hey guys it’s Jackie and in today’s
motivation to move we are learning all about the core and why it’s so important
to keep our core strong I’m at energy fitness with Teresa and Teresa let’s
start with the very basics here what exactly is the core because they
involved more muscles than you might think
absolutely so what we usually think about are our abdominals you have a much
deeper layer of core that includes your pelvic floor all the way up into up by
your shoulders the deeper core muscles are the things that help stabilize and
support your side what are some of the other things that a strong core can help
you with so the core helps with everything that we do from walking
running and then in classes sending over standing up just anything in your
day-to-day life you know let’s talk about women specifically and why having
a strong core is so important for women we just naturally tend to carry more
weight around those hips and our abdomen and sometimes that puts you in this
anterior tilt position which can put a lot of strain on your back so making
sure specifically that we’re working those posterior muscles to help
counterbalance that and then pulling in from the front side as well as you
mentioned there’s a lot of layers to your core I always think when you’re
working your core crunches but there’s so much more to it than just all very
much more absolutely there are a ton of different modes of equipment that you
can use and different exercises that have nothing to do with conscious that
you can do to help strengthen your core both the superficial layer and the
deeper muscles which are just as important so you’ve got a few core
exercises that you’re going to show me today yeah shall we go try them sure we
grab some necks and got going right Risa my hair is up which means
ready to work out what’s first the first one is going to be the bird dog it’s
great for anti-rotation court work which helps to support and stabilize the spine
overall we’re going to come into a all-fours position so elbows shoulders
wrists in a line knees are definitely under your head we’re going to raise our
back left leg and then you’re going to raise your right arm go ahead and
release and switch sides you want to make it more intense you can always take
it up to a plank position here so the second one is going to be a spider
climber and for that we need to be in a full plank position you’re going to be
in that plank we’re going to draw one knee up to the same tricep here I’ve
done this one before you’re going to pull that knee up and tight and fold it
in for like a four count here and then we’re going to set it back and then
switch that out other side this definitely works more of the superficial
muscle group without being in that standing or that standard like crunch
position what’s the third one so you’re at the third one we’re going
to actually take it down to the floor and where our posterior chain laying
down on your stomach here go ahead and bring your hands to set up that shoulder
line and your legs come together we’re going to so we use our glutes and pull
those legs up and simultaneously pull our hands and let them hover off the
floor and then release back down a lot of people don’t think about the upper
back and the glutes as being part of your core but they totally are and so
this is a great way to get through that entire back side I like this one and
what is the last one the last one we’re going to flip onto our back side you’re going to start with one leg
parallel to the ground and the other one perpendicular so you’re just kind of
letting that leg parallel to the ground hover over the floor you’re going to
pull those shoulder blades off the ground and then just very very slowly
simultaneously move it was like you’re working that pelvic region that
iliopsoas from hip flexors up into the upper abdomen just assume a chair you
start feeling those muscles shaking remember one thing when it comes to core
strength what should it be just making sure that you’re working every part of
it so that they can all work together to make you the best athlete you can be
thank you so much Theresa that was great and for more motivation to move and one
additional exercise from Theresa head to our website
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