I was just really always interested in being an entrepreneur but quite honestly didn’t think it was something that you could do. I thought it was almost something that was special that you were born into. I got the ball rolling in over two years, basically through self education and experimenting. Learned more and more about online business I knew that was something I wanted to go into and you just do it you decide and you start working your job and you jump. The first thing was a cricket protein powder, that was how do you ingest crickets where it’s not going to be gross. They come ground up into a powder, well if we can put a man on the moon I’m sure I can make cricket taste like vanilla. I was dreaming of something as a child and I didn’t know what it was and this is it. You can work as long as you want, you can sleep in if you want, you can work for 20 days straight… I mean I love it. And everything lies on me now. It’s not because of somebody else’s problems that I’m not enjoying time with my friends and family. Now it’s because I’m working hard and I’m building something that basically relies one hundred percent on the hard work I put in. It was spontaneous and for people outside it seemed really spontaneous too but it was you know it was the right decision. I mean I put in almost a decade of doing something that I don’t think I was born to do and the only thing that’s held me back ever is not jumping faster. You know here we are a year later and there’s $100,000 of cricket protein powder sitting in a warehouse somewhere, it’s a pretty interesting feeling: knowing that we made something. It was almost validation like, like I can do this right, I can be an entrepreneur, I can create something and it really just keeps getting better and better all the time. I still honestly can’t believe it. If I had to make a bet on my life it would be on crickets are going to be one of the next big things. I mean 18 months ago, if you told me I would seriously actually say that sentence I wouldn’t believe you but here we are.