do people enjoy this let me taste if it’s a shock BP beats know we’re changing diets [Music] hey my name is 10 and I’m sawasdee and this week we’re gonna swap diets for a week our butts are pretty different they’re similar in the way that we we both are fitness enthusiasts try and eat kind of help you’re like I’ll have Greek yogurt or I’ll have an apple I just eat a bunch of garbage mad candy bars mad McDonald’s how do you think you’ll do I think it’ll be ok ok my wallet won’t be the free food in our canteen is a lot of salt you work in health care you should know are you concerned about sodium you sound really salty about that the only thing I’m nervous about is the monster I’m trying to eat a healthier I guess flavor-wise for certain things were diverse on that I’m nervous about the disgusting amounts of egg whites and grilled chicken I’m gonna have to eat during this week welcome to my world baby I think this is going to basically just prove to me that I like the way I eat yeah I don’t think it’s gonna go well Donny has no work today so he’s visiting me I spent $9 coffee at Subway okay I usually watch my budget [Music] lunch this is a full meal well we have a free lunch today so I didn’t pay for lunch all right look like Donny’s picking his poison it’s good for your gut Donny I got you watermelon and that’s a really good flavor all right the bunny loves monster and try it under Kombucha this is my favorite flavor this is the one that we have at work I’m not gonna smell it this is smells horrible I’m just going to do this it’s our drink if you don’t smell it it’s actually okay it’s okay you don’t have to finish it if you don’t want to thank you alright so we just took a walk over to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I usually get the winter dream tea latte so I’m giving that to tend to have today yeah I usually get the cookie butter a big fan and a cookie butter latte so day 1 is done and I did find but only because we had free food at BuzzFeed today and but tomorrow I’m a little worried because I’m just gonna be scavenging I could pack lunch but I didn’t prepare and I’m not really a great cook so we’ll see how tomorrow goes and if I end up starving then I’ll pack some lunch the next day all right time to take a sip of this winter dream tea cookie butter for me you know I’m still not really with tea like that this is just underwhelming it’s good but I know that that’s better we’re in his way hope I wish they ran me over so that I didn’t have to continue to treat this with the green tea latte so I just came back from Panda Express where normally I would buy lots and lots of orange chicken but swass teas go to item there is honey walnut shrimp so I just got myself a great deal of honey walnut shrimp I’m not terribly happy about it but you know I’ve actually never tried it oh I think it’s not bad it’s not orange chicken there’s no minds we have college is really good it’s not for you right this is why we work about this is how why we make money I like hmm gotta work for the food all right so SWA steets an unreasonable amount of plain Chobani every day to get her protein in it’s a wonderful dairy product however I prefer when its flavored I’m not really looking forward to this I’m not having a good time I just ate instant ramen and lots and lots of nuts I just kept eating nuts while I was working instead I’m constantly hungry it’s French those I’m so happy so I’m here at McDonald’s gonna order food like 10 my stomach is so high um could I order a McChicken please with large fries swathi it’s a pretty ridiculous amount of soup specifically chicken noodle soup I caught some chicken noodle soup and now I’m gonna eat it I’m not really feeling it I don’t know how or why she does this Here I am with the McDonald’s that I ordered earlier you know all I want is a fruit of vegetables some oatmeal some soup but I have fries and a chicken sandwich that I have to eat my stomach is like unable to process all of this right now but so I’m at my favorite coffee place and I know I’m not supposed to spend for coffee but my boss was craving coffee and she told me if I come down here and buy her one she’ll get me one for free so not cheating in an effort to eat and drink like 10 I guess I have to go I think I’ve actually ever tried it in my life let’s see how this is you know what try to get behind this and I want like a complete diet so this is fiber hummus is protein I don’t need that much calcium Shibani with mixed berries for dessert it’s the complete healthy life all right eating like ten here’s a plate that’s eight ounces of chicken disgusting this is because I ate snacks all day it’s 11 p.m. I’m a little bit hungry but not as hungry as I was when I just had instant ramen for lunch also an update I am saving a lot of money today’s actually a really busy day for me I have back-to-back meetings so I have 15 minutes to stuff this cereal down my throat like this is the quickest lunch that I could get and I could find I really have no time to be picking some if 10 was here he would definitely go for these chips because that’s all he eats all day long eating likes Wasti is kind of difficult I would say because it’s not necessarily like the kind of foods that I enjoy I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s um it’s not the best I miss my own diet a lot actually I’m saving money because even though fast food is incredibly cheap grilled chicken and stuff is is more expensive trying not to be too TMI right now but after eating like 10 for about half a week my stomach is just oh it’s really bubbly in there you guys I had a long day today I’m craving pasta so I’m here at this Filipino place called jolly beet and they have spaghetti that’s under five dollars because I am a good white I am gonna get my husband what I usually get which is a lot of food ten drinks probably the one to two liters of Diet Mountain Dew every day I don’t know how he does it I’m about halfway through and I feel really gassy and uncomfortable but I committed to it so so this is actually what I usually do have no problem eating this even though stressful orders this because I love palabra intricate work who doesn’t the only reason they don’t order it this it’s expensive it’s not expensive it’s just like seven dollars or something it’s more expensive than that well yeah you don’t finish your food so eat your leftover so it’s okay so tomorrow we’re gonna go to our pan Express but it’s not your regular pan Express it’s not actually the Panda Express here at Monterey Park which is 90 presentation so it’s a special Panda Express hi not all the same for dinner today I’m eating this footlong Subway sandwich but I like it more than what he usually eats because there’s vegetables in it so I like this this is good all right so for the last day of the challenge we’re going to Panda Express Donny’s favorite so unlike your regular Panda Express this Ashley has healthy stuff like quinoa kale all those fancy stuff plus it has Panda Express burrito so what are you having quinoa and orange chicken yeah best right best ever that’s my go-to food in Panda Express [Music] Beijing beef quinoa and brown rice and charmin just collect so much food ah I feel bad making it go to waste so I’m gonna eat all her leftovers so eating like ten has been super difficult every so often I’ll go to the canteen and I will go grab like a Chobani and I’m like wait I can’t eat that this week I really miss my own diet my stomach is not happy I can’t eat the amount that I eat it’s just like too much on my digestive system it’s been a week how was your experience funny it was good sense a proper eating healthy and not eating fasted for a week I definitely noticed a big difference in my wallet this is exactly how I expected this to go I don’t mind eating healthy I just need to find a place probably where I can eat healthy and not spend like fifteen twenty dollars per meal why don’t you pack your lunch and not look I will not change up my eating habits maybe I’ll like have a couple of those chips with chips Pocky chips ah that’s a pocket yeah good what I did learn though is that its digestive system I guess is a lot better than mine you know she’s not built for that fast food life I need a food I think is one of the joys of life is ID if you earn enough money you should be able to treat yourself oh yeah that’s that yeah it’s a wrap go back to our regular ways of eating thank you you