My Name’s Dr. Joe Tilley, I am a
chiropractor here at Core Wellness Centres and I’m the owner of Core Wellness Centres. And I’m Zoe Tilley, I run the office here at Core Wellness Centres with my husband Joe. So Core Wellness has been running now here for around six years and it started for us
around a period of time where we were seeing a lot of people for chiropractic
care. We had a client of ours who used to come and see us many times for chronic
low back pain and time went on I didn’t see this guy and I actually found out a
later stage that he left the hospital and had a massive heart attack and died
with it at the age of 43. That was so emotionally charging for me and it
really upset me and it made me feel that not only I had failed him because I
could almost see this coming but I felt the medical profession had also failed
him, I knew that we had to do something different and we had to come up with a
system where we could manage people for their health, where we hold that
hand through the whole process so we created this system here at Core
Wellness where we bring everything under one roof and we really walk people
through the changes that they need to make in their life with exercise, with
nutrition, with the chiropractic care with massage and with their mind and
everything that they need to do we make sure we hold them accountable for it so
we’re guaranteed to get changes with their health So the vision for us was to have a
wellness centre where we can transform people’s lives, that’s ultimately what our
vision was we wanted to the able to offer a solution that currently isn’t out there, so we created a facility where we can have everything under one roof, hold
their hand offer somewhere that’s actually safe they feel loved, they feel cared for but
it’s exciting at the same time and gets them results so that’s how
Core Wellness was born and then it’s just evolved from there. One of our biggest obstacles was creating an environment that everybody felt comfortable in so I
would say that was our biggest obstacle whilst we were creating this was to
actually have something that is fun makes this kind of environment
accessible to them but equally allows them to feel safe and cared for at the
same time rather than it being overwhelming and I feel we’ve done that Because you guys know the
industry you know the market it was just very very easy and we got really
really good service from the start with you guys and you’ve delivered on the promise. The fact that you’ve got a close relationship with companies like Myzone and implementing that fully in our gym the fact that you guys are already connected, you know their systems you know what other clubs
are doing and what the industry’s doing made life so much easier for us to be
able to create our vision. The service that we’ve received everybody on the
team has been incredible, taking us right from the start and understanding our
vision, really giving us the time and the different options that are available to
us and sharing that excitement and vision and making it reality with us it’s been fantastic from start to finish It’s just so fun I think the fact
that we’ve been able to have so much diversity with what we’re able to
offer people allows us to be able to cater for so many different age groups
and backgrounds to people so for example we have a Tuesday in there which is
a younger crew of people that come in and so we change the music up, we change the lights up but then equally during the day if we need to just mellow it
down a little bit, we’ve got people coming in on a rehab basis we don’t want
the music blasting and the lights like flashing everywhere so we can calm it
down so we can actually create completely different environments for
people, there’s so much variety with it and the fact that our memberships
are going up, our retention’s going up it’s had such a huge impact on our
business on that front and that’s why I think is so worth the investment it
really has been. Lighting is so key I tell people that day-in day-out it
can totally transform the environment you’re going into it really can so it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. I would love to be able to offer this type of facility around the UK for me being able to you have an impact on as many people as possible is really the
dream. We do this because we absolutely love what we do
it’s not work for us it truly is a passion and a mission to make a
difference in this world so I think the more people who we can inspire and the
better and more lives we can change. So for me it’s just about continuing to make
a massive impact to our community here we’re changing so many people’s lives and I
just want to add to that so I’d like for repeat on what Zoe just said I want to get
that message out to more people. We run a program here called 8 Weeks to Wellness
which is a lifestyle program and there are so many people out there who are in
need of this program so I think we can only do so much here with our community
so having now seven other 8 Weeks to Wellness offices around the UK
I want that message to spread and to grow so there’s more hubs like this
offering exactly what we’re offering here around the UK and maybe potentially
reaching to Europe with time to come