what's up roach achos – boy can arrive in a barbarian body so you want a six-pack like Cristiano Ronaldo this guy right here yeah pretty damn impressive these guys that all the girls want this guy's an absolute beast what is the secret behind his six-pack ABS well today I'm going to be delivering to you guys Cristiano Ronaldo's exact six pack workout routine this thing is nuts it's going to be hitting the ABS from all different angles and the best thing about it you need absolutely no equipment you can do this thing at home you do it at school you do that work if you want to no equipment required it is going to decimate your abdominal muscles let's get straight into this thing this entire program was actually designed by Ronaldo's Nike Pro trainer Joaquin quad you try and say that five times five is not easy so the work that is incredibly incredibly simple but very very demanding it has three phases the first phase we're going to be getting into is the warmup we're going to be going through eight total body weight movements directly after that the second phase in beginning into six core decimating body weight only exercises and imply nuts and then the third and final phase is going to be five exercises to completely finish off and eradicate any feeling of regular Ness or feeling or sensation in your abdominal muscle that's exact workouts is designed to attack the core from all angles I've done this you're going to see the beautiful of me doing this thing and it is extremely extremely tough now the way that we Ronaldo says that he likes to perform these workouts and then the way that they're designed is to be done with extremely slow tempo so nice and slow you're contracting with the abdominal muscles the lower abdominal muscles the upper abdominal muscles your obliques it's supposed to be all contracted the whole time he says to focus on making sure that the abdominal muscles are as contracted as can possibly be here as opposed to focusing on Pete of repetitions nice and slow and you'll get the temple I'm telling you man it is nuts don't worry about feet focus on abdominal contraction so let's get into the warm-up of this workout routine and this thing is really going to prepare you physically and mentally the abuse turbo to go through all right first sighs for 30 seconds you're getting the alternating high knee hugs form that Mason takes your check and stretch the hamstrings and of the glutes directly after it for 30 seconds we're going to be getting into the raised plank make sure you get a nice contracted core for this one here next we've got the plank saws this is the first time I've ever tried this but it's super cool and you feel your abs being activated in a whole new way holding that for 30 seconds after that you're going to getting into some lying hip thrusts making sure that when you perform in this motion when the hips come to the top of the movement you are really squeezing your glutes at the top there directly after that for 40 seconds we're going to be getting into our lying left leg single leg raises but this is to activate a little bit more of the glutes directly after for again 40 seconds you'd be working on to the right leg there making sure to keep that leg as straight as possible squeeze the glute at the top of the movement directly after a final two movements where we going again into the line hip thrust make sure to squeeze the glutes at the top for 40 seconds and then directly after to finish the whole routine of the warm-up ramune of getting 50 seconds of the mountain climber squeezing those abdominal muscles and getting those feet moving nice and fast now that we've completed the first round of the warm-up green be getting into our first 20 second breath and then we're getting into Hell baby let's get it alright first exercise of the abdominal circuit for 30 seconds you're going to be getting some straight leg bicycles these are not a lot more tough than you'd ever imagined make sure you get a nice slow temple contract the abdominal muscles from here again for 30 seconds we're going to be getting into the dead book slow tempo here make sure you're retracting your abdominal muscles while you're trying to perform this nice and slow focus on the core here you're not just doing movement from here for 30 seconds again you're going to be getting into the raised plank with alternating leg raises squeezing with the glute at the top there make sure to keep your core nice and straight they're squeezing those abdominal muscles remember slow tempo will not be absolves to be moving the whole time we're focusing mostly on contracting the abdominal muscles as opposed to looking for speed of repetition here directly after that we're again getting into the straight leg bicycles for yes thirty Seconds alright next we're going to getting into the dead bugs forty seconds a slow tempo and then to finish it off alternating raise plank shoulder taps remember speed is not necessary focus on the contraction alternating between left to right there slow and controlled movements now you're granted your second 20-second rest after this we've got the final round of this routine let's get into it all right here's where things get tough first exercise of the third and final round we get the pendulum legs for 40 total seconds that lower abdominal is just going to be absolutely screaming nice slow tempo you bet keep those legs straight as possible hands planted beside you make sure you're breathing the whole time throughout this movement from there for 30 seconds we're going to be going into what's called the boat to low boat this is pretty tough to master so make sure you try it a couple of times here really focusing on that peak contraction when your chest is close to your knees squeezing the hell out of the abdominals and then bring your legs and your upper torso back as slowly as you possibly can keep the ABS squeeze the entire time sort of movement again we're going to be going to the pendulum legs for 40 total seconds and then repeating as well the boat to high votes again with them we're going to be doing a bow tie bow for 40 seconds this time as opposed to 30 seconds the first time we did it and now it's finish it off this one's mostly a nice cool down stretch we've got the quad rockers you're going to be performing this for 40 total seconds upon completion of this movement you have now finished the Cristiano Ronaldo six pack workout hit the abdominal muscles from pretty much every single angle so there you guys go that's the full routine now I will say that you guys want to actually have it walk you through it you can download the Nike Pro app and you can actually download the Cristiano Ronaldo abdominal workout it's going to walk you through the entire thing step-by-step with a second-by-second countdown timer explaining the form you can see the form in the video too I tried it it's tough but it's super effective so if you're looking for that I'm going to include a link down in the description that's going to send you guys over to the Nike Pro app that's where you can perform it simply download christiana Renaldo's abdominal workouts go through it your abs are going to be screaming try this thing I highly highly recommend so there you guys go I hope you enjoyed the video and if you guys did then be sure to give your boy a link down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss thank you so much for joining me guys see you next video