– Today we’re gonna talk
about a pain in the butt, in other words, Piriformis Syndrome. (upbeat music) Piriformis Syndrome is when
you have a pain in the butt, usually caused from the piriformis muscle, which is deep in the buttocks, goes in a spasm and it causes pain that can radiate down the back of the leg. The reasons for that is
because the piriformis muscle either comes by, is close
to, or the sciatic nerve pierces that muscle and
when it goes into spasm, it can irritate the nerve,
causing sciatic symptoms. One of the best things you can do is to exercise that spasm out
by doing the opposite action, okay, what we call reciprocal inhibition, or resetting the piriformis muscle because stretching does not
cause the muscle to relax and it will tighten right back up. There are two exercises that we do for this problem. One is internal hip rotation. The piriformis actually
rotates the femur externally, or out away from the body, so you want to internally rotate the
femur by turning your leg in, and so when you turn your
leg in, the piriformis muscle has to relax or elongate
so the spasm goes out of that muscle. Do ’em slow. You can do this without resistance or you can use ankle weights
and resistance bands, four or five times,
holding the stack position for four or five counts, then repeat it. The next one is external hip rotation. So, you externally rotate the femur by turning the leg outward. Okay, when you do that,
the internal rotators relax or elongate. So again, you want balance. Internal hip rotation resets
the piriformis, relaxes it. External rotation
strengthens the piriformis and relaxes the internal rotators. Remember, balance between the two groups. Internal relaxes, external strengthens. – Hey guys, are you interested in a full length workout video by Dr. Fitness specifically for baby boomers? If you are, then please
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