Hello everyone ! today I am going to speak about abs the famous six-pack how to get visible, dry abs like model on magazine covers competitors fitness model so it is… not that simple it is very hard you should have crazy workout crazy diet and be very dedicated so to get visible abs like competition or magazine you have to know that those guys or those girls have been preparing for weeks or months to get those results for a specific date or event so for a photoshoot or a competition and the rest of the year it is very rare staying exactly the same definition as you can see on those pics in the same condition so in general the rest of the year we are a little bit fatter than in competition phase and our abs are less visible so here you can see a photo of me a few years ago I was at about 85 kg and about 12% body fat you can see a little bit my abs but not as visible and dry as this photo here more recent at about 78 kg just after a competition so I was at about 6-7 % body fat that being said to get visible abs your body fat must be lower than 10-12% for men and at about 14-15% body fat for women your abs have to be bulky if you have flat abs even with a low body fat % we will barely see them and conversely if they are bulky they will be visible even with a little fat and finally the subcutaneous water between the skin and the muscle has to be little as possible to get the shredded effect skin adhered to the muscle so to get this body fat level you have to know your body fat % level there are many methods you should have heard about diagnostic scale that you can find at your doctor or nutrionist office or gym you must weight yourself barefoot enter some data as your age, height, gender athlete or not, etc it will result by an approximation of your body fat level but the water retention in your body will change during the day or the week and affect the result so it will never be the same a day to another so especially for athletes it is unreliable so if despite that, you still want to use it you should weight yourself in the same condition In the morning fasting same condition each time to get an approximation of your progress finally to measure precisely your body fat level a way better method is with a body fat caliper there it is the body fat caliper you can find it on internet or specialist retailer so you can use this caliper to measure and take skinfold measurements and use a formula to measure body fat % one at the belly side not to close to the belly button another on the biceps triceps and the last one below the scapula then you add the 4 measures and you refer to the table to know precisely your body fat level the second point is the volume of your abs very important I always see in the gym many guys doing hundreds of crunch hundreds and hundreds of crunch without feeling any sensation so they become very resistant but the volume will never come so they train them in resistance but without feeling the real burning sensation the muscle contraction you must feel your abs burning before the first 10 reps between 10 and 15 reps abs must already burn so if you do a hundred without feeling anything then you do it in a wrong form and you must review everything with mind connection each reps should burn so you should find some exercices that work for you so you can feel better the burning effect I train them either before my workout or after or another day with cardio I usually train them in tri set and I do this circuit 4 or 5 times for about 15 minutes in total each other day because your abs need to recover so I suggest not to train them everyday 3 times a week is fine so focus on the contraction, feeling, proper form each reps should burn and finally speaking of water retention less water as possible between skin and muscles it is reserved for elite competitors, fitness model for a special event skin stuck to the muscle because the last week before competing it is called peak week we manipulate carbohydrate, sodium, water, it is very complex and should be used only by professional in 2 words, you reduce your amount of carbs during the first 3 or 4 days of the week increasing water consunption sodium and the last 2 or 3 days reducing water and sodium and loading carbs rice, pasta, potatoes, etc this method is way complex than that and if everything is done right, you should be shredded so to summarize to get visible, dry abs the SIX-PACK your body fat level should be at least between 10 and 12 % for men and between 14-15% for women get bulky abs with volume and the less water retention as possible between skin and muscle you can also use supplementation fat burner and others it could help a little for water retention but if your body fat level is more than 15 % it is not worth it and you will lose your money for nothing so all the fat burner it is only if you are already very lean and you want to get out this water subcutaneous you can also use green tea or guarana extract but there is no magic solution it is all about diet, training and there are no secrets So see you guys very soon don’t hesitate to comment below the video ask me your questions and see you soon for a real abs training session and I will show you all the exercices I do for abs