Dr. Chelsea: Hey, guys. I’m Dr. Chelsea. This is Doctor Josh Axe. you through a killer core workout. If you’re
looking to get those flat abs, a tight, defined core this summer, this is the workout you
got to do. Now, we’re going to do Tabata style, kind of. We’re going to do 30 seconds on,
with a 10 second break, just leave a little bit of time in transition to take a breather
in between. Let’s go! All right. We’re going to start off doing
V-ups. All right. You ready? And go. Good. You can see here. His legs are completely
flat. They’re parallel with the ground. The thing you want to keep in mind as you’re doing
these is you want to keep your low back as you come up pressed against the ground. A
lot of times, you’ll want to kind of arch. You don’t want to do that, to protect your
lower back. To engage more of your core, you want to make sure that that’s pressed in the
ground as you come up. Good. Rather than crunching forward, it’s almost
like you’re trying to bring your nose and your head to the ceiling as you come up, raising
the shoulder blades, and rest. Good. All right. We’re holding into a plank. Next, I’ll take
these 10 seconds to flip around to get into place. We’re starting in two, one, and go.
Good. Now, the thing you want to keep in mind here
is you want to keep your abs lifted. See here? He’s got a nice, straight line. You don’t
want your butt to be too far up in the air, making a peak like this. You want it to be
nice and flat. But also, you want to remember you don’t want to let your low back sag here.
That even might be deceptive. It might look like a straight line, but your abs aren’t
engaged. So, you want to keep it . . . hold it nice and tight like this. Squeeze your
abs as hard as you can. You’re almost there. We got three, two, one. Take a breather. Awesome
job. Great. It’s great to even kind of work up in time.
Start with 20 seconds, 30 seconds. Continue to work up in time. Keep working on planks.
All right, and go. We’re going to do bicycles next. This is a classic exercise. Good. The
thing you want to keep in mind here is as you’re coming up, it’s not just a turning
of your head. You really want to turn and bring those shoulder blades up to the opposite
side with you. You’re really going to work your obliques there, tearing up your entire
core. This is targeting your lower and upper abs. This is a great exercise. If your low back starts to hurt, bring your
legs a little bit higher up. That’ll help support your low back. Ready? And rest. Good.
That was 30 seconds. Another 10 second breather. Next, you’re going to be going into a side
plank, so similar to a plank, except you’re going to do it on your side. Watch Doctor
Josh here as he gets into position. And go. Now, here’s the option. You can go from your
hand like this, but if your wrist is starting to hurt, feel free to drop to your arm and
go on your elbow. Good. And another thing too. You can stack your feet like this, or
you can put feet side by side. That also should give you a little more support. Keep your
legs straight though for balance. Good. Keep your hips nice and lifted as high as you can.
Very good. Keep squeezing. You’re almost there. And rest. Here we go, another 10 second breather. We’re going to flip on the opposite side and
do the exact same thing. All right. We’re starting in two, one, and go. Good. Another
thing here, you want to make sure your hips are completely stacked. You don’t want one
hip to be too forward or another one to be too far back, completely up and stacked like
this. Good. If this is getting a little bit easy for you, you can add in a little hip
lift, so up and down. Adding a little lift sucker, Josh? With your hips, up and down.
Good. There you go. This will actually engage your obliques even
more, cutting in those side cuts in your abs that you’re always looking for. And rest.
Awesome job. All right. Last but not least, we’re going to go into suitcases, one of our
favorite exercises, especially for those lower abdominals, that hard to reach belly fat.
And go. Good. Now, the key here is you really want
to use your abs. You don’t want to lose momentum or use the momentum to pull your abs up. Use
your abs. Really engage your core and lift. It’s not a matter of . . . If you see Dr.
Josh here, he’s not moving his lower legs. He’s not using his knees. His entire leg,
it’s like it’s one whole body part that he’s moving, just from those abs curling the entire
way up. He’s lifting shoulder blades off the ground every single time, meeting in the middle.
Great form. And rest. That was 30 seconds. Take a 10 second break.
You can do this as many rounds as you can. Go for a great burnout. It’s a great core
workout, I’m highly recommending you do this a couple of times a week. It’s been Dr. Josh
and Dr. Chelsea. Have a good one.