(lively music) – Hey guys, I’m Adriene. Welcome to Crazy Happy Cooking. It’s been a long day, and
I don’t know about you, but after a long day, I just want to eat something nourishing, and good, so I got the ingredients here for a veggie cupboard soup. Let’s go to the kitchen and get started. (lively music) So, today, I just picked out whatever was on sale
or looked the freshest. But you can cater your vegetable choices to what looks good or
what your family likes. I’m going to begin by prepping my onion. The onion’s going to be one
of our basic ingredients and it goes in first. I like to keep these kind of thin. And if you do end up crying, maybe that’s the universe just telling you you needed a little cry. I’m just going to put
this off to the side. I’m going to go ahead and
get started on my garlic. These are two big pieces so I’m going to go with just two. If you have kind of small ones, then maybe you go with three or four. If you need a little extra immune boost, let’s go with more, right! Because garlic is good for you! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, it’s been a long day, smash that garlic! Nice, small little mince of garlic here. So, my friend, Jenny Marie, first made me this soup
when I had vocal surgery. Can you imagine me not talking? Me neither! I was actually just talking
to her the other day and she told me that they
call it Adriene Soup now, and it’s proof that energy and intentions are real, I think. And if you cook with love, and if you cook with
good juju, good energy, then you can taste it! So, I got a pot on the stove, and I’m going to put a little
bit of olive oil in my pot. Just coating the pan, not too much, but enough to take care of
my first batch of veggies. Instantly, you’re already going to impress whoever walks in your door, whoever’s in the household
with just the simple smell (laughs) of olive oil and onion. And then, I might take a little salt and pepper, pinch of each, and a little bit of thyme. One of my favorite soup
bases is an herb mix, you can use that “herbes de provence,” you could use a little garlic powder, so we don’t have to be
snobbish about this, we can just kind of roll with the punches and go with what we have. And then, in time, we can grow. Just like I told my friends in yoga, we start off with something small, like a quick Yoga For Weightloss video, like we have on the Yoga
With Adriene channel, which if you’re interested you should go check out all the free
videos on Yoga With Adriene, and then you grow, more spiritual, or just
whatever floats your boat. It’s the same thing with cooking. Just start wherever you are now, don’t worry about if you have these certain kind of green beans. Trust yourself, is what I’m trying to say! Okay, it’s time to peel some things! We all know that carrots
are good for us, yes? The better to see you with. You could do about a cup of these. I spotted these fresh green beans, kind of a garden veggie soup today. So I’m going to wash these guys, I’m also just going to
take two stalks of celery with me to the sink to do a quick bath. Now it’s time to put the carrots in because these take a
little bit longer to cook, so I’m going to toss them in
with my onions and garilc. Mmm, smells delish! I wouldn’t think that
green beans in a soup would be so comforting and delicious but they are, they’re so good! And I’m going to peel my potatoes, and I’m going to go with two, you can also skip this. For me, this is like the ultimate comfort. So those are my taters, I’m just going to put them aside because I’m going to pop them in later. And now we’re really
ready to rock and roll. I’m going to peel the corn. And I like to break it in half because, one, it’s fun, but two, I can have a
better handle on my corn. Oh! (laughs) See, just like that, it’s like a firework of corn. And now we’re going to
add some liquid, alright? So, you can use freshly diced tomatoes, I’m personally okay with just using diced tomatoes out of a can. Then I’m going to pop in the corn. There’s something about
working with fresh ingredients. I’m just going to take the
green beans and the celery and throw them into the pot. We continue by adding a
little vegetable broth. And by a little I mean a lot (laughs). Starting to look really yummy in here. And now it’s time for the superfood, the kale. Just going to take it off the stem. Like so. I add the leafy greens because I like the texture of it in the soup and I also want the extra nutrients. Just thinning it a bit
so that, when you eat it, you’re not stuck with a
big spaghetti-style kale. This might seem like a lot but it will cook down and I like a lot. Beautiful! And stir it in. Once I get everything in the pot, I can walk away, I can put it on a simmer, and I can go do something
that I need to do, or go do a yoga video. So colorful, so fresh. So, let’s give it a try. Mmm. It’s so yummy. So tasty. There’s a little something
for everyone here, to make everyone in your house happy. Because this is Crazy Happy Cooking. Love you guys, thanks for watching! I’m going to enjoy this yummy soup! Take care. (lively music)