan blades get nerfed Stan blades get nerfed but honestly this build is coming out of the elsewhere changes better than it was before and yeah relentless has to do with that and then for the ultimate on this bar guys I have gone with incapacitating strike we get that 13k disease damage I will buff up and cloak for you guys so you can see the full tooltip here fourteen point seven K disease damage so not a crazy high tooltip but that critical damage we have is what allows us to push this incredibly far and it increases the damage we deal to our opponents by 20% for six seconds so our follow up skills will deal a lot of damage as well if we have over 120 alt when we use this we will silence the opponent for three seconds this is uh well it's not as good as the stun was to be honest the stun was better than the silence but the silence can be niche and it can help you kill certain targets like magicka heavy opponents that just don't see the silence coming or they don't or you just catch them off-guard with it and then finally we get the reeve as well on our front bar which restores Magica and stamina when we deal damage with light attacks on an enemy with a negative effect added to them now we're not putting out a whole bunch of negative effects outside of our intro burst and we're not doing a whole bunch of weaving for the most part so this is a nice sustain ultimate while we're rotating on the opponent up close but for the most part you won't get a huge amount of sustain out of this we'll be spending a lot more time on the back bar and we'll talk about why we don't have R Eve on the back bar when we get there too now if you don't want to run in cap I would actually recommend that you try out berserker strike on this build it has a slightly higher tooltip than in cap it costs quite a bit more but if you more fit to onslaught and you get the kill with it you restore the cost of the ultimate back so you can do multiple back-to-back on slots and on top of it when you use this ultimate you ignore your targets physical spell resist and that's a big deal for a burst all especially on a crit build it just means that against really tanky targets which is like the one thing this thing could struggle against is a really really bulky opponent onslaught is gonna give you that verse to actually threaten that really bulky opponents so I think if you guys want to try out onslaught I would highly recommend trying it on this build I personally really like in cap and on slot between the two it's a it's a pretty big toss-up if I had on slot morphed on this character I probably would have used it in the footage but you know it's totally up to you guys for the sake of burst on slot is the better ultimate but in cap is just gonna fire out more often than the onslaught probably will so totally up to you guys there now taking a look at the back bar guys our first ability we have is poison injection this is going to be your primary damage over time for this speck on top of it it's also an execute dot so it'll increase in damage as your opponent's health drops below 50% which is really really nice it just allows us to get people closer to that finish we're not actually running and execute on this build and the reason we don't run the execute is because we have literally so much firepower without it we don't really need it but if we're fighting something that's too tanky and we do need that extra pressure poison injection will help us out there now on this build you will not be whipping out a lot of poison injections like I said you save it for the targets that aren't going down to the rest of your burst for the most part this is this is just a passive ability that we use for when we really need to close in on that kill now the next skill that we have is efficient purge and efficient purge is well one of my favourite skills to run on stamina Nightblade you guys will see in the footage we don't use efficient purge a lot but when we do it is the one skill that we can use to save ourselves there are certain things that cloak and shade cannot get you out of an efficient purge will save you from them things like purging off curses purging off power of the light etc it just allows you to ensure that you can stay in stealth better you can purge off marks everything I know it's a very expensive skill but we have a ton of magic o sustain and yeah you can definitely get a lot of use out of it on this build you won't be spamming it a lot like I said most of the time cloak and shade are your better defensive options but when that is not an option purge will save you for sure now the next skill that we have is siphoning attacks and this is of course going to play into our magic o sustain as well as a little bit of healing power on our light and heavy attacks and some magical resource returned while we're actively attacking things with our light and heavies as well and we get the bulk Magica restorer at the end of the 20 seconds so if you just cast this thing and let it expire or you rebuff it after 20 seconds you are pretty much gaining 3k plus Magica every time now the reason I went with the siphoning attack morph is because this build is incredibly Magica intensive so we need to have that additional magic as sustain so don't be tempted to go for the stamina morph here you want to have a really high cloak uptime on this build the ability to purge reenter stealth very quickly and shade away so the siphoning attacks is definitely the way to go now the next skill that we've got is shadow image and this is well one of the best Nightblade skills that you have for your defensive kit you guys will see in the gameplay shadow image is such a good Juke skill you throw the image down and then when you reuse the ability you can teleport back to where your shade was it just allows you to move around very quickly and throw groups of players off and yeah this is gonna save you big time in PvP especially solo play one vx stuff like that even in like group fights shade is such an important skill to help you get the crap out of there when things are looking bad on top of it the shade will deal a little bit of magic damage nothing too crazy but you get the minor MAME on your opponent as well for 4 seconds so in a one-on-one the shade allows you to have a lot more durability against your opponent – now the next ability that we have is shadowy disguise and this is gonna be of course our primary access to stealth our only access to stealth really we can go into sneak for that minor berserk but while in sneak we're a little bit on the slow side so when you're actively fighting this is how you're gonna get into stealth you cloak yourself and become invisible for three seconds and then your next direct attack is going to be a guaranteed critical strike this is really nice because we're playing such a heavy crit build with so much critical damage so this just helps us push our damage further coming out of cloak and of course invisibility is a huge deal in PvP and you'll see in the game play invisibility makes knight blade knight blade it's just so strong and we can get away with stuff that other classes would not because we can turn invisible now finally for the ultimate I have gone with the werewolf Berserker you can go with either morph of this I actually don't have my werewolf met leveled up at all I'm only two werewolf so yeah I'm not really caring what alt I go with here it's more just for that passive stamina recovery slot on our back bar like I said we've got the Sanjay bow on the back bar so this makes a big deal on the back bar just to help push us just the sustain even further now we could have gone with in cap on the back bar as well so we have the dual slotted reef passive because you do have to slot this in order to get that passive however because we spend so much time in stealth and so much time kiting around on this build the extra regen is definitely going to be better than trying to rely on the extra light attacks on the back bar here now you definitely can turn into a werewolf on this build if you want but it's not gonna be the best werewolf it's more for that passive slot so it's really up to you guys you'll see in the footage I did go wolf once and well I didn't have any skills so it didn't go so well but anyway guys moving on to our champion points let's take a look at our green tree to start we got 37 warlord 1 in siphon err so a big focus on warlord here for that break free I actually have nothing in sprinter because we are on a stand blade we will be doing some sprinting but because of that really high stealth uptime it's not as much as other medium armor stamp classes so we can actually just forgo sprinter here 1 point in siphon err because I just had a little bit left over in the lover tree we've got 43 arcanist 56 and mooncalf and 49 and healthy this tree is absolutely stacked on this build it's a regen build so we just put so many points in here all three regions are incredibly valuable for this build if you want you could actually invest the most points 56 healthy 49 mooncalf just to push your health recovery further if you want to have a little bit more durability really up to the user yet again now taking a look at the shadow tree we've got 44 tumbling and 40 in shadow ward both rule dodge and blocking are very important for a medium armored kite build in PvP you need to block some attacks and you need to roll some attacks on a spec like this so that's why we have so many points in these guys now taking a look at our blue tree we've got nothing in The Apprentice as we don't have any magic skills and we're not investing into healing done on that side there in the Atronach we got 81 master-at-arms 39 physical weapon expert we've got that tactician passive such a good passive for pvp especially this build we roll dodge to set an opponent off balance we can then stun them with a fully charged or partial charged heavy attack which is such a big deal because it's literally a free stun on a kite build man this is one of the best things to get used to using very very good stuff and then in the ritual tree we have got 49 mighty 45 piercing and a whopping 56 in precise strikes lots of critical damage on this build the important passives that we get of course are perfect strike for that bonus critical chance exploiter for the bonus damage against an off balance opponent and then last stand for that additional ultimate I mean will most likely have the end cap up all the time and it's the only alt we're using but you know last stand is last stand if you're gonna run onslaught this could push even further than it does within cap on the front bar here of course we have the points in Mighty for that outgoing physical damage we've got a little bit in penetration too and then for our critical damage on this build well we've got some pretty big stacks guys so we start out a base critical damage multiplier of 50% additional bonus damage this is going to give us 70% in total plus Khajiit is 80% plus minor force is 90% plus the shadow Mundus is a hundred and three percent with our nightly passives we go up to a hundred thirteen percent additional damage and then finally with the archers mind on top we are sitting at a hundred and twenty eight percent additional critical damage on this build that means your opponent needs to have like 8k plus in pen in order to stop your critical hits nobody has that that is just an insane amount of critical damage it's gonna allow us to deal so much damage coming out of stealth on this build now taking a look at the ste tree guys we have got a pretty stacks d tree 61 ironclad 59 resistant reduce our incoming direct damage that we take by 21% and increase our critical resistance both very important for the build and then spell shield medium armor focused just to give us around 2k physical spell resist to bulk up our resist as well in the lady tree we've got 75 points for thirty-two Hardy thirty-two elemental defender and 11 thick-skinned I wanted to keep critical leach because it can of course proc troll King so there we go but we focused of course on incoming physical and magical damage not a lot in thick skin because we have cloak and we have a perch to suppress dots so there you go and then finally in the Lord tree we've got 32 quick recovery for that additional healing power giving us those Fator rally crits and that is the build ladies and gentlemen all right ladies and gentlemen let's jump into that PvP commentary so I've got two fights for you guys here one fights gonna be a little bit more about getting kills and the other fights gonna be about that defensive gameplay so the first fight here is about getting kills there you see right away look at our damage potential we dropped him to 1% health but he gets a huge heal from the earth core and of course the breath of life so we're forced to just give up on that kill and there's a lot of yellow coming through this bridge here it's just uh there's probably like 20 plus yellow swarming around so I'm just being careful and we hit this guy with the beautiful combo the bow heavy attack into the ambush again on this guy here into the light attack the ultimate and the bash really cleaned stuff making sure to incorporate the ambush and the bow heavy into this combo it actually allows us to just have huge combination damage out of stealth on these guys and we pick up quite a few kills there but right away we got a sort behind us he starts cursing us up I just come back behind these trees go for a dodge roll all the negative effects wear off there and we go right back into stealth here and I'm just gonna try to pick up some kills as these guys are resin the other players here there were a couple AP here but I'm pretty sure they got killed off just the huge smack on that guy bringing him down as these lower HP and we go right back into our cloak and I go for a line of sight behind the rocks here moving behind the enemy group just not sitting in their line of focus it'll make it so that even if you pop out of stealth you're less likely to get seen and we're just gonna keep following this yellow group around here a huge combo on this healer they're the earth core won't save them this time so we finish him off with the surprise attack their rule cancel out of that one and now we're gonna reset on this guy here he's getting smacked on by the EP though so he's gonna go down we're just going to kite back around the side of the enemy group here and re-engage from behind very important when we use our stealth to be engaging from somewhere where people don't know that we're gonna come look at that beautiful combo out of stealthy a friendly Templar poking him with the final jab there where to put big damage into this guy there and we finish him off with I think the spectral bow and we're gonna go right away on top of this Dragon Knight get the kill on him too and the rest of these yellow are just forcing down these red players that they see their Zerg one at a time so I'm very careful coming in and out of stealth here there you see we quickly finish off that player there go for the purge unfortunately we don't get the purge on the curse there I did want to get the purge on the curse just to prevent it from popping us out of stealth like it did right there but it's okay and now that we're out of stealth the entire yellow group is starting to focus fire on us I go for the purge they're removing the the power of the light and they reapply it as I enter stealth but it's okay the fact that we removed the first power the light just means that we didn't get popped in stealth there with all the players looking at us that probably would have been a death sentence and that right there is why I say you need to run perch on the stamina Nightblade it just gives you the ability to control stuff like that better and allows you to engage disengage a lot smoother because you have the option to remove those effects that are gonna pull you back out of your cloak and there we see we take another power of the light I just let this one wear off though we don't need to purge it and I sat down the shade teleport back to where my shade was and we're just gonna cloak on out of there just making ourselves a very difficult target to keep heads on so these guys can't open up on us we hit this guy with the bow heavy into the weapon swap and the surprise attack out of stealth now if you actually block cancel the surprise attack really quickly the surprise attack lands first and you still get the stun on them and the bow heavy will land second so really nice combo there and of course purge saving us again so we can reliably re-enter stealth here and get away and we're just gonna reset our buffs and then reopen up on these guys here we go for the target in the front from behind we hit him with a surprise attack nice big combo on the ultimate there unfortunately a lot of healing power coming down and we are going to get absolutely smashed by this yellow group still we did have a good fight they're showing off some of the firepower and the mobility of this build now coming into our second clip here we're gonna have another solo fight on this build and we're just gonna be outside of our keep here a lot of blue players coming into this fielded position we go for the kite behind them here and these guys actually are running a lot of stealth detect on them so this is a very difficult engagement for a stamina Nightblade but I did want to show this clip just to show you guys the defensive capabilities of this build and how even though they have the toolkit to kind of shut me down I can still work effectively against them we go for our first combo they're the enemy Templar responds right away with the block into the healing really good game play on his part just preventing us from finishing him off with that final little bit of the combo and right there we get popped by the AoE stealth detect and we take a super nasty javelin now that shade would have been the best shade we could have done that would have been a great escape fortunately we managed to kite back in between the trees here we cloak in between the trees and we're gonna work our way away from this group a lot of stealth detect coming down so we have to be very very careful how we engage with a group like this if we get caught in the wrong spot it can be death for these Stan blade and our purge won't save us if we're caught with too many snares in the open so as we come back towards the mile gate here you see we just quickly finish off that sorc another player on the bottom here I just helped the EP finish him off as well take a nasty oil dump there I try to purge the oil unfortunately we ended up purging some other negative effects so we just go into cloak to suppress the oil the combination of purge and cloak a really good combo to prevent yourself from getting hit by a lot of crap and we probably should have gone for the the cloak right away but I did not notice that we had the other effects on us and I end up engaging with this blue group of course I set the shade down preemptively this Templar does a great job just blocking that combo from me had he not had the block up we would have killed him and a super cheeky shade we jump off the edge and we teleport back up to the top hopefully a few blue players jump the edge there too and we managed to actually escape in stealth this guy jumped the edge we set down the shade on him another player is just coming around the corner with the AoE the AoE frost stuff now as I kite back behind this group we did the direction change who as we enter stealth so they're gonna be shooting a ohi's in the wrong direction which is really important if you're playing a build like this sleight of hand is such a big part of this play style so you want to make sure that you use your sleight of hand as effectively as possible and there you see again we're gonna set the shade down teleport back and just keep weaving between the terrain this time they throw the AoE detect on and I actually use the shade to break my own stealth right as the detect hit me so we didn't get popped there so we could re-enter stealth as soon as exiting the AoE but here we managed to actually kite back around the other side of the mile gate and we're gonna open up on this player there hit him with a nice combo out stealth down he goes this guy goes for the res right away we hit him with a full combo as well he does a good job soaking up the damage there we don't get to stick around for the kill a lot of AoE coming down a lot of stealth detect so just gonna kite back around the inside of this thing here reset our buffs and I'm gonna go for a reengage with these blue of course making sure to use our shade we already have the shade set from before so we open up with just a poison injection here I just want to see what we got this guy really low HP he almost didn't survive the bow heavy into the surprise attack bash that was like 17 K damage on him and we've got more blue players coming out of stealth we dotted this guy up we're gonna ambush into him hit him with the surprise attack down he goes as well we've got an enemy Knight blade jumping on top of us here but I'm just gonna hug my cloak here and just use my positioning to my advantage just keep rotating around these guys don't stand in the same spot and this guy's going for the res we hit him with the poison injection get him with a nice little cancel combo on the roll right back into stealth very important that we don't sit out of stealth if we can help it on this build especially with so many players around us look at the enemy Knight blades hitting us with the fear there and we've got other enemy Knight blades coming out of stealth as well so we just go for the cloak into the direction change and this guy actually goes for the detect pot so it doesn't let me know that he can see him but he's still able to target me through my cloak and well we're just gonna try to get back into stealth here taking a lot of AOE pressure from the Templar as well the enemy Knight blade putting the pressure on with the staff on us but we managed to get a good shade just reposition ourselves the enemy I thought it was a meteor there so I did go for the block and we're just going to kite out again the Dragon Knight hits us with a leap we're really low on resource here we go for that clutch cloak and we managed to just escape our potion comes up but had we been caught there that could have been the end of us so we're just gonna kite around the top here and look to see if any blue are coming through I don't really want to get involved in this big a AoE mash that's going on in the gateway here and I dropped down unfortunately take a stun right away enemy Knight play jumping on top of us I try to hit the knight blade with a heavy there but we end up not getting the smack on him he goes into stealth so I'm just gonna come back up the top and see what blues follow us this guy here follows us an enemy Templar he's gonna hit us with the power of the light right away and we start playing some real shade games with these guys we're gonna throw down the shade here and jump off the edge and we're gonna teleport back in the middle of our jump and look at how many of the blue players actually jump off the edge after us I think three of these guys have gone off the edge after me and we just kite down to the bottom here taken a lot of snares from these guys and the shade right back up top the troll mode knows no bounds we're gonna reset our shade again these guys are really after it they really want to put me down but we're gonna keep playing games with them another jump off the edge there we go into the cloak and we don't get the reset on the shade there and yeah these blue guys are really hard on my tail now they're kind of tired too getting trolled around by the Nightblade and we go for the last-ditch effort the wolf form it's not gonna save us so that is the end of the commentary guys I hope that you enjoyed it if you guys are interested in seeing some live gameplay from me a link to my twitch of course is in the description below if you guys want to send in any clips for the top 5 or send in a bill to be featured on the channel send that to Christopher ESO at hotmail com more information below as well and finally we are sponsored by what the fast their VPN for gamers they can be better paying to my favorite games and they're free to try for the first 14 days no credit card to sign up so give it a shot if you guys want to check it out no harm no foul and of course if you guys really love the show you can always become a patron on patreon without you guys I would not be able to keep doing this job that I love so thank you guys so much for for helping me out here it really means a lot so have a great night everybody I hope to see again next time and I hope that you like the build