– Today we’re gonna talk about corrective exercises
for Plantar Fasciitis. (upbeat jazzy music) So Lance, what is Plantar Fasciitis? – Plantar Fasciitis,
Patrick, is when the ligament on the bottom of your foot that goes from the toes to the
heel becomes inflamed. – How would someone know that they may have Plantar Fasciitis? – Oh, you’ll know, because
you can’t step on your foot. – Really? – You’ll feel something stabbing
on the bottom of your foot. Usually Plantar Fasciitis is caused when the calf muscle and the Achilles, that attaches to the heel
bone, overly tightened, okay? And it pulls on that
Plantar Fascia on the bottom of the foot, causing inflammation
over a period of time. So, what you wanna do is, you wanna balance out the muscles that actually cause the calf muscle to relax more. – So what are some of
the corrective exercises that the people at home can do
to improve Plantar Fasciitis? – Flex the foot the
opposite of the toe raise. Heel raise, or toes to the nose. So if you were to put your
foot out in front, okay, and try and flex your foot
upwards so your toes come towards your nose, then you’re contracting the muscles along your
shin, what’s referred to as the Anterior Tibialis,
and that elongates the calf and takes tension off the Achilles tendon, which then takes stress off
the bottom of your feet. Plus, wearing good orthotics
would be helpful too. – Are there other ways
of doing the exercise where you would use a band
or some kind of weights? – Yeah, you could use a
variety of different things. You could use a dumbbell between the feet, you could use an apparatus called a DARD, which stands for Dynamic
Axial Rotational Device, which is specifically designed to actually work the
muscles along your shin. Those are the Anterior Tibialis. You can use a band, you
can use manual resistance, which is pretty effective as well. The DARD was specifically
designed for that too, and you can buy one of those online. What you want to avoid is you want to avoid toe raises, up on your toes. – You don’t want to do toe raises? – No, you don’t wanna stretch on a block, because when you’re
stretching on the block you may be stretching the calf but it tightens back up on
you because you have not balanced the imbalance
which is the difference between the front of the
leg and the back of the leg. Icing it and staying off your feet, it may keep the inflammation
down, but if you keep doing the same thing, that will aggravate and the problem is gonna come back again. So we fit it for orthotics,
for orthotics that help to lift the arch, okay, and
you stay with the exercises. – So, for the folks at home,
remember toes to the nose and that should help out
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